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Welcome to my Web-Page :D

This page contains updates of what's been happening to this site.

(Day being day I've worked on it, not Day it's been up -_-)


Day 82.) Greasemonkey Scripts To "Fix" Google Searches

Direct-Link Google Search (Makes Google faster) -->
Direct-Link Google Image Search -->

Day 81.) Web Cam + Fast Internet = Hours Of Fun! <--- Also fun if you don't have a webcam :p
Not for people under the age of 16 (Totally Uncensored - You get what you get)

Day 80.) Epic SA Home / Cell Number regex!


Trust me - It rocks :)

Day 79.b.) My Master Plan - Ruined

"If the page with the XMLHttpRequest is on a http:// URI (on a webserver), it is not possible to fetch data from another domain. This is a security measure."

My quest for Dynamic Content on an HTML page continues...

Day 79.) Microsoft Annoyance (SQL)

The following code technically should, but does NOT work:

Microsoft decided it would be a good idea to disable the ability to add identitys onto existing

Tags (Since it took so long to find - Go Google!):

Day 78.c) Google Site Annoyance

It seems Google Sites automatically removes HTML comment tags, visibility: hidden CSS,
and Javascript... Oh gawd :|

- Edit -

"*Insert My Name Here* broke your page lock while you were editing and saved changes to this page. Your save will overwrite their changes. Continue with save?"

I am the ONLY user :|

Day 78.b) Annoying SQL Error Fix!

SELECT * from strField1, strField 2 FROM tbl1 INNER JOIN tbl2 ON tbl1.ID = tbl2.ID WHERE tbl1.strField1 <> tbl2.strField2

Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" and "Latin1_General_CI_AS" in the not equal to operation.  (Or some such)

SELECT * from strField1, strField 2 FROM tbl1 INNER JOIN tbl2 ON tbl1.ID = tbl2.ID WHERE tbl1.strField1 COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT <> tbl2.strField2 COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT

Day 78.) Mixups...

More Google Sites / Pages issues - Site is back up though...
And yes, I AM aware that the bottom of this page is whacked,
and the apps in "Links" are EXTREMELY out of date :p
I'm messing around with some XMLHTTPRequest stuff, that will hopefully make it cool :)

Day 77.b.) Weird Deletion

My site recently got moved from GooglePages over to GoogleSites.
In doing this, it got renamed to "reelix2" (reelix being a test site)

I deleted "reelix" (The test site) and now my site no longer shows...

Only way I'm editing this is because I left the edit window open :)

Hope my site still stays... :|

Day 77.) Quote

"Teaching is wasted on those unwilling to learn" - Reelix

Day 76.) Some Lols


You say I'm weird? -->


Day 75. Life!

All Hail ! :D
Current Host Of My Site! :D


Day 74.)  More hosting issues..

Whilst Hostultra would have been perfect, It turns out that they don't do Nameservers for Sub Domains.
Eg: is a Domain (One .) whilst is a Sub Domain of

So close, yet so far! The search continues...


Day 73.) This site is currently:


Day 72.) Hosting (Or lack thereof)

On my quest for free hosting (Preferably ASP):

First host: - Stopped free hosting
Second Host - - Closed down

Attempts: - Only paid hosting provides nameservers - Not accepting new registrations - Nothing clickable on their site - Registration page 404's - Only PHP - Possibility?
 - Can't find nameservers - Hope they answer support queries... - Not free



Day 71.) SQL Inter-Table Update Statement

I can never remember this...
UPDATE tblA SET tblAVal = tblB.tblBVal
WHERE tblA.tblAVal2 = tblB.tblBVal2


 Day 70.) A guys mind


Day 69.) SQL Query To Show What SQL Commands Are Running

This shows all the SQL Queries currently being run (Including itself)

Requires SQL Server 2005 (SELECT @@VERSION)

SELECT D.text SQLStatement, A.Session_ID SPID, ISNULL(B.status,A.status) Status, A.login_name Login,
A.host_name HostName, DB_NAME(B.Database_ID) DBName, B.command, ISNULL(B.cpu_time, A.cpu_time) CPUTime,
ISNULL((B.reads + B.writes),(A.reads + A.writes)) DiskIO, A.last_request_start_time LastBatch, A.program_name
sys.dm_exec_sessions A
sys.dm_exec_requests B
ON A.session_id = B.session_id
OUTER APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(sql_handle) D
WHERE A.Session_ID > 50 AND D.text IS NOT NULL;

Day 68.) Video Stuff!

