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Thinking about & Remedying Health Disparities, Part 2

At the bottom of this card “wealth” is superimposed on the word “Disks (Crowley & Harris 1943).” Directly above these two words is the astrological symbol of Virgo along with many coins of which 10 are golden. Etched on these golden coins are symbols of available health careers ranging from entry level to the most advanced. Thus these golden coins represent entry fees to tremendously rewarding work.  But while these golden coins aren’t free, they come cheap. To get one or more of them, students first need to understand and satisfy their own diet and exercise requirements. Then, they need to set up time-management plans that allow them to persistently satisfy personal needs and study program requirements. And finally, students need to document how they are reducing health disparities, reflect on the meaning of their efforts, and share their reflections