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Victoria Train Station Massacre

Written by:

  • Mark E Smith, Dave Spurr

Initial Release:

  • New Facts Emerge LP  and CD; Cherry Records CDBRED 706


  • 28 July 2017

Group on initial release:

  • Mark E Smith - vocals; Peter Greenway - guitar; Dave Spurr - bass; Keiron Melling - drums


Comment and review on the Pitchfork website:

"What truth remains in John Peel’s oft-repeated comment about his favorite band (“They are always different; they are always the same”) is Smith’s love of sound. Not just the noise that a great rock group can make, but the possibilities available in the recording process. As co-producer of Emerge (with Melling), he gets especially playful, sending the last few seconds of “Victoria Train Station Massacre” into reverse."

Quote from the Stereogum website:

 The title eerily echoes the deadly suicide bombing outside an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena this month, which resulted in the temporary closure of Victoria railway station. A representative from the Fall’s label, Cherry Red, told Clash, “The track is nothing to do with the events last week, but it is an unfortunate coincidence. The track was recorded and the artwork sent off for manufacture long before the terrible events in Manchester.”

MES in Uncut (September 2017):

"I'm actually very fond of the architecture of Victoria Station, but it's all been trashed to fuck, and that's what the song's about. You know all that beautiful Victorian latticework, like they have at Paddington? They ripped it all off. And you know why? Because the students coming to Manchester wanted to have access to north Manchester (pauses). .We don't want 'em here (laughs).  So they put this big canvas canopy up, and about six months ago it fell on all the passengers in the rush hour. There's summat wrong with Manchester, they can't leave anything fucking alone."

This track has never been played live.