New Version Of CCCP (2009/09/09) Site: Here
It's the Video Player / Codec Pack I use -> Download: Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 
Ogg Theora Encoder (Firefox Plugin - firefogg) : Here - All Hail Ogg!

Day 67.) Harmonic Ciphertext

A weird cipher that has MANY different encryptions for the same text - Weird - Link 

Day 66.) Updates to my Links Page (Thanks Prowerse!)


Day 65.) Epic 8-Bit Video (With Lego!)

Day 64.) Google Fail

All these pictures were taken within 5 minutes, by me.
Chrome was not updated during this time.

The Google display error is on ONLY chrome (Bottom image), and was the best IMHO :P

Day 63.) LIFE + Reverse Image Lookup!

My site has come back to life! 

Reverrse image lookup - Upload an image, see where it appears online!

Day 62.) Domain Update!

On my eternal quest to have free internetting, My site is changing hosts yet again!

My new host is (1GB Free hosting, with DB, FTP, CPanel, No ads and namespaces)
After thinking awhile, I actually prefer to - It just sounds better :p
If anyone can find similar specs to that (Don't need 1GB) with .asp hosting, give me a yell! :D

Oh, and if you want to know how long till it's ready?
Click -> Here <- (183 in the queue at time of writing)

Day 61.) Epic YouTube Vid! (And a tick) - A Normal Day 2 (Cool Video Editing)

✔ <--- A tick (That's text, not an image)

Day 60.) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

The average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.
If African, there is unfortunately insufficient data to estimate the velocity of an African swallow (even if you specified which of the 47 species of swallow found in Africa you meant)

For those looking for additional answers, the four capitals of Assyria were Ashur (or Qalat Sherqat), Calah (or Nimrud), the short-lived Dur Sharrukin (or Khorsabad), and Nineveh. The ruins of all four ancient cities fall within the modern state of Iraq.
Thanks to  for the answers.

Day 59.) Changes and Code!

Shrunk the picture of the dragon.
"Counting results in an ASP SQL Query" to my Coding page.

Day 58.) Dragons are cool! So now there's one at the top!

Day 57.) New domain! is now up! <--- This site!

Day 56.) Flutter - For when 140 twitter characters is too much to read!

Day 55.) Brilliant Sims 3 Blog Story - Highly Reccomended!

Day 54.) php Easter Egg - v5 - v4
- Explanation

Day 53.) Free Hosting Has Been Depleted

It is with great sadness that one of the subsections that have made my site work -
The free hosting provided by - Has come to an end.
It seems that THEIR hosts have decided to stop all free hosting, and, since everything about my
site is free (Hosting, domain, etc), I regret to see it go.
As of now, all "*" links will be broken
(Including plain
If anyone can find an alternate free hosting solution (With 100MB+ FTP),
please don't hesitate to inform me :)
Since my main site (What you are looking at now) is hosted by Google, it will not go down,
although I was looking to move off Googles WYSIWYG Editor (And get proper URL redirection)

- Reelix

Day 52.) How The Fix To The Worlds Most Annoying ASP Error.

Error: msxml3.dll error '80072ee7'
The server name or address could not be resolved 
Confusion: The code works on EVERY other site besides the one I need?

Result: Instead of calling the URL, call the external IP.

From: url = ""
To: url = ""
(Find the IP via: ping in CMD from external PC)

Day 51.) Windows LOL! <--- Method 2

Day 50.) Windows 7 RC1 Build 7100 Officially Released!

You need to copy-paste these into your address bar to get them to work.

32 Bit

64 Bit

CD Keys

08 C43GM-DWWV8-V6MGY-G834Y-Y8QH3
14 6F4BB-YCB3T-WK763-3P6YJ-BVH24

Day 49.) More Firefox's, nVidia Drivers, TinyPic Lite, And A Windows 7 Test!

Firefox 3.0.10 ---> Link <---
Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 (For the brave) ---> Link <---

Quick nVidia Driver Finder (On My Site) ---> Link <---

TinyPic Lite - For people who use TinyPic alot ---> Link <---

Have been testing Windows 7 RC 1 - It works really well :)
All my drivers are working, as well as all my previous apps.
Has a small AVG bug (Nothing serious) that will be fixed in the next AVG Patch.
It installs faster than XP did, and is all-in-all generally awesome :)
Oh, and for those that were wondering - I SEVERELY hated Vista (Uninstalled after a few days)

Day 48.) Firefox 3.0.9 Released ---> Link <---

Day 47.) Migration, Records, And The Second Starcraft 2 Battle Report

Apparently  Google is moving me from Google Pages to Google Sites
It's Automatic - Hope nothing goes wrong...

