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Written by:

  • Mark E Smith, Julia Nagle
Initial release:

  • The Light User Syndrome, Jet Records  JETLP1012  LP; JETMC1012 Cassette; JETCD1012 CD

  • 10 June 1996
Subsequent releases:

  • The Less You Look, The More You Find, Recall/Snapper Music SMDCD132; 18 July 1997 (contains the version released on The Light User Syndrome, details above)
  • Oxymoron, Receiver Records RRCD246; November 1997 (alternative version)
  • Northern Attitude, Music Club MCCD350; June 1998 (same version as on Oxymoron)
  • Time Enough at Last, Castle/Sanctuary CMETD706 ; 28 April 2003 (contains 15 Ways to Leave Your Man - Live; Oxymoron; Cheetham Hill)
Group on initial recording:

  • Mark E Smith - vocals; Brix Smith - guitar, vocals; Steve Hanley - bass;Julia Nagle - keyboards, guitar; Simon Wolstencroft - drums, programming;  Karl Burns - drums, guitar, vocals  


The Story of The Fall website describes it best:

"Spooky organ/bells/tinkled piano, sundry effects, a garage guitar riff and thumping drums combined with yells of 'check that out', 'Mr Moody's scruffed up', 'oh yeah', 'carefully', 'Mr Moody's lair' and Brix screaming 'you pep!' Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fall."

The song shares some lyrics with He Pep!, released on the same album, The Light User Syndrome.

This track has never been played live.