Triumph Spitfire VCM 331M Maintenance Record

September 2005         Fitted new trim to inside rear wheel arches. 
                               Fitted trim to inside front windscreen sides.

October 2005             Intermittent starting problems. Removed and cleaned starter motor.                                             
                               Replaced rear view mirror with second hand one.

November 2005           Purchased second hand hood cover. Made repairs with new buttons.
                                Fitted driver side glove box.
                                Fitted home made aluminium radiator valences.

December 2005           Fitted battery master cut off switch. 

February 2006             Fitted bulk to wheel rubber flap to driver and passenger sides.
                                Fitted new alternator. Fitted second hand spare wheel cover.

March 2006                 Replaced driver’s side sun visor. Fitted new windscreen top finishing clip.
                                Fitted new distributor cap.    

April 2006                   Visited The Spitfire Graveyard, Sheffield.
                                Refurbished second hand tachometer. Fitted tachometer to car with
                                replacement cable. Fitted new oil pressure sender switch.
                                Changed oil, oil filter, air filters, points and rotor arm.
                                Cleaned and reset plugs. Cleaned rear plastic window.

May 2006                   Passed MOT. (Mileage 74400)

June 2006                   Renewed rear trunnion bushes. 
                                Renewed new rear shock absorbers and bushes.

July 2006                    Emptied coolant, flushed and refilled with new. Replaced top
                                and bottom radiator hoses, manifold and heater hoses including new clips.
                                Fuel line perished. Replaced fuel line from fuel pipe to pump.
                                Replaced radiator to bottle overflow pipe
                                Reattached rear wing moulding with new clips.
                                Fitted audible amplifier to indicators.    
                                Replaced rear bumper with second hand one.
                                Replaced missing driver’s seat mounting bolt.

August 2006               Tightened loose exhaust brackets and mounting nuts and bolts.

September 2006          Replaced passenger side sun visor. Greased rear hubs. 
                                Greased rear handbrake cables. Used Redex fuel additive with petrol refill.
                                Fitted home made wheel caps.        

October 2006              Replaced petrol cap with new one.

November 2006            Purchased boot lock from Ebay. Removed swivel cover,
                                re-chromed and fitted to existing lock.

December 2006           Replaced front shock absorbers and springs using spring
                                compressor borrowed from TSSC. Fitted black and white number plates.

February 2007             Oiled front trunnions. Riveted screen top trim.
                                Riveted studs to tops of doors.

March 2007                 Fitted new door check and strap to passenger door.
                                Fitted pods to the inside of the soft top roof to cover linkages.
                                Refurbished and fitted second hand speaker unit into passenger 
                                side glove compartment.

April 2007                   Fitted new valance seals to valance to bonnet sections on both sides.
                                Replaced incorrect wheel nut with second hand chrome one.
                                New rear leaf spring fitted (by Volksmaster Garage)
                                Differential oil level checked and found to be OK.
                                Replaced broken wheel stud (rear off) with new one. 

June 2007                   Passed MOT. (Mileage 75858)
                                Fitted British Leyland badges to front wings.

July 2007                    Visited Spitbitz, Finchampstead.
                                Fitted cardboard spare wheel cover. Realigned passenger door.

August 2007                Fitted ignition lock shroud. Cleaned and reset plugs and points.


November 2007           Fitted new windscreen trim with homemade fitting tool. 

March 2008                Flat tyre (front passenger)! New inner tube fitted and spare purchased.

April 2008                   Changed oil and oil filter. Carburettors balanced, timing set and
                                general tune-up by Dene Garage (Diggle).

May 2008                   Slight misfire. Reverted back to original distributor cap and rotor arm.
                                Situation improved but suspect petrol may be the cause.
                                Stainless steel semi-sports exhaust box (ex GT6 bought from Ebay)
                                fitted by Shaw Tyres and Exhausts. Boot rack purchased,

May 2008                    Passed MOT. (Mileage 76605) 

June 2008                   Repaired hood cover with new elastic fitted to cover and clips.          

July 2008                    Located loose petrol line at carburettor. Fitted jubilee clip resulting in
                                improved performance. 

December 2008/          Front and rear bumpers re-chromed.

January 2009

February 2009             Fitted re-chromed front and rear bumpers.

March 2009                 Reset points and plugs.

April 2009                   Topped up oil in dashpots resulting in improved starting and performance.
                                Leak from left carburettor float chamber overflow hole.
                                Probably due to dirt in chamber. Cleaned out float chamber, float and needle.

May 2009                   Fitted new HT leads, new tensioning washers to soft-top front mechanism
                                and blanking grommets to boot lid. Fitted carpet to boot base and sides.
                                Fitted new coil and plugs.

May 2009                   Passed MOT. (Mileage 77640)

July 2009                    Fitted new wiper arms.
                                Greased steering rack and oiled front trunnions.
                                Replaced needles and seats in carburettor float chambers with new.
                                Fitted missing body identifier plate to bulk head below VIN plate.                                  

September 2009          Changed air filters and rotor arm.

June 2010                   Failed MOT.                                    
                                Tightened seat belt catch. Tightened offside front suspension bracket.
                                Fitted two new gaiters to steering rack. Secured brake pipe to bulkhead.
                                Freed/lubricated rear offside brake.
                                Replaced wiper blades. Fitted electric windscreen pump tobulkhead
                                and electric (horn) switch in wiper switch to allow electric operation
                                of windscreen washer.

   Passed MOT. (Mileage 78677)