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CITA 130 - Introduction to Database Systems

This course is an introduction to the use and design of data base management systems (DBMS). The student will gain practical knowledge of DBMS software using a leading personal computer package. The student will be directed through the set up of tables, the use of forms and reports, switchboard systems, simple database control programming database administration, and introductory SQL commands. The student will also be introduced to database design concept including entity relationship diagrams and normalization.
If you are looking for the link to the In-Class normalization example, or the Chapter 11 PowerPoint the links are at the bottom of this page.
For Homework assignments, due dates, and test dates use the following links to your section:
  • CITA 130-001 - Tuesday, Thursday, at 9:30am - 10:45am in Sanford Hall room 111
  • CITA 130-002 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 10:00am - 10:50am in Sanford Hall room 111
  • Course Information Sheet - first class handout with basic class data
  • Class Data Files - used to complete assignments for class
  • SAM 2010 Software site logon screen
Textbook Information:
  • Access 2010 Comprehensive 1st Edition by Shelly,  Pratt, Last
    ISBN-13: 9781439079027
    ISBN-10: 1439079021
  • SAM 2010 Assessment and Training Version 2.0 (See Below)

If you need to buy the SAM software, choose the following link:  (you will need a credit card)

ISBN-10: 0538466995 ISBN-13: 9780538466998
Textbook Web site: www.scseries.com
Publisher Web site: www.course.com