The Student Debt Liberation Army*

July 13th, 2012
Dear US Governance functionary, operating under the name "Student Assistance Foundation",
I like the individual human beings who work for you. I wish them well, and if they are ever near Hudson, New York, they are welcome to come over for a meal sometime. But you—the Foundation—I despise and pity you. Why?
  • You think you're doing us a favor. Even your self-proclaimed name says it: “Student Assistance”. That is only a half-truth. Your institutional will is to employ every means described in US Law to wring as much money from students as you can, as quick as you can.
  • You give yourself a nice-sounding name to disguise that you are, in reality, only an apparatus of the gigantic US Federal Government. You are a quasi-private/quasi-governmental entity who serves to obscure the face of the Giant.
  • You'd be happy to make all your “clients” into cowering debt-slaves. This is evident in the tone of voice your train your human representatives to speak in. This is what the US Establishment wants. Our conventional leadership wants a nation of blubbering consumer-debtors, not Sovereign Citizens. You are an active collaborator in the systemic will to enslave the coming generations.
  • If you were a human being, instead of mechanized bureaucratic entity, you would not have kept calling my parents over and over during the two years I was a vagabond. I told you my economic status, and you still kept calling them. They felt disturbed that you kept calling them. A real human being, acting out of his or her own free initiative, would not have done that.
  • You owe your existence to a false premise. Check in with the Holy Spirit, Sophia—the legitimate Representative of the Angeloi. Didn't you know that, in reality, that all cultural-educational offerings are supposed to be freely given and freely supported? Five-hundred years ago, one of your Bureaucratic Friends started charging fees for a cultural offering. We humanity stood up to that and put your Friend in her place. It's called the Protestant Reformation.
  • You try to call us by a nine-digit number, instead of by name.
  • I see you. I perceive that you are one of those hindering systemic spirits left over from Egyptian times. A Bureaucratic Angel. It will not be long before American humanity will execute judgement on you and cast you and the rest of the Spirits of Bureaucracy out of humanity's world. Your bureaucratic heart will melt.
I continue to admit, as I have all along, that I agreed to give you $10,000-some dollars in relation to one semester of cultural-educational offerings at the the Montana Government University. It wasn't worth it, except to open my eyes to the Student Loan Industry and the Government-Corporate University Complex, so that I became devoted to peacefully overthrowing this regime and implementing a Free Cultural Sector. I was a young fool to agree to be legally-bound to fund what is supposed to be a free cultural offering.
This is the way it's going to be:
  • I will resume the practice of sending you some money, more or less every month, in my own time, like I did previously.
  • I aim to keep gifting to you for an indefinite amount of time, until: A) The $10,000-some donation mark is reached, or B) I and my allies enact regime change in America, and implement an National Debt Jubilee.
  • Regardless of your self-proclaimed policy, I reserve the right to send cash. Refusing to accept cash, though a common policy, is evidence that you're part of the speculative economy, and think you're above the real economy. If you can't trust your own money-handlers, that's your own problem. I don't especially care if you lose the money, since it looks like, barring revolution, it will be decades before the mark is reached. It is a symbolic deed. Any “debt” is ultimately between me and my sense of right (since I agreed to give $10,000)--not between you and I.
  • I will throw away, unopened, any mail I receive from you. I will hang up on any phone calls I receive from you. And I will delete, without reading, any email I receive from you.
  • I don't care what “punitive” actions you take. I just got out of Federal Prison in Philadelphia for making a Declaration inside Independence Hall, and I aim to peacefully lay to rest the gigantic entity you work for: the United States. We will replace Goliath with three sovereign sectors: an Interdependent Economy, a Humanocratic Governance, and a Free Culture of America whose collegiate and university offerings are given and supported freely.
Travis Henry 
Red Tide: The Student Debt Liberation Army*
*We are an Army of soul-force. We aim to vigorously overthrow the Student Debt Regime, without hurting one hair on the head of any human being.