Think You're Good At Tetris? Not THIS Good --> Link

Minesweeper World Record --> Link

Second Starcraft 2 Battle Report Download Link --> Link (273MB)

Day 46.) Firefox 3.0.8 Crash Fixed In Latest Patch

Day 45.) Firefox 3.0.8 Crash --> Link <--

Day 44.) Firefox 3.0.8 Released! Download ---> Here <---

Crash Firefox 3.0.7 (Fixed in 3.0.8) ---> Link

Day 43.) Yes, I'm still alive, and now bring you the Starcraft Font!

Download ---> Here

To install open Control Panel -> Fonts, then drag the .ttf file inside.

Open Notepad, choose fonts, and look for "Starcraft"

Enjoy :)

Day 42.) Solution for an annoying ASP Error

Code: <!--#include file="../hiddenDir/conn.asp"-->

Error: The Include file '../hiddenDir/conn.asp' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent directory. 

Solution<!--#include virtual="/hiddenDir/conn.asp"--> 

Day 41.) PC Beep Codes / Browser Crashing!

PC Beep Codes

No Beeps Short, No power, Bad CPU/MB, Loose Peripherals
One Beep Everything is normal and Computer POSTed fine
Two Beeps POST/CMOS Error
One Long Beep, One Short Beep Motherboard Problem
One Long Beep, Two Short Beeps Video Problem
One Long Beep, Three Short Beeps Video Problem
Three Long Beeps Keyboard Error
Repeated Long Beeps Memory Error
Continuous Hi-Lo Beeps CPU Overheating

Crash Firefox 3.06 AND IE8 Beta

Click ---> Here

Day 40.) Firefox 3.0.6 Released! Download ---> Here <---

Day 39.) Images

Yes, I know I don't normally post images on this page, but these are worth it!

True Geek

Vista LOL

Day 38.) Coding (27 Jan 2009)

- Added an Access Database Insert Example for C# to my Coding Page.

- Added an Access Database Select Example for C# to my Coding Page.

- Yes I am aware my Contact Page Chat-Box is down...

Day 37.) Yay! (26 Jan 2009)

- Site Is Up! Woo Hoo! :D It WAS up a few days ago (23rd) but I forgot to post ;/

Day 36.) Status Updates (21 Jan 2009)

- These people...

Your modify request for is currently at number 30 in the queue (received at 06:18 on Jan 12 2009).

There are 118 request(s) in the queue.

 Grrrr.... -_-

Day 35.) Updates (15 Jan 2009)

- My site has been up and down, following my host going down, changing locations, and forcing me to change namespaces (Web-Dev Stuff)

At the time of writing (See date above), the status is: 

"Your modify request for is currently at number 32 in the queue (received at 06:18 on Jan 12 2009).

There are 57 request(s) in the queue.

To make up for it, I present you with the following.

1.) Some weird / cool picture.

- Volcano Lightning -> Link

- A Serolid Isopod (It's a fish) -> Link

- A Flying Man (Yes, It's Real) -> Link

- A Once Wet Polar-Bear -> Link

- A man in a traditional "Perchten" costume performs during an Austrian league soccer match in Ried, Austria November 12, 2008 -> Link

- Uber Surfing -> Link

2.) Reelix's Blog Of The Not-Too-Legal

- Since this site isn't allowed to have anything illegal, I created a separate blog.


To My Hosts: If you have a problem with this, I will remove it.

Day 34.) The ability to add an RSS Feed to any page! -> Link

- RSS -> Link

Day 33.) Fun for the whole Family! Crash both IE7 AND Firefox 3.0.4 -> Link

Day 32.) Moar! :D

- Buggy Firefox Page (Firefox 3.0.4) - Link

- UrlbarExt - A highly customizable Firefox Add-On that adds useful icons to the end of your Address Bar (I use the tinyurl and the proxy option) - Link

- Auto Context - A highly customizable Firefox Add-On that automatically displays a useful modified Right-Click menu when text is selected. - Link

Day 31.) Cool New Stuff! (13 Nov, 2008)

- Firefox 3.0.4 Has Been Released

- For All Your Video-Watching: CCCP for most, Real Alternative Lite for the .rm / .rmvb Files.

