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  • RedTube is a Web 2.0, video sharing, pornography site which in November 2009, held an Alexa ranking within the World's top 100 sites. but it had fallen out of the top 100 by June 2010. Its popularity has been ascribed to its non-sexual name.
redtube com
redtube com - One One Domain, Two Men, Twelve Years and the Brutal Battle for the Jewel in the Internet's Crown One Domain, Two Men, Twelve Years and the Brutal Battle for the Jewel in the Internet's Crown
With five million page views every day, was the most valuable piece of virtual real estate on the planet during the first years of the internet. But the fact that it didn’t physically exist didn’t mean that it couldn’t be stolen. With an ingenious scam—the full details of which have never been revealed until now—lifelong con man Stephen Cohen was able to snatch the domain name and walk into a life of untold wealth and luxury. But Cohen underestimated the determination of Gary Kremen—’s original owner—to get his property back. The efforts took ten years and millions of dollars, but Kremen eventually saw Cohen finally pay for his crimes. This is the story of the extraordinary battle between two extraordinary men: a Stanford scholar with uncanny foresight, and an uneducated, genius con man with an unnatural gift for persuasion. The fight pushed each man to the edge, rewrote the laws, and shaped the history and development of the internet as we know it.

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redtube com
Sex - Life in L.A. Part 2: Cycles of Porn
Sex/Life in L.A. 2: Cycles of Porn is a revealing glimpse into a world where sex, art and business collide in the City of Angels. It's been seven years since the filmmaker's first documentary portrait, and director Jochen Hick is checking in with some of his previous subjects: Adult film stars Kevin Kramer, Cole Tucker and Matt Bradshaw. But sexuality is constantly evolving, and styles, tastes and even new technology are providing a new supply of up-and-coming talent. Hick deftly explores a culture in which young men occupy a house outfitted with webcams for a sexy chat site, and nomad filmmakers rove the country looking for impromptu stars of their condom-free "bareback films." The dreams, disappointments and unwavering reality of the gay adult industry are all opened up with insight and humor in this riveting film that made festival audiences around the world cheer.