What is this website about?
There are other sites about The Fall and we don't want to replicate their excellent work.....
We have a few  simple aims in life and they are as follows.......

A virtual Fall Fanzine

We enjoyed working with Fallfandave on The Pseud Mag and we thought it would be good to continue the mission......also we felt we ought to use the power of t'internet rather than all that tedious messing about with John Bull printing kits and staples.

You can find previous  issues by accessing Reformation! Post TPM and selecting the volume of your choice. 

Due to pressure from other commitments we are retiring Reformation the webzine as of December 2012. From 2013 we will be producing the webzine on this site rather than on any separate platform so please access new material at Someone Always On My Tracks from the menu above.

Eventually all of the historical records of Reformation will be uploaded to this site.

The Fall Track Record

A complete listing of all the tracks associated with the group based on the great work Clayton Hayward did a few years ago. We also review and rate every Fall song ever played live, and those never played live so that you can access a comprehensive track record of the group's history. 

The Fall Live  

We plan eventually to completely review every Fall gig that there has ever been, also Mark Smith's side projects, and appearances by musicians in their new projects post-Fall. 

This is inevitably, given the massive output of the group, a "work in progress"!
Fall Alumni

We find out what ex-members of The Fall are up to in musical terms and look into the music they are producing now