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And This Day

Written by:

Mark E Smith, Craig Scanlon, Steve Hanley, Paul Hanley, Mark Riley, Karl Burns

Initial release:

Hex Enduction Hour, Kamera KAM005, (LP)


8 March 1982

Subsequent releases:

Hex Enduction Hour, Line Records, LICD 9.00126 (white vinyl and CD) 1986
Hex Enduction Hour, Cog Sinister/Voiceprint COGVP119CD 1999
Hex Enduction Hour, Cog Sinister/Voiceprint, COGVP141CD 2002
Hex Enduction Hour, Castle, CMQCD1059 2005
Hex Enduction Hour, Earmark EAR40040LP 2005
Hex Enduction Hour, Sanctuary Midline SMBCD427 (CD digipak) 2007

Official live recordings:

Hip Priest And Kamerads. Situation Two SITL13CD; cassette SITL13; March 1985 (performance at Hammersmith Palais, London 25 March 1982)
Box One, Beggars Banquet Japan ALCB81/82/83/84, (includes Hip Priest And Kamarads) 1988
Hip Priest and Kamarads, Beggars Banquet BBL13CD; 1988
Hex Enduction Hour, Castle, CMQCD1059 (soundcheck 20 August 1982, Mainstreet, Auckland, NZ) 2005

Group on initial recording:

Mark E. Smith – vocals; Craig Scanlon – guitar, Marc Riley – guitar;
Steve Hanley – bass; Paul Hanley – drums; Karl Burns – drums,

First played live:

12 March 82 Bristol Polytechnic

Last played live:

26 February 1997 Astoria 2, London

Number of known performances:


Seen variously by Fall fans as a multi-instrumental layered tour de force with astounding vocals to match, or as a stodgy, seemingly never-ending unmusical/unstructured racket. It was originally 25 minutes long The Big Midweek (Steve Hanley and Olivia Pierkarski, Route, 2014; page 108) but was cut down to ten minutes, thus helping to make the title of the album which it ends. Hex Enduction Hour.
It pays to listen to several live versions in order to appreciate the track more, as some feel the track on Hex Enduction Hour doesn't feature it at its best, although this of course is a matter of great subjectivity. The version on Hip Priests and Kamarads is felt by many fans to be superior.
In an interview on BBC Radio 1 on 8 May 1982, MES recognised the potential difficulties with this track, commenting that it "often finishes off a lot of audiences."
There was a 14-year gap between its, to date, penultimate and last performance.

Gigs performed at:
12 March 1982 Bristol  Polytechnic Bristol 
19 March 1982 Palm Cove Bradford 
24 March 1982 Polytechnic  Leicester 
25 March 1982 Hammersmith Palais London [with guest vocalist Alan (Alana) Pellay]
26 March 1982 Brunel Rooms Swindon 
27 March 1982 Polytechnic Manchester 
1 April 1982 Nightmoves Glasgow 
3 April 1982 Warehouse Liverpool 
9 April 1982 Effenaar Eindhoven Netherlands
10 April 1982 Paard van Troje The Hague Netherlands
12 April 1982  Vera Groningen Netherlands
13 February 1983 de Lappenmand, Maastricht, The Netherlands
26 March 1982 Brunel Rooms, Swindon
23 April 1982 North London Polytechnic   London 
24 April 1982 Essex University Colchester 
26 April 1982 Scamps  Oxford 
27 April 1982 Derby Hall Bury 
30 April 1982 Porterhouse Retford 
5 August 1982 Prospect Hill Melbourne 
22 December 1982 Lesser Free Trade Hall Manchester
16 January 1983 Warehouse Leeds 
17 January 1983 Manhatten Club Bradford 
4 February 1983 Totentanz Basel Switzerland 
8 February 1983 Kombi Amsterdam 
10 February 1983 Tivoli  Utrecht Netherlands
11 February 1983 Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
12 February 1983 Arena Rotterdam Netherlands
14 February 1983 Effenaar Eindhoven Netherlands
26 February 1997   Astoria 2, London