Reflections on the Other:
The Jew and the Arab in Literature
Stanford University | Winter 2016 |
Tue/Thu 3:15- 5:00  | Location: 30-Rm 101

Vered Karti Shemtov | Office hours by appointment:

Ella Elbaz   |  Office hours by appointment:

How literary works outside the realm of Western culture struggle with questions such as identity, minority, and the issue of the Other. How the Arab is viewed in Hebrew literature, film and music and how the Jew is viewed in Palestinian works in Hebrew or in works written in Arabic but viewed from the perspective of Hebrew/Israeli writers and scholars. Historical, political, and sociological forces that have contributed to the shaping of these writers' views. 

Guest lectures about the Jew in Palestinian literature/music.

University Requirements: GER:DB-Hum/ GER:EC-GlobalCom/ WAY-AII, WAY-ED |


Special guest speakers:

Professor Ramzi Salti
Professor Alexander Key
Singer: Noa
Author: Ala Hlehel (cancelled)

1. Etgar Keret speaks about himself and about the story "Cocked and Locked":
intro: the first few minutes, about the politics and literature and about the story jump to 9:44 min
2. Fairuz "Zahrat el Madaen":
3. Ofra Haza, Naomi Shemer, Yerushalim shel Zahav:
4. Ramzi Salti in Arabology (Radio show@Stanford) on Darwish and Judeo-Arabic music:

Historical background:

 BBC timeline of the Jewish -Palestinian conflict

Palestinian Academic Society:
Palestinian Maps