Parents Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination


On September the 18th 2010 I started an inquiry amongst parents of Autistic children

“I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered.”

The list that follows (below, via top navigation or pdf to the right) is the response. There are additional comments found elsewhere at the bottom of this page (linked, and relating to autism), reports on a Vaccine damage reports database (mixed) and some reports regarding the HPV, Gardasil vaccine.

This is a list of children, briefly described in their parents’ own words, some short, some extended yet, still summarised.

Each report/statement has been contributed via the internet. Parent’s accounts are worldwide with the majority of children listed subsequently diagnosed as falling within the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Vaccinations are in the main, stated as being a contributory factor. MMR is the most frequently mentioned, although Flu, HepB, Dtp, and others get a mention as are, some deaths (RIP), and a variety of lifelong illnesses. Compiled with minimal editing by Joan Campbell. Special thanks to David Thrower for giving me the idea. 06/09/2011

We expect this list to continue and to grow. If you would like to add your voice to this list please forward to (Maybe mention if you reported the vaccinations side effect and what the response was)

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Abeautifuleyedea My son received 3 sets of vaccines, in 3 weeks, despite my protesting the fact. I was told children's services would be involved if I didn't comply with the vaccine schedule. Within a couple weeks he lost all the language he had acquired, and regressed so that he no longer had skills he was capable of even a month previous. Up to this point my son hit every milestone for his age of 18 month's. He is now 9, diagnosed with severe classic Autism and is LF and is nonverbal. I told the neurologist during the diagnosis process about the regression, fully expecting to be laughed out of his office, he agreed though. He felt my son possibly has a metabolic issue and couldn't handle the vaccinations and should have never been forced to have them. If only I would've known I had a legal right to refuse. Makes me wonder where we could be now.

Zenaida Acevedo My son is 3 years old and diagnosed with aspergers. I noticed trouble in his learning abilities after he received a dpt and a third dose of hepatitis and some others I do not remember. I told the doctor and he said don't worry about it, because the vaccines are save and not to believe everything I read. I'm a nurse and know what is inside those vaccines and it can be really harmful. Trono, Puerto Rico

Dawn Adams My son had the HIB and DTP shot. His leg was swollen and red, with a fever. They said that was normal and to give tylenol. He was speaking small words at the time and within a two week time frame he would just point at what he wanted. Took him back to the doctor and they said that some kids just don’t speak much and to make him say what he wanted before we gave it to him. He never really spoke again until 6 yrs ago, he is now 13. He also has seizures and has been diagnosed with Aspergers/Autism, Dyslexia. He was perfect and bouncy before then he changed and shut down. The injections were in Lake City Florida. I will never vaccinate again and have not with my others since.

Fran Adams My son developed typically and in some milestones, advanced, for the first 12 months of his life. His doctor commented on how well he was developing and reaching his milestones early. He began talking around 5-6 months of age. He was imitating. He was very engaging and interactive with all of us. He loved giving hugs and kisses. When he received his MMR vaccine at 12 months, he developed sever bilateral ear infections, had a high fever a few hours after receiving the vaccine, was sick pretty much for the next 3 months. He became sick with the rotavirus and was in the hospital for 3 days due the dehydration. I attributed his change in behavior (not talking, diarrhea, not interacting etc) to the ear infections and sickness. By 15 months of age, I became concerned because he no longer tried to feed himself. He became very restrictive in what he would eat. He did not talk. He had no eye contact. He cried and had tantrums. He did not imitate our actions. The last thing my child said to me was "I love you". He did not give hugs and kisses as he had prior to this event. I spoke of my concerns with his doctor who dismissed them. I contacted an organization call Birth to Three and learned of his delay. My son's birth mother contacted to me to inform me that her son was diagnosed with autism and that there was a chance that my son would also have this disorder. I began researching autism and saw that my baby was displaying most of the symptoms of autism. I discussed my concerns with the Birth to Three providers who were working with my son and was told that they did not think he had autism. I spoke with my son's doctor who also did not think he had autism. I needed confirmation and demanded a referral to have my son evaluated. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 22 months. My husband, who was in denial, wanted a second opinion. We went to another facility in a neighboring state and once again were told that he had PDD-NOS. When I learned that thimersol in the MMR vaccine could be a link to autism, I immediately contacted my son's doctor and was told that my son's vaccine did contain this preservative. I was shocked. I wish now that I had informed myself about vaccines and what was in the vaccine and mostly the safety of the vaccines that I allowed my son to receive. I trusted that the CDC would not do anything that would harm my child. We worked very hard to help my son gain back lost skills and continue to do so. I have tried to educate other mothers about vaccines especially the flu vaccine during pregnancy. I have always felt there was a connection between the MMR and autism. I have doubted the validity of the studies that state that there in no link between autism and the MMR especially considering the fact that there seems to be a conflict of interest when decision makers at CDC are also receiving money from the pharmaceutical companies that are being studied for safety.

Jamie Wiseman Adams. My son had MMR shots when he was 2 1/2. I put it off a little bit for some reason or another. He received them at the Bear Run Clinic in Orange Park, Florida. He screamed and cried the whole ride home and that night he started banging his head into the floor!!!! He was a totally different kid and stopped everything he had learned. He never was unaffectionate towards me though but immediately developed autistic like behaviours, especially echolalia and adhd. He ran a high fever and developed some kind of rash looking thing on part of his chin! Years later I learned he had a major allergic reaction to the toxins in the vaccines. I wrote Tallahassee Vaccination whatever they're called and they wrote back saying basically 'we're sorry but the vaccinations help more kids than they hurt.' He went most of his life being misdiagnosed because Dr's didn't have a clue about autism. Finally at age 13 he was diagnosed with PDDNOS, tourettes, echolalia, adhd, and sleep disorder. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you DON'T GIVE SO MANY SHOTS IN ONE DAY TO A TODDLER.

Laura Adams My son got his 18 month shots plus a flu shot when he was 15 months old per the schedule followed at his doctors office. Within 15 minutes after the shots when we were in the car, he passed out which may have been a seizure looking back now. Within 30 days he had lost all language, stopped responding to his name, and started to withdraw. Six months after the shots, he was diagnosed with autism and hyperkinesis. He is still non verbal because its only been a matter of months. He is going through therapies but no real improvement yet. My son had a few early signs as far as having to have routine or he would cry non stop. But he was on schedule for language and everything else up till the shots at 15 months. The shots were given in Brookville, Ohio.

Heather Adel My son started having seizures after his one year MMR. They were occasional and everyone tried to make me think I was losing my mind and imagining it. I did not want him to get two month shots but the dr talked me into it and that night he had 40 seizures in my arms. Every day after that he had 7 or 8 seizures that lasted 10 minutes at a time. He is on heavy doses of Topamax to control the seizures, which I think he started having seizures while I was still pregnant and on Reglan. At 8 months along, I changed OB-GYN and they immediately took me off the REGLAN and I was able to carry him full term but had been having contractions prior to switching dr's. Then when they immunized him it triggered something and they told me he would not live to be 5 and be mentally handicapped. He is making his milestones and shocking all the dr's. Nobody knows what exactly is wrong with him. He is still on high doses of Topamax and without it he is a limp lifeless baby. With it he is achieving miracles. I have not allowed them to immunize since his two months immunizations and I am so scared to do so especially with all the stories out there. He is my 4th baby and all of my other children, all girls, have been immunized with no problems, but something about my son is different. They have already started saying he will be on the spectrum and he is 2.5 years old. I really feel like there has to be other moms who had REGLAN while being pregnant and their children are autistic. Just like the Thalidomide Babies there was over 8000 babies born with deformed limbs etc., before they realized the cause was something they took during pregnancy, I will bet my life that Reglan is causing Tardive Dyskensia which is being misdiagnosed as autism.

Sophia Agnew Sophia was perfect up till 13 months - met all milestones and was perfect in every way. At 13 months she developed a small cellulitis rash on her forehead and was given a week of intravenous antibiotics, then had the MMR jab a month later. Straight away she lost eye contact lost her words and became like a zombie - would not engage with anyone, had chronic diarrhoea for 8 months, stimming, spinning, toe walking, screaming, not sleeping, terrified of going anywhere. The whole thing is disgusting and akin to murdering our child and I will do anything to get justice for this.

Ali Ahmed My first child (son) was given the MMR vaccine at 18 months olds. He was still developing fine then at the age 3 he was given another MMR vaccine. From being such a bright toddler he started to regress and would not interact often. His verbal skills started to deteriorate. At nursery they spotted it straight away and got him assessed. He was diagnosed with ASD within a few months. He is 8 in February but his mental age according to his yearly assessment is that of s 4yr old. Now my daughter is 18 months and my doctor is trying to pressurise me to give her the MMR. I told them where to go. Giving her single vaccines at our own pace. UK

Narelle Ahmed My son was a loving affectionate little boy, developing age appropriately until his 18 month old immunizations; then he had a series of colds, temperature, hand and mouth, lost his ability to communicate, and has developmental delays and behavioural problems and has finally been diagnosed as Autistic. Australia

Selina Akhter My 4 year old son developed advanced for the first 12 months of his life. He started to say some sounds before 1 year old. I have some photos of his own showing his writing or scratching or playing with his sister. After he received DPT shot he slowed down . When he received his MMR vaccine at 18 months, he developed sever bilateral ear infections, was sick pretty much for the next 12 months. He did not imitate our actions. He became scared of new people, new area. He stopped playing with his sister and prefers to live alone. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 26 months. He stopped everything like imitating, writing, started to have meltdowns, silent seizures etc. I strongly believe that there is link between vaccines and his autism. He is still nonverbal. The shot was given in Dallas, TEXAS

