Auto Detailing Services

providing affordable, first-class detailing for the discerning owner

Basic Wash

$25.00 - $40.00*

  • Hand wash and dry using non scratch techniques
  • Vacuum interior carpets, floor mats and upholstery
  • Clean glass and mirrors inside and out
  • Wipe down dash and console
  • Clean wheel to remove basic brake dust/grime
  • Dress tires
  • Dress exterior plastics

Basic Detail

starting at $140*

Includes basic wash plus:

  • Clay detailing; paint contamination removal for smooth surface
  • Machine polish – remove light paint scratches and swirls
  • Hand wax/sealant

Protection for up to 3 months

Premium Detail

starting at $250*

Includes basic detail plus:

  • Treat and protect all upholstery (leather care extra)
  • Treat and protect console and dash
  • Hand shampoo floor mats
  • Remove moderate paint scratches and swirls which will greatly improve the shine,depth,gloss of paint
  • Dress and protect all exterior rubber and vinyl trim
  • Wipe and clean door jams
  • Alloy/chrome wheels degreased
  • Wheel sealant added to reduce brake dust/grime build up

Protection for 4-6 months

Ultimate Detail

Starting at $350*

Includes premium detail plus:

  • Clean, treat and protect engine hoses and plastic
  • Alloy/chrome wheels polished and protected
  • Wheel wells cleaned and dressed
  • Wet sanding if needed to remove paint defects
  • Removal of many paint scratches and swirls
  • Paint gauge used to ensure integrity of paint
  • Secondary+ polishing to achieve depth and gloss

Protects up to 6 months

Total paint correction work for the discerning owner

Paint corrections are highly detailed services where the owner and I will work out a plan to work towards perfect paint images.  Most detailers cannot even dream of this kind of craftsmanship, a service for the owner that wants the best looking car in the state of utah.  This service is charged by the hour, most paint corrections take a minimum of 10 hours.  The hourly rate is $45.

Show Car Package

$ 60/hr $ *

Customized package …cars perfection per owners preferences and car needs. All possible techniques and materials used to create a truly high level detail worthy of winning the best in show.All the skills of a high class detail will be used; every nook and cranny will be worked on. Paint will be worked to a flawless finish.

Individual services, upgrades and extras

Engine detailing $50
Deep Carpet Cleaning $25 – $150
Leather care $30 – $150
Convertible tops clean, protect and H2O repellant $30 – $45
Tonneau cover polishing $20 – $30
Multiple layers of wax or sealant price/layer $20 – $60
Deep cleaning of wheels/rims  $20 - $40

Removal and storage of excess personal items $20 – $40
Very dirty interiors and muddy vehicles $20 – $50 extra

* Prices are subject to inspection of car and based on condition and size.

  • Extra soiled interiors will be charged extra for time involved
  • Removal and storage of personal items will incur additional charges
  • All prices will be quoted at time of detail, before work begins
  • Full Payment is due before keys are returned