What It's All About...

REFLECT is a Catholic retreat for single adults in their mid-30s to 50s. It’s a weekend during which you can come to know yourself better and discover more about your capacity for life as a single. You’ll have the chance to contemplate how and where you belong in society, within your family, faith community, and circles of friendship. 

At the retreat, there’s the chance to form new friendships, realize how you make a difference in your relationships, and rekindle your relationship with God. This is accomplished through sessions that are prayerfully presented by other single lay men and women who’ve been in your shoes (REFLECT team members are former participants).

The weekend also includes devotional time and Holy Masses. Although there’s a schedule, there is some “down time” for personal reflection or taking a walk on the Retreat House’s beautiful grounds. There are also fun activities through which you can get to know your fellow participants.

All you need to do is participate (only as you’re comfortable doing so) and let the experience be a learning one through which you can grow.

How is REFLECT Different from Other Retreats?
A REFLECT weekend is an opportunity to meet with other mid-life single men and women — those who have never been married, are divorced, or widowed — who struggle with some of the same things you do… loneliness, sadness, fear of “getting out there” and meeting people in what can often seem like a couples’ world.

It’s not so much a chance to get to know other singles for the purposes of pairing up, but it’s more a time to find those who are like you… looking to renew their spiritual batteries, reflect on their lives, meet new people, laugh and relax.

Want more info? Send your questions to:  reflect.retreat@gmail.com