Noreen Albright I question the Hep B in the hospital (he started wheezing and did so for about 4 or 5 days). We videotaped it and I remember it. The next reaction was the 3rd DPT and I believe there were 2 other shots administer. I believe the freak out about 2 or 3 days afterwards, he did a Sensory Freak Out (6 months) he started losing control of his eyes and his right leg turn in strangely. He had diarrhea and strange stools (I believe he was shedding some of the stuff they shot into him). I also wondered about this ORAL vaccine. Then the flu shot (which there were 2 given and I know there was a recall around that time). New Jersey. WE called this reaction into his Dr. who downplayed it. A few months later I had heard there was a big recall. Of course, they didn't inform us either way. His leg (same one that turned in from the previous shots blew up (inflamed) and wouldn't go away for well over a month. He seemed to lose some eye contact around this time as well. Unfortunately, we continued on the vaccine schedule. After the MMR, He suddenly started acting drunk and off balance. All of a sudden the child who was eating like a champ seemed unable to swallow or control his tongue and body. He started having mini seizures/space outs and things got really ugly. He seemed to be having really bad headaches every time he got shots. He would hold his head and hit it. He stopped talking (he had said about 6 words around 12 months. I did not experience any of these things with my next child that I did NOT vaccinate. The child who had no shots is the healthiest, no earaches (which possibly could be linked to these vaccines/viruses), no fevers (which also seems linked to vaccines) and no REGRESSION (thankfully). As a mother, I firmly believe that the vaccines were at the route of his inflammation, diarrhea, headaches, sensory freak outs, loss of control of muscles. I don't question it. I also believe these Vaccines are responsible for Brain Damage because they "turn on" something that causes BRAIN ENLARGEMENT between the ages of 6 - 12 months. It's after birth that this gets "turned on" and I FIRMLY believe the vaccines or something in them causes the Brain dysfunction.

Alesia Alesi Jude (My injured son) was like an average child. I grew "lazy" from taking him to well visits and by the time he was ready for kindergarten he fell behind on the vaccine schedule. Prior to the appointment and before receiving up to eight vaccines, he was an average child. He was writing his first name. He knew his colors and shapes. He was also starting to tie his shoes! About two months into the school year. His teacher at the time had demanded an immediate sit down. While there, she informed me that my son couldn't write nor hold a pencil. That he seemed delayed as far as knowing objects, number's, letters etc. It utterly shocked me. I know who my son was almost two months prior. Everything rooted back to that visit to the pediatrician. After he received his vaccines, with in a couple of hours he had developed a rash per vaccine site (both upper arms). The rash grew down both sides of his stomach, down to right above his knees. The rashes were hot. They were like two huge welts. I took him to the ER. They had informed me, it was an adverse reaction and the rash should clear up in a few days. He had that said rash for about two weeks. But, my son changed. His mood changed. He was either crying or throwing a tantrum. He wasn't the happy boy he was before. This past February he was diagnosed with dysgraphia. When I brought up about vaccines, I could feel the room grow tense. No one had an answer. But I do know dysgraphia can be caused from encephalitis (brain injury).

Olga Alexzanders My daughter Sasha Davidge recieved DPT vaccine at 2,5 months of age: cried non-top for 6 weeks and stopped developing. Today, 21, with me having spent my youth on daily therapies with her, she still tests in retarded range although it is a part of the brain that is not functioning that is meant to retrieve info: otherwise PDD NOS. We now are doing bio-med, stem cell therapy.. costs unthinkable, future terrifying.. services pathetic, government - criminal. Criminal element took over USA. My daughter was vaccinated in London, UK. Now in Bay area, CA

Elizabeth L. Aley My son was born after an emergency c-sect at 34 weeks, not breathing at birth, apgar scores of 3 and 5, in the NICU for five days on a vent, AND he was given Hep B WITHOUT my consent! He has a DX of Autism, SID, ADHD

Jenny Allan Vaccine MMR: injection arm Location London Date of administration December 2003 (age 12 months) No immediate reaction noticed, but it might be significant to note that Chris had recently been ill with a respiratory infection and had been prescribed antibiotics. There was a very marked change in Chris's behaviour over the following few months. He stopped 'engaging' with adults for 'play' sessions and became uninterested in books (VERY interested in both before the jab.) He lost the few words he had acquired. He had always been an 'easy' baby, happy, sociable and content, but changed into a screaming, challenging infant who seemed to be in pain a lot of the time. Chris's MMR administration was 1993. He is 18 now!!

Allen Family In Dec of 2014, our son Marcus had six shots at his 12 month wellness visit at Desert Shores Pediatrics in Chandler, AZ and he immediately regressed into autism. For the last four years, We have been trying to recover him with dietary restrictions, probiotics, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the stem cell treatment. We just returned from Panama where he received 60 million stem cells. Please note that when I asked the stem cell doctor doing the exam how many parents say that their child regressed after vaccination, the answer was 95%. Stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen costs $25,000. Insurance won’t cover any of the recovery. Allen Family, Prescott AZ

Ray Allen Had MMR, severely ill, chronic bowel problems and autism diagnosed by age 5 years. Severely underweight. Perth,UK

Viv Alli I have two Autistic sons, both of whom were developing normally, until they were given the MMR vaccine in England. They then started to regress dramatically, from normal developing toddlers to under developing. They are now aged 24 and 23 years, are low functioning, non-verbal young adults totally dependent on 24/7 care. For 20 years+ I have believed that this vaccine caused their Autism. But have been silenced by many medical practitioners. Co-incidentally I have another son who is 17 years old. Functioning normally, after what had happened to his brothers I refused to let him have the MMR vaccine.

Valerie Pietsch Ammendola My son had adverse reactions to all of his shots and after effects from them like excema, hives, etc. His doctor never reported any of them even when he was hospitalized a few days after the shots because his fever wouldn't go below 104 for days. Doctors usually don't - so the stats that the doctors give you on their information sheets and the number put out there by the CDC and AAP are WAY off! Kenosha, Wisconsin

Tracy Ames My son Landyn, now almost 10 months, had an adverse reaction to his four and six month shots. We were on the traditional schedule for them. we didn't realize until after the second set that he was having a reaction. He had ( the day of his 6m. shots) seizures, a fever over 105, screaming for hours on end, and was in the ER for 9 hours. They had no explanation, but it was within 4 hours of being vaccinated and he was fine before. We realized in hindsight that he had gotten sick the day of his 4 month shots as well with all the same symptoms, just not as severe. His pediatrician dismissed it as him just being sick, but he was not! The vaccines were issued in Tallmadge, Oh USA.

Tracey Lee Amodeo My son hit all milestones: was speaking, had wonderful eye contact/ interaction and he ate everything I put in front of him. The evening of the day he had his MMR he ran a really high temperature and the site for the injection was red and rock hard with a lot of heat around it. Within 3 days he lost everything! He began to rock in front of the TV he would never look at anyone he refused all foods and he stopped speaking. He was diagnosed with low functioning Autism. I do not care what anyone tells me I KNOW his Autism was triggered by this vaccine. I have not been as reckless believing "the experts" with my youngest child.... I am in Queensland Australia but his injections were administered in Sydney Australia. ♥ Tracey

Noelle Karin Nathalie Amthor My son is 18, he received the MMR/DTaP @ 12 months (but they didn't get annotated in his shot records) and then again @ 18 months in Aug 1996 at Hickam AFB, HI. He spiked a temp, had horrible diarrhea & started his regression into autism. He was first diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I didn't know my ex vaccinated him twice after this, once with the chicken pox & one more DTaP when he was 5, in 1990. This is when he went from mildly autistic to profound with huge behavioral problems. This was in Colorado Springs, Co. He has a myriad of medical issues beyond autism. To the best of my knowledge, the doctors never made any connection b/w vaccinations & his medical issues nor reported them.

Melinda Bartley Alleyne My son was typically developing actually ahead of typically developing children at the time of his 18 months shots. He was talking in two-three words utterances, doing fingerplays, loved to be read too . Afterwards, seizures, no words, wouldn't let me hold him, wouldn't look at us, tore up favorite book, quit walking. ft. leavenworth,ks

Melissa Anastasia Singapore - My son has autism. 3word Speech at 10mths, lost it at 13months. After MMR and jab for chickenpox, fever, signs of flu then totally lost of eye contact, no speech, and no response to name. Tested to have high mercury in body and liver not functioning to optimum. He is regaining speech and eye contact through therapies that cost us a lifetime of savings.

Ashley Anding My 5 year old son has severe ADHD and SPD (sensory process disorder). Autism has not been ruled out but if he is on the spectrum he's high functioning. He qualified for disability through the school district and is in a mainstream class but has extra help from OT and behavior coach. I truly believe this was all caused by a flu shot I was all but forced to get when I was pregnant with him and in my first trimester. It was administered in Houston, TX. He was born 2009

Michele Karla Andrew Son unwell following vaccination with MMR at 13 months , within 2 weeks had lost speech, eye contact, and developed eating disorders and bowel problems, was severely autistic by 17 months, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, possible bipolar disorder, Tourettes, now age 17. (Bristol)

Maxwell Angel My daughter developed on time or early with everything until about 3.5 years. Walked early, talked early, affectionate, funny, always laughing. 2003, MMR. Morgantown, WV. Cried and screamed, fought the staff. Staff was indifferent when told she had a reaction, there was no concern, no checking her out, no documentation. Redness, swelling, pain, welts. She stopped talking, stopped wanting to hug or be affectionate, stopped developing socially, it was like she went into her own little world. Ages 7-11 received diagnoses of: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, and a Motor Tic. Brilliant academically, top 1% in testing always. Barely ever talks, bullied in public school (they did NOTHING to help us), untill we paid for private school for two years (not much better), then home-schooled the last two years. The home-schooling works well. We go to other groups and meetings as she is able. We took a four-month cake decorating class this year. She loved it. The instructor didn't put any pressure on her. She is talking a little more over the last six months, and we gradually work with her on social skills as she allows. We don't push her because the few times I think we must have, she had anxiety attacks and meltdowns. I am a social worker. I love helping others, always have, and I am good at it. I have been shocked and saddened by the little amount of support and understanding we have encountered on this journey, from schools, churches, and even our own family. She has told me she feels like life is a play and she doesn't know the lines. I am sometimes afraid for what her future may hold, but then something amazing happens, and I think she will be ok no matter what. We stopped being concerned with other people's judgements and ignorance, and we are much happier. I try to educate and be patient with others we encounter who don't understand. Thanks for doing this.

