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As I watch some new movies, this page will (Hopefully) be Updated :)

10,000 BC

- Genre: Adventure / History

- Description: A prehistoric young mammoth hunter embarks on a journey through  uncharted 

 territory to secure the future of his dying tribe. (Taken from

- Age Restriction: PG13

- Rating: 5/5 - This is the first 5/5 Rating movie here. It's very good! Watch it! :)

Happy Feet

- Genre: Ermm... Animation / Comedy / Musical / Romance... About Penguins... Yea...

- Description: A penguin who is rejected by friends and family goes out to prove himself.

- Age Restriction: All Ages (Kids will love it :D)

- Rating: 4/5 - Good Movie! Highly reccomended if you enjoy this type of thing :)


- Genre: Animation / Comedy (With a bit of singing)

- Description: The classic story of Little Red Riding Hood... With a twist!

- Age Restriction: All Ages

- Reccomended: 4/5 - Very funny! Big twist on a normal Fairy Tale!

War of the Worlds 2

- Genre: Action / Sci-Fi

- Description: The aliens return to harvest the humans.

- Age Restriction: PG13

- Rating: -1 / 5 - Yes... a -1 Rating... This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life...