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JEW's Admins: JEWmunchkin16, ryanftball42, bringtherain523
~~~JEW's News Feed~~~
1. RyanFtBall42 50
2.Bringtherain523 49 (W)
3.Ampenergy97 46
4. JEWmunchkin 40
5. UH Corvette 37
6. LUK720 34
7. MiniMarine91 31
8. SolidSnipe69 28
League Wins:
bringtherain523 - 1
 3/5 ~ Phoenix win be run on Friday, due to league admins' inabilities to be on Live Sunday night. Sorry for the incoveinience.
3/2 ~ Tonight the league had an incredible 80- Lapper at Daytona which kicked the season with a BANG. The drafting was incredible with the patch, letting the cars of bringtherain523, ryanftball42, and JEWmunchkin16 slip away for most of the race in a tight pack. UH CORVETTE ran up front and in the back, while ampenergy97, MINI MARINE 91 and LUK720 raced intensely for the fifth spot. The race ran this way until the first lap of the G-W-C, where MINI MARINE 91 got a big run on BTR523 and couldnt handle it, thus ending his chances. The final lap came down to ampenergy97, ryanftball and BTR. Rain and Ryan both had BIG runs on amp coming out of turn four. BTR went low, amp in the middle, and ryan high. They finished 3 - wide across the start, with bringtherain523 emerging victorious by 0.02 seconds over ampenergy97 and ryanftball42. Great start guys!
1. bringtherain523
2. ampenergy97
3. ryanftball42
4. JEWmunchkin16
6. LUK720
8. SolidSnipe69
League:+1 Us!
Daytona - bringtherain523
Phoenix -
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