Anna Maria Angelosanto My daughter Aly was 13 months old when she received her MMR vaccine - a day later, she had a fever of 104, loss of speech, toe walking, no eye contact, body rash from head to toe like I'd left her out in the sun to bake, and vomiting then at the age of 5 she had to get her Diphtheria and Polio shots together and that night she had a high temperature, vomiting and diarrhea, she started babbling like a newborn, regressive behavior, etc. I will never give her another vaccine or flu shot her immune system cannot handle it - we are from Rhode Island. Today, she is trying to talk a bit more, has better focus, great eye contact all with the help of ABA, school, natural supplements like Cod liver oil, vitamin D3, probiotics.

Dani Angles My son, now 5, hit every milestone until his 18 month MMR vaccine. He too, regressed in speech, became more introverted. I saw a HUGE difference in him right after this vaccine. His pediatrician also said wait. He had an ARNP on staff who tried to ease my mind by sending me to the cdc website. What I found there was appalling. There are WAY too many preservatives in the vaccinations today. From formaldihide to mercury, it is simply insane. I am not sure all Drs know every ingredient in each vaccine.

Tonya Ankeney 11 years ago when my daughter was 10 months old she had a severe adverse reaction to the Hep B and DTAP vaccines. Audra received her vaccines on a wednesday and was totally paralyzed and on life support by Sunday. We dissected the prior month of her life and just couldn't figure it out until Dr Noorani asked "Has she received any vaccinations within the last 30 days?" and we were like " Yes this past Wednesday." Thats when our life changed forever. After the doctors arguing over what was wrong and how it happened they finally agreed she needed an MRI. Thats when they seen it all. The vaccines had attacked her immune system and destroyed the myelin around her spinal cord.She was then diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis secondary to the Hep B and Dtap vaccines. The CDC was called and on her firsts 4th of July she was in surgery receiving a tracheostomy. We spent 4 solid months in ICU and inpatient rehab. Then 2 months in almost home PICU. Audra remained trached and vent dependent for three years. Then she was strong enough to be off the vent and eventually had the tracheostomy closed. Sadly we were not so lucky with the paralysis. To this day she still remains paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair . She has neurogenic bladder that requires her to be cathed 3-4 x a day. She has problems with her bowels and has to take miralax and at times has to be "helped" to have a bowel movement. In the years since we have been in and out of the hospital and in 2012 the spinal surgeries began. Due to the paralysis she has dextroconvex scoliosis that puts pressure on her left lung and heart. She had to have VEPTR rods(titanium rods) placed in her spine and ribcage that have to be grown and / or replaced every 6 months until she stops growing. This is a confirmed and proven vaccine injury case. It was reported to VAERS and we took it to vaccine injury court. The federal court deemed that without a doubt vaccines done this to her. You cannot sue the doctor, nor the pharmaceutical company. They have a compensation fund set aside just for this. If this was one in a million why the funds? Vaccine injures are real and can be even worse than what Audra and our family goes thru. We could have lost her. She flatlined 4 times during the fist week of her hospital stay. After she was diagnosed it was my mission to find out everything I could about vaccines. IT MADE ME SICK.. What they are made from how they are grown and how safe THEY ARE NOT. During our stay there were 4 other families with vaccine reactions. so that means 5 families in June of 2003. Thats not one in a million because we weren't the only ones that year. All I can say to parents is educate yourselves and RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. You don't have to vaccinate , you have the right to decline and yes your child can attend public schools without vaccines (Exemption forms). You can also choose to delay until older. And also you can do them one at a time. If you have any questions about Audra or anything I have written I am always open to talk. I help in any way I can. Just remember ultimately its your child AND YOUR CHOICE. Don't feel pressured or bullied, and DONT ever be ashamed of the choice you make for YOUR CHILD.

Donna Anker Son became non-verbal, regressed and suffered bowel problems following his vaccinations.

Cheryle Wallace Annese MMR daughter - severe purplish reaction head to toe. There was probably an inch total of skin color showing. The dr. said if you watched it closely you could see it moving. Another daughter took over said it was something else and we didn't see that dr. again during our visit. Nice cover up. My son - I went by the book, obeyed every order from dr. god. He was sick every winter with ear infections. Daughter has ADHD, my son is the one who is Autistic/just though I would share. If ever needed I have pictures.

Stephanie Annis At age 4, I had the Dtap I remember my leg doubled in size. My mom said the Dr said I was allergic to the pretusis. She said my personality changed I started to wet the bed and was never the same. Now, 35 I have had over a dozen surgeries for crohns colitis.

Cristina Aquino My eldest 9 year old son Miguel was vaxxed to the 9s and I decided not to vax my 2 year old after the 2 month vax. Waiting on a diagnostic of Aspergers. My eldest started deteriorating by age of 4 he has a nut and every other allergy known

Ann Arceneaux My son became jaundiced and suffered terrible colic from the Hep B vaccine which contained mercury and aluminum. The other 11 vaccines he received before he was 1yr, also contained mercury and aluminum. At 12 months old, he received his MMR and Varicella at the same visit, suffered encephalopathy and immediately stopped speaking - that very day. He now has autoimmune disease, primary immune deficiencies, metabolic disorders, malabsorption, mitochondrial disfunction, bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections, central nervous system damage (sensory processing problems) and neurological damage - all otherwise known as autism.

Christine Arrighi My son got mmr jab at thirteen months old. had fever month later the regression process started he is now 5 non verbal, little eye contact, bowel problems, sensory issues, eating issues and still in Nappies. Glasgow

Dawn Ashby My son was a normal child until his 12 month old vaccinations in Waco, Texas (2004). He got many shots during the visit including MMR. He immediately stopped talking, interacting, laughing--became non-responsive. He was tested for autism a few months later after no improvement--was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder. We had 2x a week speech therapist appointments and did daily activities (including heavy lifting). With about 2 years of constant therapy and working with him, he has mostly overcome his obvious problems. He still has a variety of issues (he has many phobias and his body is very stiff) but, overall, is able to pass for "normal".

Linda Atkinson I live in the U.K. And have a 21 year old daughter with autism. Within 2 weeks of MMR at 18months old, my daughter stopped speaking and interacting. At the time I expressed my concerns regarding the vaccine and this was written into my daughters medical notes at the very start. I will always believe that the MMR was the cause, there is no doubt in my mind. I refused to have my other children vaccinated. This video gives me hope that one day the truth will come out. In the meantime I live with the guilt of the choice I made for her. Leeds UK

Cynthia Zapata Auffenberg My son was a perfect toddler and infant until he had his shots at about 18 months old and then he slipped away into autism, no one can tell me that he was born this way he has lost his ability to speak and has seizures and mitochondria with gi autistic entercholitis. katy, Texas

David Austin I had been getting the flu shot for ten years, and ALWAYS got the flu afterwards, which was universally dismissed by EVERYONE in the medical community, every year, as a coincidence, until one year I gave blood and received a letter, which was opened by my PREGNANT wife, stating that my blood had been discarded because I’d tested positive for AIDS. I went in for a number of expensive tests, and several months and several hundred dollars later was told that I didn’t have AIDS, but a similar immune deficiency, spread by ticks, and that I NEVER should have received the flu shot to START with, and that approximately 10% of the population should NEVER receive it, something that ANY medical professional should have been able to tell me at any time during the previous ten years. I went through ten years of misery and ill-health instead. My son received his first round of vaccinations when he was a few months old, and the change in his personality was IMMEDIATE, and DRASTIC. He went from being a sunny, happy, laughing baby to serious, sombre and quiet. We decided right then that we were not going to vaccinate our kids ANY more, and our son remains quiet and introverted 18 years later, while our daughter, who was NOT vaccinated, grew up a happy, sociable child.

Paul & Jennifer Austin Caleb E. Austin, our son now aged 12 was born prematurely in June of 1999 and on my husband's side there is a sensitivity to medications. About 10 minutes after our son received his 4 mo vaccinations he had rapid, full body convulsions that lasted about 30 seconds. We did notice that he stopped smiling for a while after these shots but regained his happy personality. On the evening of his 6 mo vaccinations he ended up hospitalized for breathing problems. Minutes after his 12 months vaccines he had the full body convulsions again. For three days straight following his 15 month vaccines, he screamed and cried all the time. We lost a piece of him each time he got his vaccines but his 15 month vaccines were the hardest. We progressively lost him over the next year, sinking deeper into autism. Our once playful, smiling, engagable, talking little boy lost his language, his eye contact and never wanted to be touched or held again. Bel Air, MD.

Lorie Autry My son had the MMR shots at nine months old. He got really sick after that and just shut down, didn’t say anything. He was saying all kind of words from three months until he got his shots, he use to wake us up yelling mom and daddy in the morning. So yea I think after the got the MMR shots he shut down. I’ve seen a difference in my child. I have two other kids and they’ re fine.