- WinRAR 3.80 has been released(Awhile Back....) Download Here --> Link

- Tip of the day!
Do you use the Command Prompt Alot?
Does Start->Run->Cmd->Enter feel natural to you?
Then Read This (You'll want to - Just believe me - It rocks!)--> Here

- Windows Update Tip

Trying to run the Online Windows Updater, and getting error 0x8DDD0018 ?
Both Automatic Update AND BITS Enabled?
Frustrated of useless "Helpful" Windows Sites that always tell you the same thing?
Simply open CMD, and type:
regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll
And press enter.
Refres the update page, and enjoy :)

- R O F L ! Why AMD can POSSIBLY Compete with Intel --> LOL <--

Day 30.) Added a Red Alert 3 Review on my Games Page (06 Nov, 2008)

Day 29.) Added a small ASP Section to my Coding Page (04 Nov, 2008)

- Added a "MySQL to Excel" ASP script.

- Added an Uber-Simple Mail ASP Script - With tracking :p (ReeMail)

- Uploaded a Story I wrote one evening - Here

- A link to my old hacking Page - Here (I can remove this if the need arises)

Day 28.) My site went down for +- 2 days for some explicable reason - It's back up now :) (17 Oct, 2008)

-  Diablo 3 Blizzcon Vid - Part 1 / Part 2

- Hands-On Impressions Of Diablo 3 (By Random(LUCKY) People)

Day 27.) Lotsa Stuff :D (1 October 2008)

    - Firefox Insta-Kill link fixed in Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 Pre-Release

    - ReeUpdater updated to version 0.7 - Download Here (Or update from the App)

    - New version of the Combined Community Codec Pack (01/08/2008) -> Download Here

    - *Starting to think Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) is better than .mp3*

    - *Wonders what happened to Day 23 in this list...*

- 9 Days Till BlizzCon! :D (10th -> 11th October)

Day 26.) - Added Mario 3 (And Mario 2) to my website -> Link

    - Firefox Insta-Kill Link confirmed for Firefox 3.0.2 as well as Firefox 3.0.3

    - Added a Review for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance on my Games page.

Day 25.) - Added a Firefox 3.0.1 Insta-Kill Link to my Link Page -> Here (Warning: Crashes Firefox 3.0.1)

    -  Latest version of Google Chrome fixes Day 24's Bug.

Day 24.) - Google Chrome Security Exploit Found. PoC Link -> Here (Warning: Crashes Google Chrome)
                 Link added to Links Page.

- Edit - What happened to day 23? o_O

Day 22.) - Added a download link for Unlocker on my Links Page.
                 HIGHLY recommended for ANYONE that uses a Flash Drive!!!

              - Added a 100% Legal Link to EVERY Episode of South Park - For Free! (And Streamable) -
                 On my Links page. Or, just click --> Me!

Day 21.) Added a link for Kongregate - The Ultimate Flash-Game Page (WITH Achievements!)

    It's just THAT Good ;)

Day 20.) Been updating on and off - Just haven't been posting to this update page.

- Added 2 new YouTube Vids to my Links Page.

- Added an ASCII Art Link to my Links Page.

- Uploaded my n00bish game so far + Map Editor - Criticism Welcome (Version 0.0002)
--> Kal'Thoria <--

- Decompiled the D3 Website Chat Gem due to major controversy -> Link

- Coded a "General Application Update Checker" program - Comments welcome -> Link
(P.S: Sorry for slow FireFox Check)

- Blizzard Podcast Episode 5 has been released. Download Here

Day 19.) Updated my Windows XP(32 AND 64 Bit) GeForce 8 Series Driver Downloader.

Download Link -> Here

Day 18.) Statistics Update :)

Browsers People Used Whilst Visiting My Site:

Firefox - 83.84%
Opera - 13.13%
Internet Explorer - 3.03%

Now, what does THAT tell you? :)

On that note, it seems I still get a couple of visitors to my site nearly every day...

Cool :)

Hi all! :D

- Reelix

Day 17.) Created an app that tells you the latest drivers for the GeForce 8 Series - Link (Requires .NET 2.0)

Day 16.) Uploaded 2 Cool MIDI Songs

- Doom 1- E1M1- Link
My favorite doom song :)

- DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames - Link
You'll know it if you've ever played Guitar Hero 3

Day 15.) Uploaded my Motherboard-Driver-Linker-Downloader Program HERE (Requires .NET 2.0)


- LINK<---

Day 13.) Updates

- Added some online-security challenge sites on my Links Page.

