2nd International Requirements Engineering Efficiency Workshop (REEW 2012)

held in Essen, Germany on the 19th of March at the
18th International Working Conference onĀ Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (RefsQ'12)


- Paper Submission Deadline approaching (20th of Jan. 2012).
- Website online (8th of Dec. 2012).
- REEW 2012 is accepted for RefsQ'12 (2nd of Dec. 2012).

Requirements engineering research has focused on specification quality for a long time, leading to recommendations of how to engineer high quality requirements specifications. Practitioners, however, do not have the time and resources for developing theoretically best requirements. Rather, many situations call for short-cuts that allow investing effort in those concerns that are critical for success, while reducing effort in other areas where risk is comparably smaller. The social context, smart collaboration processes, and novel ways of looking at the interface between stakeholders and the supplier can be a basis to increase the yield of requirements engineering, while reducing required effort.

The Requirements Engineering Efficiency Workshop (REEW 2012) aims at initiating, facilitating, and nurturing the discussion on efficient approaches to engineer fitting, good-enough requirements. Requirements engineering is here seen as a means that can be combined with other practices to achieve a successful system in an economically efficient manner. REEW 2012 will provide a platform for the community of practitioners and research experts that are interested in efficient and pragmatic approaches to requirements engineering.