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Melissa B My son had all the clear signs to stop vaccinating. Eczema, hyperactive...but I skipped several, thinking that was good enough. He didn't receive the MMR because I was scared of autism. At 4 years old I was fear mongered into getting him and myself a dtap booster in Warren Michigan at the Macomb county health department that my aunt worked at. Shortly after he had tics that were just noticable but not enough to think too hard. When we came down with the flu we were both the sickest we had ever been. This was about 3-4 months after booster. The next day he woke up in full blown PANDAS flare as we would soon find out was the name for his intense constant tics, ocd, rage and hyperactive. He is now almost 10 and I still am trying to heal the damage that was done. He has high metal levels with urine and hair testing. He does not react well to chelation. I wish I had known. Our lives would be completely different.

Babbitt Family My son currently suffers from high functioning autism. He has extreme difficulty understanding basic conversation and language. He first showed signs of this condition in 1988 when he was just three years old. We noticed his symptoms about a week after he was given his measles vaccine. The vaccine was administered in Los Angele's. My son now lives with his brother. He was always something of a savant, remarkably good at math and counting. Charles has taught him to make change and he's able to work as a cashier now. We're all very proud of him.

Robert Babcock My son developed high fever, lost balance and eye contact right after the MMR. Following that was lots of hand flapping and he was diagnosed with autism just after his second birthday. We went to a DAN doctor who found lyme disease in both my son and myself. 18 months later we are still working with our DAN and lyme literate doctor, my son no longer meets the criteria for an autism diagnoses!!!!!! Milpitas, California

Sofia Backlund MMR vaccine Got VERY sick after vaccine and stayed sick for 7 mnths, ear infections etc got 7 rounds of antibiotics back to back. Diagnosed Autism 1,5 years later. Vaccinated in Boynton Beach, FL USA. Today: after 4 years of biomedical intervention he is much better, he is in a regular school, he has friends but he still have some social issues and narrow and limited interests.

Cristina Maria Kassama Bag The reason I want to add my voice about the danger of vaccination, is because my son lost speech after DTaP vaccine! and also, I should blame antibiotics and many of other drugs , which one pediatrician prescribed to my son when he was baby (6 months) , then he developed abnormal gut flora, and many symptoms ; diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia , eczema, hay fever and digestive disorders! This point is very important, babies and kids who have abnormal gut flora, should not get vaccinations, especially if contain heavy toxic metals and many others chemicals, that may poison their small bodies! There is no doubt that drugs and vaccines together is the huge factor why my son developed Autism and ADHD. Until he got DtaP, he used to speak a few words in English, my husband and I communicate in this language even we are living in Turkey! So my little kid listened in this language and we were so happy that he pronounced some of numbers and words, but our happiness was too short during that time! We knew that something was wrong with him, because of certain Symptoms which I described above! Due to drugs he wasn’t very healthy! If I knew that his body wasn’t ready to get any kind of shots, I would avoid all of them! I woke up later, my son suffered so much with bloating, flatulence, and sometimes I felt that his belly would explode! One time he could not breathe, he almost died because of food allergy, that one also, I do suspect immunizations and drugs! And now during neuro feedback, because we focus about his concentration since he started primary school, the therapist discovered points in his brain that may indicate epilepsy and again we suspect that vaccines caused this damage too, but he is on a strict diet and natural treatment, so he did not have kind of symptoms of epilepsy so far! My cousin who had epilepsy, committed suicide after he had so many different kinds of drugs. Just to think about this illness I feel really worried too! Gluten is extremely forbidden in this case! And many others processed foods too! And none of ordinary doctors have sanity to suggest a strict diet and natural treatment in this very serious case! My cousin died because of a mistake by his doctors! So I may continue about my son’s story: we decided to visit my family in Brazil, he got DTaP vaccine in there, my husband stayed in Turkey and for our surprise he lost speech! Ibrahim started to have certain kind of symptoms of Autism and ADHD. And we lost him to both of Syndromes until we decided to find a good professional, our luck we found one DAN doctor who is against vaccines and drugs, and then we started to find a right pathway to recover our son! Then our journey began, and yes he is recovered kid! Thanks to our DAN doctor and also I feel glad that I read GAPS book by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, the nightmare is over. She thinks immunizations are too dangerous for small babies and kids! Since mostly of doctors never make properly check-up about their health! Dr Natasha supports Dr Wakefield’s research too! So would be nice if many families read her book too! She wrote: vaccination is a huge insult to the immune system. The manufacturers of vaccines produce them for children with normal immune systems, which will react to these vaccines in predictable way. However , in our modern society with our modern way of life, we are rapidly moving to a situation where a growing proportion of children do not have a normal immune system and will not produce an expected reaction to the vaccine. In some of these children vaccination, putting an enormous strain on an already compromised immune system becomes that last straw which breaks the camel’s back and brings on the beginning of autism, asthma, eczema, diabetes, etc. In other children whose immune system is compromised to a lesser degree, vaccination will not start the disorder, but will deepen the damage, and move the child closer to it. However, if the child’s immune system is severely compromised then the child will get ill even if vaccinations are completely avoided. This can happen to anyone; this is what happened to my son! After we suffered so much because of my son, who struggled during Autism with crisis of tantrums, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia, lack of speech and eye contact, eczemas, etc., we decided to review the factors before and after drugs and vaccines! There is no doubt that both are extremely dangerous to our kids and babies! Doctors are not suitable to prescribe right medications; they usually prescribe same kind of antibiotics daily like robots! The reason I fear doctors is because they cannot even recommend a good natural medications! My son got damages enough! So we do not pay any kind of consults with doctors, the last one was our amazing DAN doctor; he was the only doctor I really trusted so far! And I still trust him! My son did dives of HBOT, and the owner of clinic, also is against vaccines, he mentioned on his article that mostly of patients who practice dives of HBOT have been poisoned by vaccination! I just cannot mention their names, to protect their private life! Our DAN doctor has been harassed by medical colleges because he is against Big Pharma! Both are saving lives of special kids in Turkey! We can witness so many kids who woke up from Autism thanks to their great work! Unfortunately amazing professionals like them, are not protected by medical system! Drug companies play very dirty around Turkey, they push on drugs and vaccines, soon so many kids at primary school will take DPT, Polio, and MMR shots! Social workers pay visit for each home to check if our kids have been vaccinated! But we already rejected vaccination, my son join mainstream school, and we do not want any more trouble in his life! The rate of Autism increase so faster in my country, Brazil and where I am living: Turkey, but yet mostly of families refuse to open their eyes about the danger of vaccines and drugs! Autism and ADHD have strong connection with toxicity. This means heavy toxic metals (mercury, aluminium, etc.), another kind of preservatives and chemicals that drugs companies insist to add in certain vaccines. If we compare the symptoms of one person who has been poisoned by mercury and one kid who has been poisoned by thimerosal (vaccines), we can realize both of side have same kind of symptoms! First of all babies should not receive HepB vaccines, contain thimerosal! DPT and MMR must be banned completely, Dr Wakefield is right; we shouldn’t accept so many kind of virus at same vaccine! Doctors must tell in advance the risks of this kind of vaccines. Our luck, my son did not take MMR shots, the nurse who was on duty, refused to apply such poison to my son! I am glad that she worked that day and saved my son, otherwise I am sure he would developed more serious symptoms of Autism. Now we need to add our voices and stop drug companies with this horrible work! They are destroying so many lives because they only care about profit! There is no reason for them to refuse to replace these dangerous vaccines to another safe one! While drug companies increase their profit, so many families and their special kids are suffering right now! This is not fair! I may say that we do not want compensations, we only wish JUSTİCE!! We want safe vaccines it is possible, but I do not think this can be possible! The reason I think in this way is because this one requires plenty of money, and drug companies do not want to lose their stupid profits! So we parents who already woke up, we must spread the truth widely! Syndromes like Autism, ADHD and many others can be happen to anyone! Thanks to all amazing professionals, parents of special kids, and many others, now we can get all the information necessary to understand about this issue! Everybody must make own research, before vaccinate own kids! I did not make my own research, and we paid for our mistakes! My son suffered about 4 years until he eliminated mostly of heavy toxic metals out of his body! Then mostly of symptoms of Autism and ADHD gone! Vaccines contain heavy toxic metals too! Drug companies did not ban thimerosal and aluminium adjuvant and many others toxins! Big Pharma almost destroyed our lives! This is the reason I wanted to share about my son’s story!

Stacy Kurnosoff Baghdanov CJ, 7 years old, with asd diagnosis. Regressed severely after MMR vaccine, immediately got sick 1 hour after it was administered with explosive diahrrea, very high fever, etc. within weeks was not saying mommy anymore, no more smiling, didn...'t react to his name anymore, and lost all communication skills he had before the vaccine. He has been autistic ever since at 18 months old. Administered in Texas (2003)

Silvia Bagnasco My son, nearly five years old, was diagnosed last November PDD NOS 2010. He was born absolutely normal and had grown up healthy until the MMR at 13 months. Following the MMR he spent 4 days in hospital vomiting and strong state ipotomia. From that day Francis had very strong language delay, hyperactivity problems and allergies. He is attending a specialized autism treatment center and on homeopathic detoxification. We are fortunately seeing some progress. Vaccinated December 2007 Genoa Italy

Marissa Bagshaw My eldest daughter was diagnosed with moderate Autism age 2y8m after the Meningococcal C vaccine administered in Sydney, Australia. She recovered 2 years later. My youngest daughter regressed rapidly from Rotavirus illness, not the vaccine but we managed to stop the further onset of Autism and stopped vaccinating her after her sister was diagnosed. Though both officially recovered, there's still lingering health issues I still need to address and still working on it. We live in Malaysia. Will you be going to Autism One? I'll be flying 24 hours each way from Kuala Lumpur, hope to see you there and give you a big hug for keeping up the great work! Marissa

Stacey Verdoorn Bahr Part of me wishes I had a story like many of the others, a story of regression, but my son, looking back, showed signs from birth. I strongly suspect the Hep B vaccine, but I don't have prior behavior to compare it to. At least then I'd have no doubts in my mind what the cause was. Now, I'm only left to speculate and guess, although my guesses are certain to me in my heart. , I guess you could say the reaction was to the HepB, and it was in Albert Lea, MN. All I can say to the type of reaction he had, he's autistic. Enough said, I guess!

