Meet the Musicians

Red Rock Hill

Red Rock Hill plays original songs and selected covers in luminous arrangements.

With Jay Wetmore on lead guitar and vocals and Elise Fillpot on rhythm guitar and vocals, the Red Rock Hill Americana sound soars with rich dynamics, unique arrangements and raw harmonies.

Jay Wetmore

Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals

Jay Wetmore brings 30 years of writing, recording and playing live music to Red Rock Hill. He has played professionally in numerous bands in New York, Utah and Iowa (including Long After Lunch, The Resistors, The Mark Watson Project, Traveling Mercies, Atomic Deluxe, and Dirty Bob Rocket, to name just a few) and has played the SxSW and NxNW music festivals.

Jay founded Red Rock Hill in 2010 to share his favorite music, both his own and that of other musicians. His influences include the Allman Brothers, Steve Earle, Little Feat, and the Grateful Dead. Extraordinary lyrics and haunting musical arrangements set his songs apart. Jay's guitar trademarks are captivating leads and a strong percussive groove.

Elise Fillpot

Rhythm Guitar & Harmony Vocals

Elise Fillpot has lived in North Carolina, Texas, Montana and Utah. She brings a rock-steady, joyful groove to the stage. Since 2018, she and Jay have made their home in Landrum, South Carolina.