Who We Are

Red X Anglers
started as a group of anglers that enjoy fishing coastal NC. Since then we have gained members to our West who enjoy fresh water fishing. With many members being in the military we have members Internationally in places like Iraq, Australia and Japan. The Red X Anglers originated with a group of NC anglers but now is an organization of people from all over who have come together to form a group of friends who share a love for fishing. We have regular meet n greets where we get to meet other members, share fishing tips and do some great fishing and fellowship. No boat, no problem, we will get you in somewhere and make sure everyone has a good time. You will never feel more welcome anywhere than with this group of fishermen and women. We enjoy the fellowship and celebrate our diversities. We come from all educational backgrounds, races, religious beliefs, and financial standings. We are young, old, healthy and disabled and all work together to make fishing enjoyable and fruitful while protecting the resource and educating future generations through our actions and our postings.
There are no dues or fees to join our club. All we ask is contribute your time when you can and promote our mission. If you find yourself inspired by some of our members generosity and knowledge we ask that you try to pass that along to another to keep our mission moving forward. There is lots of talent in this group and you will be amazed at how freely it is shared.

Our group motto is
Fishin With A Mission
and our mission is:

"Promote friendship-fellowship-fishing-public service"

History of the Red X Anglers

The original members of the founding club are listed below.

Bout Time.....BigE18.....dragula65000.....Island Man..(President).....jimbeam11.....Leroy-P.....NEO19672000
Redsoxfantildeath.....RouseD.....Scott Hobbs.....TimC.....Venom17

When this rag tag group of fishermen gathered at the Golden Corral back in 2009 they had no idea it would grow into what it is today.

The "legend" of the RED X ANGLERS

For those of you who don't know about the birth of our mighty club listen in and Ill tell ya what I gathered from the elders.  
Island Man and Bout Time lived close to each other in Emerald Isle, NC, the place known as The Crystal Coast. One day we met on ncangler.com and decided to go fishing together. Well this trip only resulted in one trout boated and one red getting off at the boat. While on this outing we talked about getting other members of ncangler who lived in our area together. So Bout Time decided to put together a "meet and greet" to discuss these ideas. The meeting had twelve members in attendance.
The meeting was a success and got everyone excited about forming a fishing group. Later while chatting in ncangler the name of the group was decided. The way "The Elders" explained it to me, Island Man posted a question for others to tell us about their "secret" trout holes. You can imagine the response that question got. 
After several threads and discussions about marking our secret spots with Red X's
several names were tossed around and discussed and then some one suggested that since we kept talking about marking the spot with an X we call ourselves the RED X ANGLERS and thus the name was born.
So now we are off and in search of the ever elusive X and somewhere along the way a fish and a friend or two.
Now depending on who ya ask......the name was born in several different ways, places but for sure was decided on ncangler.com the place we all love to be.

The following is our pledge as Red X Anglers and as good sportsmen and citizens.

Recognize that our actions should always be governed by what is right, ethically and legally and will accomplish this through personal example and education.

Educate fellow anglers, especially youth and new anglers about fishing ethics.

Treat other anglers, boaters and people with courtesy and respect

Respect our environment and leave my fishing site as clean or cleaner than I found it.

Learn and observe all angling regulations and when necessary report those that do not.

Invite like minded anglers to join us and further promote responsible and ethical practices for future generations to follow.

NCangler.com - North Carolina Angler - GoAngler.com

NC Angler is the place it all started and it is still our primary meeting place. We can't offer enough thanks and praise for Randy, his crew, the moderators and all the members for providing such a rich and friendly environment for our online community!


What's New?

The short answer is EVERYTHING!
Welcome to the new site! We hope you find it useful as well as entertaining.
The site is intended to provide a quick way to find upcoming events via the events calendar as well as a repository for highlights of past events.

In addition we've added a few tools  to make organizing our gatherings a bit easier.

We're offering a sign up form for upcoming M&Gs that will allow members to add themselves to a list of attendees, eliminating the need for the organizer to filter through posts to determine who and how many folks are attending.

There is also a form for members to post open invitations for smaller gatherings on the events calendar.


  We welcome your participation!

Comments or suggestions about the site can
be directed to Island Man   or papadave via NCAngler.com.

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Jun 30, 2012, 2:19 PM