Check it out, there is a photo from our Vern Stage show at the 2017 CBA Grass Valley festival in the last Bluegrass Breakdown (page A15)!

Redwing squarely falls in the “way more than a Bluegrass Band” category, mixing the traditional repertoire of Bluegrass favorites with surprising and less-often heard gems.

The players are seasoned and active participants in the Bay Area music scene. Redwing members have played all the major local venues, Freight & Salvage,Jupiter, Armando’s, McGrath’s, Berkeley Spice of Life Festival and even the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival and the Father's day CBA Bluegrass Festival.

It all starts with the instrumentation: Alan Dreyfus on guitar, Bob Johnson on dobro, Olivier Zyngier on bass, Polly Frizzell on fiddle, and “Red” Rick Horlick on Mandolin. Yes you read correctly: no banjo. But don’t fret, the players’ musical dexterity allows them to deliver them hard driving numbers just the same; foot tapping guaranteed. On slow numbers, you’ll sometime hear Polly’s deep viola notes, in perfect harmony with the dobro.

Vocals are one of the main attractions of the band. Whether as solists or harmonizing, Rick and Alan go from the traditional high lonesome harmony and singing, to rich soulful singing. Alan’s bluesy voice and Rick’s high tenor blend to produce a very powerful combination. And then Polly joins in for a 3-part harmony, way sweet…

The ingredient that spices up the Redwing sauce is the arranging. You’re as likely to hear old bluegrass standards as well as more modern country songs. Traditional fiddle tunes are played as fast and expertly as expected, and may often surprise you with a tasty new approach. And you haven’t lived until you heard Redwing’s rendition of Cold Frosty Morning or Raleigh & Spencer.

Redwing will delight your ears and provide good fun and entertainment in all public situations, ranging all the way from stylish weddings and corporate parties, to dances, sit-down concerts, festivals and seedy bars gigs.

See how good we look and sound....

Olivier Zyngier, 2010

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