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  • Hard To Be A God
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Action / RPG
Rating: 1 / 5

This game... sucked....
The Camera-View is TERRIBLE... 
The difficulty (I was on Normal of Easy/Normal/Hard) is insane...
The loading times... Extensive (1 GB DDR2 800 RAM, Intel 2.33 Core 2 Duo)
Your name cannot start with a Capital Letter (I mean... HUH?!?!?!?!?)
This game (for an RPG) has NO Magic System whatsoever...
I'll admit... I finished training, and deleted the game before I finished the first map...
You can only block from a single direction, and get surrounded... Enemy's attacks PRECISELY when you lower your shield... The bow (When I got one) was terrible (I had specialised in Ranged but started with no Ranged Weapon - Only Melee Weapons)...

It sucks... Avoid it... Please... Just do...

  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance 
Publisher: THQ
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Rating: 4 / 5

One of the reasons I don't like many conventional RTS's is simple - The maps are too small!
It's like "Take over the enemy Planet!", and after a single battle on a Relatively-Small Map - Vwala!
You've killed every unit on their planet!
I mean... HUH?
Now that brings me to this game...
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (The expansion to Supreme Commander) is Big.
Now when I SAY Big, I don't mean "Yea - 2x the size of the Largest Starcraft Map", I MEAN BIG!!!
The largest map is 80KM's x 80KM's - Conventional infantry take hours to walk across the map (Literally :p) !
This, combined with the Unique-Way of gaining resources (An effectively unlimited amount) guarantees horrifically large battles! Fun, Fun, Fun! :D
The only problem I had with this game is the limit on what you can build.
It's like "Ok, I have 500,000 of each resource, and 25 Experimental-Tech (Tier 4) Units, What now?"
Build A Nuke? Sure - It only takes 50 Max-Level (Tier 3) Builders like 30 minutes to build the frikking things! -_- (And a single Anti-Nuke building in the enemies base guarantees them safety...)
Still, it's a great game to play, and guarantees you hours of enjoyment (4 v 4 on a 80km x 80km Map - LITERALLY Hours ;) )

Just one word of warning - I recommend you have at least 2GB DDR2 800 RAM before attempting to play this game - Things get hectic... (8GB DDR2 800 if you want a 4 v 4 on an 80KM x 80KM Map ;) )

  • Red Alert 3
Publisher: EA Games
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Rating: 3 / 5
Well, after playing this game for around 6 hours one evening I can officially say it's a pretty cool game :p
The first thing I noticed were the cartoon-esque type graphics - But this quickly becomes part of the game.
One of the awesome things I noticed as soon as I started the campaign (I did the first Tutorial (Movement...), thought... Screw This... then started the Soviet Campaign :p) was the "Do you want to play the mission with an Online Friend, or Solo?"
Now, since the game was un-patched at the time, I played Solo, and got assigned with an AI Player.
My first thought?
*&^% - Stuck with stupid AI... (I always play on the middle difficulty (In this case Medium)) -_-
The thing is, I quickly realized this PC player was actually pretty good, and, combined with the ability to co-ordinate attacks (More effectively than with Human Players...) the AI quickly became an integral part of my Strategy (You get assigned an AI on every level (That I have played so far) - It works off some weird resource sharing system apparently, although the cool thing is you can build in your allies area :p)
One of the things that also struck me near the beginning of the game - Was the lack of Tiberium - A Critical part in the Whole C&C / RA Series.
Tiberium (The stuff you get $$$ from, for those who don't know :p) usually... Errrm.... Grows! It's now stuck in immovable containers located around the map - The containers have a set amount (You must build a refinery adjacent to one) which, when the amount runs out, becomes "Depleted" (Which isn't what you'd think - It means it still has infinite resources, you just gather them ALOT slower)
Get 3 bases with 2 of these things, and your cash Sky-Rockets, which brings me to my next cool point about the game:
The ability to build a *&^% load of stuff at once!
Each Barracks / War Factory / Air Field / Construction Yard (Built out of a 5K MCV (Which has like Jack-All Requirements)) has it's own independent build queue, so you can have 3 construction yards, 4 war factories, and at the SAME time, build:
3 Buildings
3 Defensive Buildings
4 Tanks
All at the same time! :D

Both these elements (Hectic $$$ and insane building abilities) result in a pretty hectic game :p

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Best Hardware Brands
Well, since I'm not enough of a Hardware Fanatic to have an entire section dedicated to Hardware...

Monitor: Samsung

Internal Hard Drive: 2GB Western Digital Green - R3,615.00

Processor: Intel - 1337 One - R12,849.00

Graphics Card: XFX GeForce 9800GX2 - 1337 One - R6,099.00
- For those that say the GTX2** Cards are better, look --> Here <--
- Granted, the GTX295 has a lot of missing info, so might be better
   XFX GTX295 - R7907.04

RAM: Kingston - 1337 One - R722.00 - Down R1600!

Motherboard: Gigabyte - 1337 One - R5,642.00

Flash Drive: Axiz (A 16GB one if Possible)

External Hard-Drive: Western Digital


 Most Insane Hardware

Hard Drive: Transcend 64GB Solid-State: R8,150.00

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinion - If you buy any of the "1337 One" items, make sure you can RUN them, as they are EXTREMELY High-End...