Cheryl Bailey Vaccine damaged. starting with Dpt took his physical skills, MMR blew his guts to bits and left him with failure to thrive and seizure disorder rashes, hair fell out, vomiting, leaky gut, loss of remaining physical skills including speech, eye contact, even the ability to open and close his hands, feed himself, crawl. In my book when you take a healthy child and destroy his body and ability. It's called Damage. Now 18 it's been a long 16 years people. Location, Mississippi.

Melissa Baker My son's were injured at 12 months. Everything changed all eating habits changed instantly. Both walked early but that is where all milestones stopped. No babbling and no talking. One was sound sensitive whilst the other did weird dances and da abba was all he said. Glendale Az..85308, where they received shots.

Michelle Phegley Bales I believe my 6 year old was affected by the first MMR shot. She hit every mile stone when she should have, and walked way early, babbling some, but after that first shot the talking stopped and meltdowns started to happen

Amanda Banks My 2 kids have Autism. My daughter, who is my oldest, had problems from the get. Very rough time during labor, They induced me, broke my water too early, and as a result, I developed a high fever and started dry heaving in the middle of hard labor. They were SUPPOSED to do a c-section because she had cysts in her lungs. That never happened. She wasn't breathing when she was born. They rushed her to NICU where she was a machine was helping her breathe. Then came the HepB shot. My daughter was discharged after 4 days. She seemed overly lethargic. Slept through the night literally the night we brought her home. I had to wake her to feed her. And even then she slept. She would wake up briefly, then fall back asleep. I called the doc with my concerns and was brushed off. They said consider yourself a blessed mother. Then came her shots at 6 months. From the moment they injected her to about 10-12 hours later, she screamed and cried. The doc said it was normal, give her some tylenol. She couldn't eat or take medicine that day. She kept throwing it up. Then she spit up all the time! Bowel issues and such. At 2 I kept telling the doctors she wasnt talking like all the other kids, just repeating what she heard. And noises, very sensitive to noises. And toe walking and hand flapping. "Oh she's fine, kids develop at their own pace." At 4 she was DX with PDDNOS with autistic tendencies. Then I had my son. Who at the 6 month shots no longer could pass a bowel movement. Then at his 12 month shots went from enemas to diarrhea and dove right into Autistic behaviors. He was different though. Did not sleep a wink, no sleep at ALL. And the meltdowns and the self injurious behavior. And he went from eating everything to NOTHING! He has a diet of cheetos, chicken nuggets and some dry cereal. Some juice and sprite. Thats it. I tried to skip any further shots however, the military doesn't really allow that. AND, they will not spread the shots out for you. My son got DX at 4 with Infantile Autism. He just had a colonoscopy, and even though his body doesn’t produce the enzyme to digest lactose AND even though we took him off the cheetos...his bowel issues remain ever present. He is turning 7 tomorrow. But he is about on the level of a 2year old. Still for the most part has echolalia. Still not potty trained. Still won’t eat. Still has meltdowns. Still have not found something that works for him. My daughter is on the higher end of the spectrum. But still has limited social skills and is extremely OCD. Jacksonville, Fl.

Erin Barker My son had a severe reaction to MMR at 12 months. The reaction consisted of a high fever and high pitched screaming about 14 days after the vaccine was given. A severe reaction to MMR was diagnosed and reported to VAERS by his pediatrician in Corvallis, Oregon. Today, eight years later, my son has severe autism. He exceeded all his milestones before the vaccine reaction.

Gavin Christopher Barker was born June 26, 2003. Like any parent who thinks they are doing the right thing he was vaxxed on CDC schedule. I had zero education about vaccines. Only the paper his doctors gave me seconds before he was jabbed. 17.5 hrs from his 4 mo boosters he died. Immediately from the shots his fever soared, he became lethargic and lost his appetite. The nurse from the office told me his reaction was normal and to give him Tylenol and let him sleep. I could not wake him and rushed him to the hospital in what seemed to be the longest 5 minutes of my life. After hrs of tubes and more injections and air pumps he was pronounced dead. The ME said it was SIDS. I asked him if it could be related to the vaccines because he was so healthy till then. He told me the vaccines are safe that it couldn't be from them. That SIDS just happens with no explanation. I love him more than anything. Everyone loves him more than anything.Virginia Beach, Va

Tamera Barker Shortly after the doctor gave my daughter the shot she started bleeding from her urethra. Now we have a huge emergency room bill! And they didn’t even help her!

Cindy Bargar My son was a little behind on his shots since we missed the 12 month check up visit. At 18 months, they said it was safe to catch him up, pretty much in one day. This was in St Augustine, Fl. That day, he got 5 needles, all combinations since they combined roughly 12 vaccines. The MMR was included in all of these. That night he screamed a high pitched scream all night long, without any sleep. He slept all the next day and seemed very lethargic. Once he came out of that, we noticed he wouldn’t answer to his name anymore. He started running in circles and flapping his arms and repeating lines from TV shows but wouldn’t communicate any longer. He started throwing up at every meal and had diarrhea roughly 3 times a day. He was diagnosed with Moderate Autism at 2 ½ yrs old and didn’t potty train until 6 ½, after we had many different biomedical treatments performed on him. He communicates now and does a lot better but is still in special needs classes at 9 yrs old and is still considered Autistic. Palm Coast, Fl.

Jo Barlow Sons both contracted eczema 2 weeks after their first DTP, whole body of each son exhibited autoimmune response. (Surbiton)

Becky Barnes Patient Andrew Barnes My son ran a fever after his MMR. He had a hard patch on his leg where the shot was given for over 6 months. He gradually submerged into green/yellow diarrhea and autism. He was 10 pounds at birth and was ahead of every mile stone until that vaccine. The GI doctors refused to even test the stool samples. When he was 6 we discovered (through our DAN! doctor) that he had Hypogammaglobulinemia. We have to fly him to California (from Central IL) for diagnosis and treatment. We have had two immunologists tell us in the office that they will help us only to have an office staff person call later and basically asked us to go away. The vaccine was administered in Normal, IL in 2002.

Kimberlyn Barnes My son Kendall developed Autoimmune Neutropenia at four months old. He wasn't diagnosed for another year, and by then it was too late. His immune system was already weak and the harsh vaccines as well as the schedule; I believe played a huge part in him developing autism. At one point he was on schedule developing and then he regressed. In front of everyone's eyes, but we (the doctors and I) were too busy trying to keep him alive and healthy to realize that he stopped talking. No babbles, no gibberish, nothing. Just humming. At the time I thought he did it to just self soothe. I thought "he's traumatized from the cycles of IV therapy, hospital stays and Dr's visits." Wrong! AUTISM was stealing my baby away it is believed that the MMR vaccine was the icing on the cake! We looked back at his schedule (shot) and looked at his medical records and the time matches up. Sheffield,Ohio

Marjanna Barnes When I was two months old my parents had me vaccinated. The next day my 13 year old sister walked in and found me in my crib blue and not breathing. I received the DPT vaccine a second time at four months old. I reacted the same way. My parents finally got an answer from a doctor that it was from vaccines. This was in 1986. As far as I know it was not reported. I am a happy fairly healthy 28 year old. I do suffer from asthma, environmental allergies, fatigue, and pain. I could have been a Shot Induced Death Syndrome (SIDS) statistic very easily.

Brittny Ann Barnett I’m so touched by your words about your son. My son was talking about 10 words and one day could not speak no more. He will be three on the 18th. A few weeks ago he walked up to me and said MAMA. My heart got so much bigger I felt so happy. He has not said it since then but he knows who I am and that's what keeps me going everyday. If you could give your son a message from me, Tell your son to stay strong. There are people out there that have big hearts for him and wish him well, Like me:) You are a great person and I wish you well and all the luck in the world. Stay strong and God Bless:) From Brittny Barnett and Son Jason JR in Las Vegas NV.

Jessica Barrett-Sandlin I don't care what paid study by who knows, says. When I was in school I got 10 shots. Today kids get 36 and autism dx has soared thru the roof. Let's be realistic here you think your child needs a shot to prevent diarrhea from drinking water? I can't speak for your child but mine changed after his 15mo check-up after getting the MMR. If you stopped the milestone check-ups and shots and you only took them when sick. Imagine how little business they'd get. Stepping off my soap box now....

Minga Tally Barrios Patrick AFB, FL. - Son got all of his 12mo. recommended shots at once, by the time the 18mo. well baby check-up came around he flunked the check-up because he wasn't doing anything he was suppose to do speech, and fine motor wise, but otherwise was healthy/happy except for a milk allergy. He then received all of the recommended shots for 18 mo. including the flu shot. Shortly after he came down with the flu that turned into pneumonia, that he was put on his first round of antibiotics for. He came out of being sick and went right into being Autistic with every symptom in the book!

Sara Barton My Son Connor exhibited signs after his 2 year MMR in1996 In Rockville MD. But thought the intervention of Mont Co Public schools he is an honor student at Sherwood High school and due to graduate next year. He start school at 3 years old and has loved it ever since. And his teachers love him too as he is one of the few students who takes each class close to heart and is focused the minute he sits down.