Day 12.) Updates

- Added a link to my friend Xera's site on my Links page.

- Added a poll on my Games page. Please cast a vote :)

- Added Total Copy to my Links page.

- Added Unstoppable Copier to my Links page.

- Added a link to my Pic Stash on my Links page.

- Am attempting to RAR an ISO using Maximum Compression...It's 7.7GB and my Flash is 7.5GB... Hope it works...

Original - 7.720530GB
RAR'd - 7.720527GB
Time Taken - 1 Hour 57 Minutes
Result: Epic Fail
Note To Self: RARing an ISO does NOT work....

- Mario By Hand - <--- One of my favorite
YouTube vids :p

Day 11.) Crash

- I have to be non-biased... Added a Firefox Insta-Crash Link under Links

   Works up to (And Including) Firefox 3.0 RC 1.

Day 10.) Updates

- Accidentally mangled my LinksPage...

- Added (Online PC Shop) to my Links Page.

- Added a useful Firefox Addon (Adblock) to my Links Page.

-  Did a Mini Movie Review of 10,000BC on my Movies Page.

- Added a 1 Line IE Crash page under Links - Works in IE7 on Windows XP. (Now, Use Firefox!)

Day 9.) Redirects - This page is now viewable from the following sites:







Added a "War of the Worlds 2" Movie Review on my Movies Page.

Day  8.) Updates

- Added the latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphic Driver(37.9MB) on my Links Page.

- Added the latest Firefox Version ( Links Page.

- Added a useful Firefox Addon (Firebug) to my Links Page.

- Added some useful Programming Tips on my Coding Page.

Day 7.) General Updates + Site Content (7th May - 2008)

- Added AVG 8.1 Download Link on my Links Page.

- Updated Firefox Link to Latest Version (

- Uploaded a picture of my work server -> Click HERE <--- Wish I had a PC like that!!!

- Did a Game Review on "Hard To Be A God" on my Games Page.

- Did 2 Mini Movie Reviews (Happy Feet + Hoodwinked) on my Movies Page.

- Uploaded a rather funny smiley... Link

Day 7.b.) Windows XP Service Pack 3

Many people have asked...

Do I REALLY Need Windows XP SP3?

What does it do?

Well, now you can find out EXACTLY what it does (It does alot...)


Day 6.) More Updates (25th April - 2008)

- Added C# GDI+ Gif Animation on my Coding Page.

- Some more site statistics:

Higest Amount of Visitors on 1 Day:

April 8th - 6

April 23rd - 6

April 24 - 6

Total amount of Unique Visitors(Individual PC's): 16

- Added an IP Tracking Site to my Links page

Pretty Cool Site! HIGHLY Effective! :D

Day 5.) Updated Stuff (24th April - 2008)

- Checked my Google Analytics page and found

South Africa        22
United States        3
United Kingdom    1
Poland                   1
Italy                       1
Romania                1

Cool :D
-  Added a cool free graphic-rendering site to my Links Page - It looks AWESOME! :D
    (Images Included - ALL FREE! :D)

-  Realised that  moving  Images  around  a  GooglePages  Page  needs some working on...
    All those were placed manually by editing the HTML -_-

Day 4.) Added the Coding Page. (21st April - 2008)

- Found headings are rather... Hard to fix...

- Realized you can't change page-names... I'm currently stuck with:


Seems like Ive realised that before... See Day 2.... Seems to be a Googlepages-Wide Problem :(

- Realized you CAN stop underlining with the Hyperlinks, you just have to re-create the Hyperlink with the little "Link" button...

- Started adding dates to these updates :p

Day 3.) Added a Contact Page

- Realised the Contact-Page IP Tracker isn't too... Accurate... I don't live in Australia -_-

- Cool voting gadget though :D

- (Thinks Google Pages needs a way to have a Static Header spanning each Page...)

- Found the cool Web-Chat Program! :D Changing the timezone and removing the quit button doesn't seem to work though... :/

Day 2.) Added a Links Page

- Realised you can't rename a page after it's been created :/

Day 1.) Gave This Site Life! Muhahaha :p

- Noticed that you can't stop underlining when creating hyperlinks... -_- 

- Color Test! - Weird... This background isn't actually Black... Hmmm...


- Reelix