What Past Participants Had to Say...

"A must for any 30-50-something looking for peace in their singlehood and desiring friends with similar values and beliefs." (Cheryl)

"A wonderful way to share quality time with God and to be accepted by others for who I am." (Myron)

"One of the best ways to spend a weekend. Well worth the money!" (Allison)

"A great opportunity for spiritually recharging and meeting other Christians." (Steve)

"I no longer feel alone in my journey as a single Catholic." (Nancy)

"Take a chance.  Don't ask yourself why, but why not?" (Ed)

"The weekend is a wonderful way to experience God's love with others who are struggling with many of the same issues." (Val)

"I know now that being divorced does not mean I am a failure. I know I am still worthy of love and REFLECT showed that to me
." (Lorrie)

"A life-changing experience." (Diane)


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