Sherry Bass Michael-My eldest grandson seemed to slip away a bit and recover after each vaccine until he received the MMR vaccine @ 16 mos. Within a few weeks he had full bore Autism. He was scoped by Dr.Krigsman and found to have bowel disease as described by Dr. Wakefield. He is in 5th grade and is doing well thanks to DAN!, Dr. Wakefield's research & Dr. Krigsman's treatment of his bowel disease and a dedicated team of professionals at our school. He was vaccinated in NY. Aiden-My middle grandson was given vaccines on an alternate, slower & spaced apart schedule. He had seizures after DTaP vaccine at 8 mos. No vaccines were given for a yr. and then slowly & spaced. At 3 yrs. old he began HepB series. He began symptoms after those vaccines. He was diagnosed at 4 1/2 yrs. old w/ a mood disorder, motor disorder and has Autistic tendencies and traits. His diagnosis is about to be changed to PDD-NOS. He is in kindergarden w/ 1:1 aide, IEP and many supports and therapies. He struggles everyday. Vaccinated in NYS. My son Ben was born 1/7/98. He had the Hep B vaccine at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He went failure to thrive. After every round of vaccinations given in Haddon Heights, NJ, he became sick with nasal infections. After his 15 month well baby visit where he received the DPaT, Polio, Hib and MMR he lost all skills and later was diagnosed with autism. Today he suffers from dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and PDD-NOS. Ben has not received any shots since 15 months; he is 13.

Lorna Batchelor My son had his first dpt at 3 months in 1987 and spent two weeks in hospital after contracting meningitis from the jab. Thank God he made a full recovery. Surrey.

Roxane Justice Bates Lance Seth Bates, vaccinated 14 mths old 4 shot series Oct,1993 Dover Air Force Base, Dover Delaware USA After his 4 shot series in Oct,1993 from Dover AFB, Dover Delaware USA. Stopped talking, would not use eye contact with father, put face close to TV with fuzz on channel. At age 18 now he is almost fully recovered. (I stopped all vaccines at age 8) He developed language at age 5 in the best autistic program in US (DAP) He has a GPA 3.4 senior year H.S. this year and not classified autistic with only slight social problems now

Jeannette Battistini-Gerlacher A speech therapist had mentioned the vaccine theory to me right after my son was diagnosed with Autism, and I asked to have her removed the next day. I was so appalled that people could believe our pediatricians, who we grow to love and trust, could be doing this to our children. A fellow mother on Autism Mothers suggested comparing pictures to my son's vaccine chart, and that's the moment my eyes had opened. I noticed the difference after his 14 month check up when he had quite a few vaccines. The more I looked in to it, the more I have to believe this is the reason for my son's troubles today. He has come a long way since then, thank God for his therapists. Needless to say, I wish I had that speech therapist's number so I could call and apologize. I'm not sure exactly what vaccines he had then, but I'm having the list faxed to me tomorrow morning because now my interest has peaked. This was done in Drexel Hill, PA. Right outside of Philadelphia.

John Battye My daughter Matilda Battye suffered a complex convulsion 10 days after her first MMR vaccine at 18 months of age in 2004. She would not come out of the fit and was taken to hospital by ambulance. She was administered IV Lorazepam and subsequently had a respiratory arrest. Fortunately she was revived by the resus team. She appears to have made a full recovery with no long term effects. This was administered in Barnsley England. In my opinion the MMR vaccine very nearly killed my daughter.

Traci Bauer-Vowell I believe my son Jack’s, not his twin sister, first vaccine assault was affected by the HepB in the delivery room as his system was already compromised from delivery! When he got home 8 days after NICU he screamed alot for the first couple months. I truly believe after three years of research and reading that he slipped into the darkest place the day of his MMR, they were both given five vaccines that day. He had three night terrors that evening and months to follow slipped away completely. We were able to pull him out of it, and he is now recovering nicely. We still continue biomed treatments. VA

Katie Bauman My daughter was a healthy baby until the day after she received MMR jab. 12 mths old. Broke out with pocks all over high fever 2 days later no response no verbal. No nothing. Like watching a kid staring at the wall and ignoring your every word!!! New Orleans.

Karen Baynes My sons name is Nicholas he is 10 . He was a happy healthy baby who met all the milestones , he was a cheeky smiley boy who's eyes used to twinkle . After his triple antigen injection the light went out of his eyes in minutes , Nicholas became very ill and was admitted to hospital that night . There was quite a few children there all with the same symptoms, all had just had their needles and we were told they all had viral infections . At the age of 4 my son was diagnosis was Aspergers with Autisic Traits. The happy toldler had become a very violent child who did not like to be touched , had major sensory issues and struggles everyday . I love my son for who he is today , but I mourn for the happy healthy little boy he was . Somebody please make a change to prevent this from happening ever again to anyone's child.

Betsy Beatenhead My son seemed to be a normal healthy baby, who walked and talked on schedule. His first sentence was ‘I did it’ at age 12 mos. he loved people and if you came to our house he made sure you were there to see him. I got behind on his vaccinations as I did all my other children due to a daughter who had an adverse reaction to the dpt vaccination. At 22 mos. of age I took him in to get started on catching up on his vaccinations. They gave him 7 vaccines at one sitting, reassuring me it was safe. Within two weeks he was hospitalized and by this time he lost all speech. I asked the doctor if it had anything to do with the shots and again I was told they were safe. He had received the MMR, chicken pox, HepB and several others. I would have to pull out his records to check. From that point on he started a downward spiral into health issues, and screaming fits. He wanted nothing to do with people and would go off by himself when people stopped by for visits. I live in a remote area, we don't have cable and knew nothing about vaccines causing autism, however I knew what was wrong with my son and knew the changes were so quick after receiving them. There was no other explanation. However we were told they were safe and that I just had my son spoiled. An autism diagnoses was soon to come. I even have a picture of him holding a 2 week old baby that was taken 2 weeks before the vaccinations. There is no way I could even trust him to hold a baby now. Just wish people would listen, so maybe a child would be saved by our story.

Edel Beattie My son Stephen was doing what any other child does at 18 mths. Just like my other 5 sons chatting eating well and loved all the play time. It was time to get his MMR at 18 mths and thats when it all began (ASD). Derry Ireland

Katie Novarro Beecher I am sorry this is not very complete information but I am good friends with two families whose children exhibited regressive behaviour after MMR vaccines and are now autistic, according to numerous conversations we have had. One child, a girl, is now 13 and the other, a boy is now 17. They are both in Connecticut. I have personally spoken with parents of at least three other children in the last year. I hope a lot of people respond to your request. These parents need to get together to educate the so called scientists and doctors.

Juli Spears Bell Trenton Bell. Hepatitis at birth. Jaundice and held in hospital for 8 days after birth. Every shot on time and over prescribed antibiotics when he was having reactions to shot. By age 4 he lost all words and every preschool turned him away. Age 4 diagnosed with early infantile autism, leaky gut, inflammation of the brain and no immunity to yeast. Berkley Bell. I delayed his vaccines due to research. He had hepatitis at birth. Suffered muscle damage to the eyes. At 13 months took him in for usually 3 month round. Now diagnosed with severe sensory integration, had to have visual therapy to strengthen eye muscles.

Lana Belvis My son Brennan received MMR at one year. He was in a daze immediately after the vaccine. He developed a measles like rash and fever within one week. He was sick with multiple sudden food allergies, daily bouts of hives all over his body, extremely itchy and often infected eczema rashes over his whole body, recurring infections of the eyes, ears, lungs, asthma. This went on for the next 3 years or so. He gradually returned to better health with lots of TLC, vitamins, and carefully monitoring his diet. After researching vaccines and realizing his reaction was similar to many other children I decided to report his reaction to the public health unit. However the nurse there become angry with me, refused to acknowledge his reaction and exclaimed that we would never be able to agree. She then turned her back on me and marched away leaving me standing in the hall… I never even made into her office. I was livid and demanded to see someone else. I did report my son's reaction that day to someone else. A few weeks later I received a somewhat condescending letter in the mail from the Chief Medical Officer in our community who claimed that because his reaction was not on a pre approved list of known vaccine reactions that he had not suffered a vaccine reaction. The fact is his reaction was reported but never counted. My son is now 17 and in good health except for some lingering food allergies. There were no more vaccines for Brennan or my two younger children who are both very healthy. Since becoming enlightened about the dangers of vaccination I have become passionate to let other parents know there are risks and that they have choices. For more information I direct parents to research at , and West Kelowna, BC. Canada

Denae Bender My then typical, babbling, waving daughter received routine Dtap at age 15 months. She had a cold at the time. Within 24 hours, her head/eyes looked swollen, fever. Her "illness" progressed. witihin ten days, her who body was broken out into hives, her feet where purple, she was weezing. She was dianosed with pneumonia, and treat with antibotics and steroids. Once sherecoved from the pneumonia, all her social skills were gone, talking, waving, eye contact. She now has high levels of autoimmune antibodies in her blood. She is now 5, and in an autism classroom.

Jennifer Benford My son Garrett was 18 months when he got the MMR (he was born in 2002) he had hit all milestones on track. He was speaking, he was doing everything a typical 18 month old does. Within a month after the MMR vaccine he lost almost everything, speech, focus, eye contact, appetite - by 2 years old he was diagnosed in Pittsburgh at the Child Development Unit as being autistic. He is still full-blown autistic despite my attempts to try to help him with detox, hyperbaric treatment, supplements, therapy; etcetera ... he's 8 almost 9 years old. He had the vaccine in Johnstown, PA

Heather Benson After the MMR shot at 15 months my daughter began having constant diarrhoea. Her health was very poor at 18 months when she was given her 4th dose of the DTaP vaccine. This vaccine caused massive encephalitis and she lost almost complete mot...or control, all speech and her development was fully arrested. I could tell she was in so much pain because she would cry constantly, all day, all night. She went from being a happy chubby fully healthy toddler to a completely emaciated, handicapped, and almost terminally ill child. Through the grace of God and hours of effort on my part she is recovering, but she still cannot walk independently and has difficulty using her hands for precise movements. Her speech is delayed but progressing- she is 4.5 years now. Heather Benson we are in NJ, USA

Tre Benson MMRV at 12 months, fevers, seizures, loss of language. 6 months later the dx.

