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When it comes to exterior and interior care and maintenance boats are very different from cars. Boats loose their value faster than any other vehicle, one because the owners don't know how to properly maintain them and secondly the elements deliver havoc to its gel-coat, vinyl, carpets, plastics, wood, chrome, and fiberglass.  Today's boats are very expensive, and if not taken care of properly, they can be expensive to fix.  I have the skills, experience and products to care for your boat.  At a minimum, boats should be cared for once a year.

As you can see, a boats finish will dull (oxidation) over time, with proper yearly care you can keep the shine, protection, and new look.

Look at both sides of this bow - the right side is horrible with oxidation; the left is polished out and ready for a sealant.

 Even white gel coats will glow!  Better yet they are ready to inhibit UV rays that destroy a boats gel coat.

Hard water build up, oxidation, and no UV protection.  This needs the full package detail!

You can see closely the amount of hard water build up, and the total lack of shine and gloss.

This is how the boat should look! This is before any gel-coat wax/sealant was used. Almost ready to hit the water in style.

Close-up shot of the level of shine and gloss.

You can clearly see the detail of care in this transformation.  Compare this to the before picture above.

Boat detailing services include:

  • Wash and shine
  • Gel-coat cleaning (hard-water removal)
  • Oxidation removal
  • Boat specific waxes or sealants
  • Interior cleaning
  • Vinyl cleaning and restoration
  • Metal restoration and polishing
  • Wood restoration and cleaning
  • Stain reduction/removal
  • Increasing the UV protection of surfaces
  • Glass Polishing and protection
  • Canvas cleaning and UV protection
  • Wet sanding techniques if necessary

Exterior recondition work:

  • wash and wax (no polishing)  $6/linear foot
  • wash, wax, and polishing  $10/linear foot
  • wash, light/heavy oxidation removal, wax and polishing  $15-25/LF
  • I use products that are made for boats so you will get the greatest protection for your money.

Interior work and protection:

  • I will discuss with you your opinions and match them with your desires for a clean, and UV protected boat.
  • It is vital that your interiors are UV protected YEARLY to inhibit expensive rotting.

*If the boat has a deep hull the cost will need to be adjusted for the increased amount of work.

"I recently bought a 96 Malibu wakeboarding boat. It was in bad shape with horrible oxidation issues on the paint. Greg worked his magic and it looks new! It looks a ton better. Lets go boating; I owe you one. Thanks Greg!!"

Randy B.