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Draygo's Guilt

Written by:

  • Mark E Smith, Craig Scanlon

Initial release:

  • Escape Route From The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall, Beggars Banquet, BEGC58 Cassette
  • 8 October 1984

Subsequent releases:

  • Call For Escape Route, Beggars Banquet Beg120E 12"; 12 October 1984
  • The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall,Beggars Banquet BEGC58 CD 1988 and 1997
  • 458489 B Sides, Beggars Banquet BEGA116 LP; BEGC116 Cassette; BEGA116 CD; 31 December 1990
  • The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall, Beggars Banquet BBQCD2066; 25 October 2010
  • The Wonderful and Frightening Escape Route to The Fall, Beggars Banquet BBQLP2133; 15 June 2015 (LP)
Officially released live recording:
  • The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall, Beggars Banquet BBQCD2066; 25 October 2010 (recorded at Pandora's Music Box Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 22 September 1984)
Radio session:
  • The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall, Beggars Banquet BBQCD2066; 25 October 2010 (Janice Long session 1; recorded 9 September 1984, broadcast 17 September 1984)

Official DVD release:

  • Perverted By Language Bis, Ikon Videos IKON8
  • (Reissued on DVD 12 May 2003  Cherry Red ; CRDVD30 : Perverted By Language Bis And Live At Leeds.; track recorded live at Riley Smith Hall, Leeds; 17 March 1981)
  • Northern Cream: Fall DVD That Fights Back!, Ozit Records OZITDVD0008; 26 May 2009 (contains gig recording as above)

Group on initial recording:

  • Mark E Smith - vocals; Brix Smith - guitar;  Craig Scanlon - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass; Paul Hanley - drums; keyboards; Karl Burns - drums 
First played live:
  • 28 May 1980 Beach Club, Manchester
Last played live:
  • 22 March 1986 Toronto
Number of known performances:
  • 30

Played live as early as 1980 but only recorded four years later. A catchy tune with perhaps some resemblance to Lou Reed's Vicious.
The line about wiping his nose on the last pound note also appears in And This Day, in the Hip Priest and Kamarads live version.

The riff and most of the lyrics of the song were largely in place from the first live renditions.

Victor Draygo was a band from Rossendale featuring short term Fall Member Steve Davis on Congas. The band was active from 1979 to 1983 and supported The Fall on a number of occasions. 

[The DVD Kicker Conspiracy: Live at the Hacienda (Cherry Red CRDVD181; June 2011) has the song as being one of those included on the disc, but the song in question is in fact Elves.] 

Gigs played at:

14 May 1980Cyprus Tavern, Manchester
28 May 1980Beach Club, Manchester
18 June 1980ICA, The Mall, London 
12 September 1980Cleopatra's, Huddersfield 
12 December 1980Acklam Hall, London 
17 March 1981Riley Smith Hall, Leeds University
9 October 1981North London Polytechnic 
23 October 1981Manchester University 
1 November 1981Top Rank, Plymouth 
6 November 1981Imperial Cinema, Birmingham 
2 April 1982Nite Club, Edinburgh 
27 April 1982Derby Hall, Bury
17 November 1983Warwick University, Coventry 
19 November 1983Leicester Polytechnic 
8 December 1983Electric Ballroom, London 
16 December 1983Hacienda, Manchester 
20 March 1984Buster Brown's, Edinburgh 
21 March 1984Nite Club, Edinburgh 
11 April 1984ICC, Hannover, Germany
12 April 1984The Loft, Berlin, Germany
14 April 1984Odeon, Muenster, Germany 
28 June 1984Assembly Rooms, Surbiton 
13 September 1984Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany 
22 September 1984Pandora's Music Box Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 
6 October 1984Woughton Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes 
18 October 1984Hacienda, Manchester 
16 March 1985Wearmouth Hall, Sunderland Polytechnic 
17 March 1985Royal Court, Liverpool 
9 November 1985Great Hall, Lancaster University 
22 March 1986Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Canada