***Wednesday's game vs. Leonard has been changed to tomorrow due to weather***

Shirt orders are now available online!  You can order and pay on the link below.  

(Please note, the price is for a minimum estimate of 20 items ordered.  If we do not meet the minimum order, the price will increase and I will need to collect the difference.  Between both A and B teams, and some parents usually purchasing for themselves, I am sure we will meet the minimum.)


Practice Week of Apr. 23-27
Monday - Practice 2:00-3:45
Tuesday - GAME v. Leonard 4:00
Wednesday - Practice 2:00-3:20 (Gym)
Thursday - Practice 2:15-3:45
Friday - Practice 2:15-3:45

This Site
    This site is for parents and athletes to check practice and game schedules, and access valuable learning tools. Please check the links on the left side bar for some great tips and videos.

 Almost all practices will be after school for A softball, weather permitting.  There are a few exceptions.  Please listen to daily announcements for any changes.  ** Always check the weekly schedule listed above as some practice times will end early. **
 Always be prepared for either indoor or outdoor practices.  This means bring warm clothing, cleats and/or sneakers, sweatpants in case we do sliding drills, and a glove.  We do not have extra equipment to provide if you leave yours at home.  Coming to practice unprepared will result in disciplinary measures and may result in missed game time. Necessary medical equipment such as inhalers will be considered as practice gear and will also be required at all times. 

The indoor schedule is as follows:
Monday 4:40-6:00
Tuesday 3:20-4:40
Wednesday 2-3:20
Thursday 5:40-7:00
Friday 4:40-6:00
 This schedule is subject to change based on practice plans of other teams.  

** Game start times will be at 3:30 or 4:00.  No new innings can start after 2hrs15min of playing time so games roughly last 2.5 hrs.**

Tuesday Apr. 24 v. Leonard 4:00 
Tuesday May 1 v. Ellsworth 4:00
Wednesday May 2 @ Doughty 3:30
Friday May 4 @ Cohen 3:30
Thursday May 10 v. Brewer 6:30** TURF
Monday May 14 @ Leonard 4:00
Tuesday May 22 v. Cohen 3:30
Thursday May 24 @ Hermon 3:30
Tuesday May 29 v. Doughty 3:30
Wednesday May 30 v. Bucksport 4:00
Monday June 4 @ Ellsworth 4:00* McDonald's stop