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June 8th 2006 [23:00]

Yesterday a friend of mine showed me his school "Personal Project" which he had chosen to do on the music genre Metal. Since I myself am a metalhead I read the project and thought it was very good. It is about the evolution of underground and mainstream metal and with permission from "Vid", I have decided to post the project here on the site.  

The Evolution of Underground and Mainstream Metal

P.S. On some of the pages you will be able to download some of the songs in discussion. Simply click on the Artist and song higlighted and Save the song to your computer!

 May 8th 2006 [16:03]

Last weekend me and some friends at my school made a little movie for fun. It's called Attack of the Bear and is a short video made on the school campus.

A few hours of filming and some 1337 editing by LzLt himself can be viewed at the following link:

May 8th 2006 [15:20]

Stayed at home today. Tried installing Firefox again although it had fucked up oh so many times before. For some reason it decided to work today and its working really great. Now I'm creating this website. Should be good.