Philip Bentley Had Pluserix MMR as a baby, high-pitched screaming, blister rash, constantly unwell, ear infections, stopped walking. Now diagnosed with severe autism, experiencing pain, and lashing-out, still ill. Droitwich, UK

Colleen Berkery I have 2yr old twin boys that were evaluated @ 13months NOV 2, 09 by EI due to being premature they were perfectly fine & actually ahead of schedule. They got their Flu shot in Dec 2009. MMR & Hep shot on November 18, 2009 by January all speech was lost both started extreme tantrums, tip toe walking, self injurious behaviours & stimming. Each day they both were slipping away more & more. They were revaluated in March 2010 by "EI" AGAIN & were said to have Sensory Integration. I knew it was more than that & searched everywhere for help only to get the response they are too young to know. In July 2010 they were both diagnosed at the "Drexel Autism Center" in Philadelphia PA with Autism with a GAF level of 10. We live in suburbs of Phila PA.

Sara Berns Here are the facts. My son started displaying symptoms of autism within his 1st year. He had 20 vaccinations that year all done in Racine, Wisconsin. He had language skills that were completely lost within 3 months of receiving the PPA & Hep A. also done in Racine, Wisconsin. Currently he has severe classic autism, is nonverbal with nearly no expressive language skills & very low functioning. He is the most severely disabled child in his school. He also suffers from allergies, food sensitivities, gastrointestinal problems, chronic ear infections & acid reflux.

Fam Berríos My girl is 6 yrs old, but I 'm trying to remembered how was that time when she got the shots and I can't remembered clear if she had anything strange,The thing that I remembered was that at 2 she have few words and act like any other child... but at some point she turned into a weird kid, stop saying the words and stop been a cute little girl. By the time that I realized and accepted that she is autistic....The only thing that I can relate to her change was the vaccines. It is the only explanation that I found because before the vaccine at 2 and something years she was completely normal I just don't know :( I hate my bad memory.....But the only thing that I can tell you for sure is that she never got any other vaccine till this day and she is the healthiest girl that I know, she doesn't had any flu,cold,infection or etc in the last almost 3 years Back then I was living in Puerto Rico.

Linda Betzold My 15-year old son was a normally developing baby the first 15 to 16 months of his life. He had a reaction to has DTP at 4 months; he was inconsolable for several hours, which was very unusual for him. I dutifully gave Tylenol. He seemed to weather that storm and then return to his usual happy self. He had his MMR at 14.5 months, and in the weeks following he just slowly left us. He lost eye contact. He stopped understanding what we were saying. He stopped responding to his name. He stopped using the words he had. He stopped sleeping through the night. He suddenly limited his diet to two foods. He began having diarrhea multiple times a day. He began to spin and make repetitive sounds. He had frequent tantrums without explanation. Today he is nonverbal. He has severe inflammatory bowel disease, GERD, severe constipation and migraines. He lives with a great deal of pain, and he is very self injurious and aggressive during episodes of pain. I don't know where this road leads. I worry about his future every day. Mom to Beau, 15 years old with severe autism Huntley, Illinois

Julie Hopefull Bezer My son was ok talking and after MMR at 11months he just changed his faced swelled up and he was ill for a month after wards, Manchester, England

Monica Bice My 18 month old daughter suffered from high fever- 104.7f, bulls eye rash, vomiting and febrile seizures 21 days post MMR and Varicella Vaccines. She began having daily seizures, focal dystonia, loss of milestones, frequent bacterial intestinal infections and displayed stereotypical behaviors. She did not grow for 14 months after this event, and a partially empty sella was noted on her MRI. It has since been discovered that she has a genetically compromised immune system, affecting her NK cells, now has a permanent medical exemption for all vaccines, and receives monthly intravenous immunoglobin to treat her immune system. Now age 6. Florida, USA

S. Bidini When my son Ray was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old, we immediately stopped vaccinating him and his 1 yr old sister Maddy. There is no known CAUSE for autism and we didn't want to take any chances with Maddy. After a few years of 100% normal development we decided to relax and follow the doctor's advice to immunize Maddy. To prepare for kindergarten, at 4 years old, Maddy was given a couple of shots. Shortly afterwards she appeared to be daydreaming/zoning out in a peculiar way. She was diagnosed with a seizure disorder- cause unknown. UMMMM NO! So here we are 5 years later & Maddy still has to take seizure meds & has difficulty learning, ADD and possibly dyslexia. She was 100% a happy, healthy, smart child before the vaccines. I feel partially responsible for her struggles. I can't change Ray's autism or Maddy's seizure disorder, but I can alert other parents to the potential danger. I worry about the other happy, healthy babies. By the way, I never reported my children's injuries to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The program is not user friendly, the rules for compensation are ridiculous and no dollar amount will fix either of my kids' incurable conditions.

Jennifer McMahon Biggs Can't recall exactly which ones caused my son's Asperger's, but I can tell you after every vaccine he had high fevers (around 104 degrees F). Stopped vaccinating at the age of 5, but my son did develop seizures at the age of 7 due to pneumonia. .Chicago, Illinois.

Victoria Bingham Among my siblings and I there are just 2 children. My son, and my niece. When I was pregnant, someone loved me enough to hand me a book to read, called "A Shot in the Dark". It introduced me to the vaccine controversy. From that point I read every book I could find on the subject and hundreds of articles. By the time I gave birth I had made up my mind to refuse any and all vaccines. My son is 15 today. Nick has never had an ear infection. He has no; allergies, breathing issues, learning issues, ailments of any kind, and he never gets sick. My son is in all honors classes in 9th grade and is involved in athletics and weight training. He NEVER gets sick. The last time my son was sick at all was at age 6 when he contracted and recovered from Chickenpox in 3 days. My brother - on the other hand - vaccinated his daughter. My niece has severe allergies and routinely gets sick. The difference between them is so stark it is hard to believe they come from the same family. Keep up the good work and disseminate this critical information. At the altar of financial gain the health of this nation has been sold to the highest bidder. For anyone in his right mind to think it is safe to inject the wildly toxic elements of Formaldeyde, Aluminum Hydroxide, Mercury and Squalene, not to mention Animal viral material and animal DNA into the bloodstream of children, is either gravely misinformed or a victim of outrageous lies.

Jeannette Bishop My child received all recommended vaccines including Hep B at birth until age 7 with one dose of Hep A. Iwas slow to make a probable connection between her regressions and delays withher "healthcare" and other toxic exposures. She was a full term8 and 1/2 pound baby, no complications. She did have a mother with 8-9 large amalgams and strong family history of autoimmunity and allergy. At 2 months her pediatrician announced amid the whirlwind of more doses ofvaccines than I had seen given to my first child that they were now also givingthe flu shot. Was she referring to HIB in 1997 or was my daughter actually receiving the flu shot? The flu shot was not included on her take home record. At 6 months she received a single injection (listed on her record as multiple vaccines) from a vial that had previous doses removed without proper agitation. Coincidentally or not she was close to sitting up on her own prior to that visit, but flopped on her side the next day and could not sit for more than another month. At 9 months she went in on the third day of a fever. I was assured it was safe to vaccinate. That day in the tub was the last time I heard her babble for more than two months. When she began attempting to talk, it slowly became apparent that she was only using vowel sounds and a few misplaced consonants. Multiple tantrums and obsessing with wearing shoes and other needs began following MMR + Varicella at 12months. At fifteen months she screamed through every part of the well-baby exam and the pediatrician was asking me what was wrong with her before she left the room to send in the nurse with for a combined DTaP and HIB. Were these experimental shots in 1997 and 1998 or combined by the pediatrician? What dosing of Al, Hg, etc. was she getting? We moved because of a job changeand changed pediatricians but not vaccine choices, and she got more at 18months. The only words she had for a year were "no" for both yes and no, "dye" for bye, and "adda" for Dad. Her hands would shake when she was excited and she could get into unhappy moods that took hours to get out of. She would sometimes sit looking kind of blank. She had only a few repeated actions that she seemed to enjoy playing. I did not know what she was dealing with. She must have remembered the 18-month visit though, or it’s effects, because she screamed in severe panic and tried to drag me back to the car when we went in for the next “well-baby” visit, ironically not to undergo any vaccinations or blood draws on that day. She was also beginning to make slow progress at this point. By age four, she was beginning to toilet train with a little success and added a few words, a couple of sentences,and was learning to speak more consonants, and I was beginning to think Kindergarten would be a possibility and that she was delayed, but I was sure she did not have “autism.” Then I was talked into getting her Kindergarten boosters even though I was not sure she would not be waiting another year to start school. I thankfully declined the unexpected additional flu shot despite it being already in hand, but within 10 days of her boosters she began to be constantly unhappy with every change and every attempt to communicate, toilet training halted and would take another year and ½. More tantrums. She had large loose bowel movements that she couldn’t seem to predict. She went back to just “no” for every question. She couldn’t walk out the door without arranging her steps just right. She began showing signs of precocious puberty. She began constant stimming with her hands. So many things she seemed to have learned were now gone. It was very hard for herto focus on schoolwork. She couldn’tseem to retain an answer we worked out long enough to write it down. She would learn by inches with frequent and frustrating sliding backwards. Following a visit to the dentist that involved both nitrous oxide and amalgam placement she lost completely all the math she had memorized over the previous month. She was moodier and foggier for weeks. I didn’t know what a mistake it was to taketo help a friend with house cleaning, and she was exposed to the cleaning fumes until she got nauseous. She had dark circles under her eyes for weeks after that and spent hours resting on the couch with only plaintive cries if we tried to engage her. I was beginning to get a clue that her“differences” were not hardwired, but in flux, and probably environmentally influenced if not solely caused by them.

