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Get paid for generating renewable electricity! Feed-in Tariffs give all New Zealanders the chance to benefit from generating renewable electricity and feeding it into the grid.

What are Feed-in Tariffs (FITs)?

A Feed-in Tariff (or FIT) is a government legislated policy. It guarantees a fixed premium price over the retail rate, payable to any person or organisation who generates renewable electricity and feeds (sells) it into the national grid or local electricity network.

If implemented in New Zealand, a FIT would pay consumers to produce electricity, rather than simply charging them to use it. By placing a legal obligation on power companies to buy renewable electricity from New Zealanders at a premium rate, renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic, small wind and hydro become a worthwhile and secure investment for the many.

About Our Organization

REFIT-NZ is a not-for-profit, registered charitable trust organisation (registration number REF34222 under the Charities Act 2005).

We are fully independent, with no shareholders, and act purely for the best interests of our beneficiaries - the people and communities of New Zealand.

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Become a Volunteer

REFIT-NZ is for the good of every New Zealander! There are many ways you can get involved:

Opportunities for you
REFIT-NZ helps educating New Zealanders and creating opportunities for everyone to benefit from the generation of renewable electricity. Our primary objectives are to:
  • Inform, educate and support New Zealanders about the world's most successful renewable energy policy and how it could work for everyone
  • Help New Zealand to achieve more control over electricity supply, demand and price
  • Build a case for a NZ FIT policy, as the most effective renewable energy law
  • Make that case available to the Government and other stakeholders

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