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ReflexUtilis an open source utility allows Adobe Flex / Flash developers to debug and alter properties of components while running there application.

This means, that if the developer need he can add a module in to it code by one line in the main application (instructions are here). and for now on, will right clicking over the application visual objects  (sample are here) , the developer able to see and discover the visual component under the mouse. and by choose his desire object, he will able to view and manipulate and discovery the object properties values.

The ReflexUtil, let the developer view and change the component:

  • Measures (width, hight, maxWidth, maxHeight,  etc..)
  • Locations (x, y, Paddings, spacer,  etc..)
  • Colors.
  • Style.
  • Text.
  • View entire style inherited and non-inherited object.
  • visibility.
  • includeInLayout.
  • Any other public properties that the component hold.
And it all in run time (no code change).
From the version 2.0, ReflexUtil (samples and references soon) have new abilities that improve the control of the tools:
  • Discover objects that base on DisaplyObject (and not only UIComponent).
  • Goto and discover the parent object
  • Easily show and hide object
  • The ability to apply style (by function setStyle) to object.
  • The ability to duplicate DisaplyObject object and add it to the stage.
  • The ability to move DisaplyObject object on the stage.
  • The ability to draw on the application with colors ( for remarks) and save it to local png file (available only for flash 10).
  • The ability to zoom (scale) in and out the application.
  • The ability to measure gap between 2 object.
For the next version (2.1), we plan to add more new abilities such:
  • View and run function on runtime.
  • The ability to run code in run time
  • The ability to listing to objects events and log them at run time
A new version that support Flex 4 (Gumbo) will available shortly)

Link To The Projecthttp://code.google.com/p/reflexutil/

Samples are available click here!

Recent Announcements

  • ReflexUtil ver 2.0 will support Flex 4 (Gumbo) Adobe announce the new versions of flex (Flex 4.0 (gumbo) )soon we will release new version that support the Flex 4, and the spark framework
    Posted Apr 13, 2010, 8:38 AM by Ziv Oron
  • ReflexUtil New Version (2.0) Add new features :1 set style to object,2 draw over the application3 save screenshot as png (available only for flash 10 and above!)4 pic up color5 ...
    Posted Nov 29, 2009, 12:52 AM by Ziv Oron
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