Different Genres of Metal - Folk+Viking Metal

Folk and Viking Metal

Folk Metal: Any band that uses folk music in their songwriting is a Folk Metal band, usually mixing with many other styles of metal, making a sort of hybrid. There are Power Metal bands that make use of Folk elements, such as Elvenking, Black Metal bands that do the same like Ensiferum and Falkenbach. The founders of Folk Metal are Skyclad, who mix Thrash Metal and Folk Metal. There is no such thing as a pure Folk Metal band, mainly because they are reliant on other styles. If a band uses Folk influences they can be described as a Folk Metal band, but that is probably not all they are. Most of the bands do not take folk music from their own countries, either.


Pioneers: Skyclad[1].

Notable Bands: Elvenking[2], Tuatha De Dannan.

Viking Metal: Viking Metal is mainly a more melodic Black Metal mixed with lyrics and a style concerning Vikings. The pioneer of Viking Metal is undoubtedly Bathory. The main reason this genre has expanded so is that a lot of metal bands come from Scandinavia, the home of the Vikings.


While most Viking Metal bands are based off of Black Metal, there are also those melodic bands that use Viking imagery but do not possess that aggressiveness of Black Metal.


Vikings, Nordic history.

Pioneers: Bathory, Vintersorg.

Notable Bands: Thyrfing[3], Ensiferum, Finntroll[4].

These are all the major genres that I can think of and list without drawing it out too long.

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[4] Song 6. Finntroll - Trollhammaren

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