RBABC was founded in 2009 after school budget cuts defunded the B teams for sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball. In order for these teams to continue, they needed be fully funded by sources other than the school budget. Funding was reinstated with the 2017 budget, but we continue to raise funds to supplement the budget money. The past two years, we have been able to buy much needed items that have not been in the budget for years.  We have new uniforms for all our basketball, soccer, cross-county, softball and track teams. We have purchased tackle dummies and other misc items for our football team.  We have purchased a clock for our cross-country teams, basketballs, basketball racks, catcher's gear and other items for our athletic teams.  We are now able to have offer "C" teams for basketball as well through our annual fundraising. Our fundraiser's this year will be our annual Halloween Dance, concessions for soccer, cross-country, basketball and track and our beloved 31-Raffles in May and Oct. We need help with concession donations, workers at the concessions during games and help decorating and chaperoning the Halloween dance.  Please join us in volunteering in whatever way you can so that we can continue supporting our athletics here at Reeds Brook!

We are an independent non-profit organization with a 501-C status; donations may be tax deductible in accordance with the IRS.