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Useful Download Links, and Sites :)

The best FREE Anti-Virus I've found! Can't specify a Version / Size, as it updates daily :D

Just download from the link, and use the built-in updater :)

The greatest Web-Browser ever invented...
If you are using Internet Explorer, Download this (DEFINATELY)
A Firefox Addon to Remove All Adverts - VERY User-Friendly!
You're going to have to allow the download from my site when you click the link.
(Little bar at the top)
To view my personal block-list(Recommended for all users), click HERE
A Firefox Addon to change your browser details.
Displays the IP Address of the Web-Page you are currently visiting in the Bottom-Right

A program to compress / uncompress pretty much any compressed archive.

Has a Trial Period, but, besides a slightly annoying pop-up box, has no disadvantages of expiring.

          What about this one?

          This little program makes it all better :D

          Super-Compressed Vid of me using it ->  Link (237KB)

An extremely useful screen recording program! Can RAR files using WinRAR (See Above) to rather minute sizes using the default Codec - MS-CRAM! (Only Normal Recording with that codec - Don't try with games... Wont work :p)

The latest Version. It's still in Beta, so don't come crying to me if your PC Implodes :)
Might need:

The CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is the 1 Codec Pack to Rule them all! :D But seriously..
Some people prefer other Codec Packs (K-Lite, ACE, etc) - But THIS one ROCKS :D
Only disadvantage? It cant ENCODE (Make the videos) - But it can PLAY them VERY well! :D

This is the Ultimate program to copy stuff from people over Networks!
It lets you set speeds (If the person complains of lag, or to MAKE them lag ;p), and if the persons PC crashes or they remove the network cable (As so often happens at LANs...) - Total Copy will just pause the download, and you can resume when the connection is fixed :)

This useful little program lets you copy Videos off CD's / DVD's that contain those irritating "Cyclic Redundancy Check" errors... 
Be patient, as copying may take ALONG time (Possibly up to 3 days - Depending on how erroneous the file is)


My good friend Xera's website!
Highly recommended to visit :)
The ULTIMATE Website for Flash Games! Implements a challenge-based points system into most of the games, so you aren't just pointlessly playing :p
A storage bin for a whole bunch of random pictures :)
Some funny, some interesting... You decide!

If you live in South Africa, and need directions TO anywhere, FROM anywhere, AND want to see where you're going? Go Here!
An AWESOME Search Engine!

A free web-host! 100MB Limit, No Ads! WOOT! That's what I'm using now, btw ;)

A company that makes AWESOME Games! Starcraft / Warcraft / Diablo / World of Warcraft

The Sequel to Starcraft 1 (Who would've thought! D:) - Still In Development... Looks cool though :D
  • Starcraft 2 Previews here

June 28, 2008
Diablo® III Unveiled!

Twenty years have passed since the cataclysmic events of Diablo® II. Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal have been defeated, but the Worldstone, which once shielded the world of Sanctuary from the forces of both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, has been destroyed, and evil once again stirs in Tristram....

Following the unveiling of Diablo III today at the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational, we've launched the game's official website, with information about the places, characters, monsters, and adventures awaiting you upon your return to the world of Sanctuary. Some of the site's highlights include:

Visit the new Diablo III website now to learn more about the game, and make sure to check out the official FAQ and the announcement press release

Pictures speak louder than words...

Neverwinter Nights


Unreal Tournament

(Have to link to it -_- It's worth it though :D)
Enter an IP address to find where they live, and see who to e-mail to complain about them :D
Tested by me - pretty accurate :D
Websites can also be entered.
IP address209.85.141.118
ISPGoogle Inc.
CountryUnited States United States
Complaint E-Mail:

Free domains! :D
JUST Domains - You still have to get your own hosting though :)
A very reliable online PC Store.
Update: Price increased to R2,550.00 - Seems it's very popular....

If you are using IE (Tested with Version 7 on Windows XP), open this link in a new tab, then open ANOTHER new tab, and go to Google.
Save all your work first, as IE WILL crash :)
It's interesting to note that this is 1 line of code... ;)

Ok... I have to be non biased, so I tracked down this interesting link...
It works up to (And Including) Firefox 3.0 RC 1.
Save all work, and click the link.
Firefox will INSTANTLY crash.

- Update -

Does not work in Firefox 3.0.1

- Update -

Firefox 3.0.1 Insta-Crash link --> HERE <--

  • Crash Chrome

    Well now, what do we have here... A Google-Chrome Security Glitch :p
    Works in: Google Chrome
    Save all work, and click the link.
    Chrome will INSTANTLY crash.

    - Update -
They have fixed this exploit in - Back to the Search...
Thanks to Coolfuze for notifying me of the update.
Ok... Normally I wouldn't paste something like this here....
But it's something you've GOT to try out!
You'll like it... Trust me ;)
It has... Potential :D

Want to feel like a 1337 g33k? Speak in Computer Language!
Conversions - Plain / Binary / HEX / Base64 / DEC (Char) / All the undecodables (MD5 / SHA1, etc)
ROT-13, URL Encode / Decode, Caesar Cipher (Brute-Force)

  • Computer Security Challenge Sites
Some sites relating to internet-security related challenges.
Link followed by the amount of points I have (Or where I've reached)

You SHOULD know what this is....
It's a place for online Videos :)
Some of my favorite videos follow:
Free uploading service - Looks good, with an (Apparent) 5GB Limit...
Simple URL's ( for my Base64 Decoder)
Not 100% about ACTUAL URL's...
And I can't even hack the POSTDATA to simulate forced downloading o_O

Everything you need to know about different kinds of cellphones.

The one I currently want - Samsung A717
This site is dedicated to ASCII Art (Pictures made out of Text) - It's pretty cool!
ASCII Matrix <--- A short clip out of the Movie - In Text! HIGHLY recommended if you haven't seen it before! (Not the direct link, but got asked to link to this one instead)

Whilst that might LOOK like some weird type of ad, it's not!
I stumbled across this in my random web browsing.
Enjoy :)