CSCI 200 - Practical Computer Course

Familiarizes the student with aspects of computer technology needed for extensive home, office, or school computer applications and maintenance. The clientele includes current and prospective teachers and professionals who wish to handle their own minor software and hardware problems.

For Homework assignments, due dates, and test dates use the following links to your section:
  • CSCI 200-001 - Tuesday, Thursday @ 4:00 pm (Oneonta Fitzelle Hall 247)
  • CSCI 200-081 - Tuesday, Thursday @ 5:30 pm (Oneonta Fitzelle Hall 247)
  • - text book review site

For test Review Sheets see links below. (just above comments section)

Textbook Information:

PCs for Dummies by Dan Gookin , ISBN 13: 978-1-118-19734-9

Additional Course Supplies:

Two screwdrivers, medium size, one Phillips head, one flat head

Subpages (2): CSCI 200-001 CSCI 200-081