Entangled in the Land

The Exodus: "entangled in the land"...

Exodus 14 v  1:  And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

                                 2    Speak unto the children of Israel, that they turn and encamp before Pihahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, over against Baalzephon: before it shall ye encamp by the sea.

God also knew that they would need water, not far from Nuweiba Beach on the Wadi Watir is Furtajah Springs, see satellite maps below.

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From Google Earth: Furtajah Springs in the top left of the photo in the Wadi Watir.
The modern day tarseal road can be seen below.


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This is a photo of the Furtajah Springs in the Wadi Watir today.
The Children of Israel would have logically stopped here to refresh their water supplies and water their animals, no diversion from the route and further delay, as God knew that haste was required.

This is a photo of Furtajah Springs today, looking back up the Wadi Watir from the springs above, showing only half of the area, from the Google Earth photos above the area adjacent to the springs can be seen, this is logically where The Children of Israel would stop during the middle of the last day before crossing The Red Sea.

Here is another photo looking towards the Nuweiba beach, of the Furtajah Springs:

Look at the surrounding terrain, any wonder Pharoah said of the Children of Israel,
"They are intangled in the land"

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Topographical map of Wadi Watir, note the 400 to 800 Metre walls to this dry canyon.

Exodus 14 v 3        For Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, They are entangled in the land, the wilderness hath shut them in.

"Location, location, location..."

There was two identical columns on both sides of the gulf, when they were found by Ron Wyatt in the mid 80's, the Israelis erected the one on the Nuweiba side, but on the Saudi Arabian side, the column has been removed... (Islam will do anything to hinder the proclamation of God's Word and anything to discredit The Children of Israel), all that remains is a marker.

Here is a link to a fantastic webpage which has more information on the crossing and those columns.           Squidoo.com/redseacrossing

Exodus 14 v 2 -
God is rather specific in his description for where The Children of Israel are to camp, especially compared to any other location, which generally simply lists a place name.

WHY? I believe why matches logic, practicality and the Bible, and the reason is that only God knew EXACTLY where he needed them to be,  so they were ready after night had fallen for The Crossing-  See below.
Other websites claiming different Crossing sites cannot be so exact to have the Israelites where they are needed, what would be the point of God giving such detailed instruction if the placements could have any margin of error?

 At Nuweiba there is no long coastline, no random geographical features and Moses would have known this place and understood exactly where God wanted them to be. Across on the other side is the land of Midian where he had spent the last 40 years.

Why was God so specific with his instruction for where they needed to be?

"Camp on the shoreline? What was Moses thinking now..."  is possibly what some may have asked. "Why not camp close to the hills?
At least it wouldn't be as exposed, and so close to an Egyptian watchtower?"

No wonder the Israelites started to complain bitterly when the rear guard gave news that the Egyptians were in pursuit, their  chariots would have caused dust clouds in the wadi. This is why in Exodus 14 v 19 and 20 God goes from leading them and goes 'behind' them, between the armies of Egypt and The Children of Israel.

Moses trusted in God and right up to Exodus 14 v 13 and 14  Moses is still telling the people what God told him earlier, that The Lord will fight for them and they will never see the Egyptians again.

It is not until verse 15 that God reveals to Moses how he is going to save Israel.

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Moses must of been excited as in a South Easterly direction across the Yam Suph is The Mountain of God, Sinai/Horeb, and visible on the horizon as it is the highest mountain in the area.
To get there it was virtually a straight route from the South end of the plain on the Midian side, South East up a wide Wadi going past Jabel Mazafah... but God did not take them that way.
That wadi can easily be seen on the photo above and on the terrain map below.


Nuweiba beach from the Wadi Watir, the two mountains that can barely be seen on the South East horizon of this photo are Jabal Maz afah and Mount Sinai/Horeb

Nuweiba matches scripture but also logic and common sense. To a depth of just under 800 metres the slope averages 6 degrees. Attached are two more true to scale renditions using the British Admiralty Chart for scale.

"Underwater bridge" - concept by Kiwi

Considering where the Crossing could NOT take place,
 on the Red Sea:

Straits of Tiran.

There are no Biblical references to Islands or island hopping in the Crossing account. There are numerous Scriptures that refer to the Children of Israel "in the midst" of the sea, but on "dry ground" with "walls" and "heaps" on their left and right, no scripture anywhere eludes to climbing "out of the midst of the sea" onto islands during the passage.

It is a totally impractical crossing site due to not the depths but rather the slopes that the Children of Israel had to traverse, remember there were old and young, and also livestock. The slopes from the sea bed to traverse up on to the islands would be virtually impossible to traverse, also at night time, bearing in mind that the Children of Israel had no rock climbing experience or equipment. Slopes of 2 to 1 and 2 tp 1/2.....   impossible. illogical and impractical.

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Logically - It would be nice to imagine as a Crossing site, as in our modern thinking we could imagine bridging the gaps, there is even talk by the Saudi government in doing this. No bridges back then, no scripture references to miraculous bridges appearing.

 God has included in scripture numerous references to the environment in how the crossing took place, in Exodus 14 verses 22 and 29 and also in chapter 15 verse 19, the Children of Israel and the Egyptians are "in the midst" they have "walls" or "heaps" on their left and right, so much description, surely if there were islands involved somewhere it would be mentioned.... but it is not.
 Alas, as a crossing site the Straits of Tiran fails on all accounts. Biblically, practically and logically.

Bibilcal Consideration: Exodus 15 v 14 - 15  
14. The people shall hear, and be afraid: sorrow shall take hold on the inhabitants of Palestina.
Then the dukes of Edom shall be amazed; the mighty men of Moab, trembling shall take hold upon them; all the inhabitants of Canaan shall melt away.

If the Children of Israel crossed so far south at the Straits of Tiran....  would these northern nations heard about it?
Sorrow in Palestia, Amazment in Edom, trembling in Moab, fear in Canaan.... why? because from the crossing at Nuweiba, the Israelites are now at their back door. Not so if they crossed so far south from the tip of Sinai at the Tiran Straits.

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