Kay Bittner About that shot given at birth. I could have sworn they told me when my oldest was born in 1992 that they were giving (some vaccine) there in the hospital at birth but I can't find it on his immunization records. He was different from birth.

Ellen Bass Blackburn Aaron Blackburn was born on May 27,1996, a happy and healthy boy. Up until the age of 2 1/2 he was developing normally. You could consider him advanced. He spoke in full sentence, sang songs, and ate almost anything. He was on time with every milestone. We were on time with all his shots and then it was time for the MMR. Directly after his MMR, Aaron become very ill, at which point we had to hospitalize him for almost two weeks. He had several seizures, high fevers, and couldn’t hold anything down. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him. They feared he would not survive he was so weak. Fortunately, the fever subsided and he begun to get better. After he came home from the hospital, we noticed changes in Aaron. He had regressed severely. He would cry a lot. He wanted to play alone. He lost all speech and eye contact. At the age of three he was diagnosed Autistic. I have one vaccine injured son and 2 non vaccinated boys Coral Springs, FL

Kathy Blanco My son reacted to DPT in 1982 and has autism, seizures, and now has heart problems (requiring a pacemaker), my daughter reacted to MMR in 1988 and has autism and seizures, both received their vaccines in San Jose California. Because of my sons DPT reaction, on felt DT would be better, but continued to vaccinate my children, without any knowledge of bad lots found in my sons DPT, and my daughters MMR according to NVICP

Jade Blevens My beautiful son Merric was born a completely healthy baby boy in Oct 2007. He weighed in at 8lbs 12oz and was an alert and happy baby from day one. He was an absolute joy to be around. He met or exceeded every milestone. In 2008 we started his routine vaccines. When he received DTa vaccine he experienced a very high fever and days of screaming in pain. He wasn't the happy baby we knew, he was fussy and crying all of the time, nothing would console him. I called my pediatrician and they said that is a normal reaction to a vaccine. When he had his booster DTaP vaccine he had an even worse reaction with fever and screaming and then he changed! From that day on he was no longer the sweet, happy baby that we all knew. He stopped making eye contact, he wasn't engaging, he was fussy. At that time I knew my beautiful healthy perfect baby boy was injured by the vaccine. My son regressed and at 3 was only saying a few words (even though he spoke his first word at 8 months), he wasn't social with other kids or anyone outside the family, he would line up toys and would not play with them like other little boys and girls. He was extremely fussy and had a very limited diet, he had stomach issues all of the time and was sick all of the time. He would flap his hands and spin around looking out of the corner of his eye. In 2011 my son received the diagnosis of autism.

Louise Blick My son Jordan : ) in s.c.b.u had his 1st h.d.v jab next day stopped , breathing short space time ended up in i.t.c for a week . Before had his 1st mmr jab was saying 5 words really bubblely, smiley, in to things then it changed video footage and you can see it in photos. Jabs given in Leicester has severe autism/learn diffs severe, constipation 2 x-rays in space of 5yrs impacted from underneath. His lungs down to his groin area bloated belly size 15 trousers 4, school struggle to do up they pop open or belt pops open. Smelly nappies, wees a lot passes sweet corn in less than 24 hrs. h.d.v jab in s.c.b.u leics general hosp. Mmr at doctor’s surgery

Zack Blose In August of 2016 my son at 18 months received 7 vaccines. Until that day he was a normal kid doing everything right on time. He was taken to the development clinic every 6 months and passed every test. I am so devastated by this. My son who is actually my grandson lost his mom the day after he was born. Now he is almost non-verbal and stims has no interest in toys or eye contact. I pray every day that someone will help make him be normal again. I know the vaccines did this to him. I told his Dr this, she dismissed it like oh so sorry for your luck but vaccines don’t do this. I am so angry!! Why is the CDC doing this to our kids? Also on the day he received his vaccines I got Tylenol to help him because he ran a fever and his leg was swollen and sore. I have read that that depletes glutathione and now I blame myself. I should have read up on this but I was worried I would get in trouble for not getting him vaccinated.

Manda Blough MMR at 14 months old in Johnstown PA. Very high fever, hard lump at injection site with redness and heat. Sick and listless for 3 days afterwards, seemed like the flu. Started to lose motor function, stopped speaking completely, screamed constantly, gut issues, never seemed to calm or content. DX PDD-NOS in June 2009 at 35 months old. Still non verbal.

Bonnie Bobeck My son received his MMR shot at the US Army medical clinic in Mannheim Germany when he was 16 months old. I was not allowed to see the MSDS or the insert provided with the vaccines when they are shipped. I was not allowed to separate the shot into its separate parts so they could be spread out. Before he received this vaccination he was developing normally, had a 30+ word vocabulary & could speak in short phrases, could easily walk and run and was able to throw and catch a small Nerf ball accurately. Within hours of being vaccinated his entire thigh was covered in a red angry rash that was hot to the touch. In the center of the rash where the injection had been made was a welt that was easily 3 inches in diameter and rose to a height of 1 inch. This welt was hard when probed. We brought this to the attention of clinic staff & we were told it is normal. Nothing was noted in his file. This child is my 4th and I knew there was nothing normal about it, but we could not get any more information from the staff. It took a month for the rash to disappear and 6 weeks for the welt to fully subside. Within a week my son's vocabulary dropped to 5 partial words (he could no longer say kitty cat he would say key and daddy became da) shortly after that he became essentially non-verbal. Before the shot he was potty training and was able to stand to urinate, but after the shot he no longer was able to control either urinating or having bowel movements. He was no longer able to walk without falling face first. He also was unable to catch or throw a ball anymore. It took until he was 4.5 years old to get a diagnosis of Autism & ADHD (we had to return to the US for this). It took until that same time to get him potty trained and speaking again although understanding him was near impossible. He has had intense therapy (ABA, OT, Speech, & Hippotherapy) for a year and although he still falls, it isn't as often or as harmful. His speech is improving so others can understand him. His muscle tone is strengthening and he is finally starting to learn his letters. I believe my son's condition is a result of the MMR vaccine the US Army gave him overseas and the reaction was compounded by the toxins in his diet (fluoride and GMO foods)

Elaine Boby My son had the full round including the hep b at birth. He is 8 and has moderate Autism and gut problems. Diet and detox have helped some but we are still struggling. His first regression was after a high fever for several days after the mmr. He had the varicella shot the same day. He had all of his shots in Chicago, IL.

Roxanne Bockman On two occasions my son seemed to react to shots—once before we left the hospital at his birth-24 hours old. At that time there was a sudden change in him. He looked like he was in pain and cried constantly for days afterward. The second time we have a vivid memory was at his 5 year shots (which were actually done earlier because we were in for something else and they just gave them to him). Suddenly he seemed different. His pre-school teacher even came up to us and said…”you know, I never noticed this before, but I guess he doesn’t know his letters” He seemed to be more in his own world. He was diagnosed with ADD (after many other short-lived Dx including Autism at one point) No teacher could ever put their finger on it but kept saying something just wasn’t right with him. We have done lots of interventions for him and now he is functioning fairly well. He is considered an average student.

Kimyatta Bolden My son was eating regular food & trying to talk until he got the MMR shot.

Gale Bolduc Autism: My sister has a grandson that has Autism, he was fine until he got his Vaccine at one year at that time he got five at one time and got sick and was running a fever my sister called the hospital and they said if the fever did not go down to get him in she was up with him all night and by morning fever was down but he has not been... the same, the doctor has said he has Autism, we live in Washington state ,I have said it was the vaccine and her to because he was fine until the vaccine, my name is Gale Bolduc,would like to hear more about what is going on with this she needs help she has her grandson, thank you

J Bolton My first son was diagnosed with autism in 2001, after almost a year and a half of watching him lose milestones he had gained at appropriate ages. A very happy, interactive, talking 15 month old became a can stacking, anti-social, non-verbal kid, after receiving an MMR vaccination. Now at 13 he has very low verbal skills, he stims on anything that can be shaken, it breaks my heart to know the beautiful and fun loving child I had is gone, I mourn the loss of all the possibilities of what should have been. His smile is amazing and I would never trade him, he is my son and always will be but I can never stop wondering about what might have been. For everything that we have dealt with, just starting to accept what we had to absorb with our one son only to go to a 6 month check for him and have the Dr. look at our next youngest son and say he had tendencies. The next week our second son diagnosed with autism as well and he is more severe. I really believe the MMR effected my son now 13. He had perfect milestones until 16-18 months and he slowly stopped talking and interacting with his older sibs. After a year and a half of ENT, speech and lots of other possibilites, he was diagnosed w autism in 2001. As if his diagnosis was not hard enough to accept and absorb, I took my son for a 6 month check and had my next youngest son looked at also and diagnosed a week later and he is more severe. It is hard to not only mourn the loss of what could have been for my two sons, but to struggle with the thought of I have done this to them by doing the right thing and giving them their shots. Mauston, WI

Erica Boorman My son was born in Canterbury, Kent, England in 1991. He was a happy giggly loving inquisitive toddler. Following the first lot of MMR he had a bit of a temperature and was quiet, but we were warned that this might be the case so we weren't overly worried. He continued to develop, he was walking at 11 months and had no words at that stage, all seemed well. He didn't have the early talking that his sister had, but she didn't walk until she was 16 months old! The second lot of MMR was given at about 18 months. We went to the doctor's clinic in the morning and by 4 that afternoon we were back at the doctor's. They took his temperature as 103. He was floppy, non-responsive and moaning. They told us to give him Calpol, he would be fine. Within 2 weeks he had lost all his words, was aggressive, would harm himself, banging his head, he hit and spat and bit. He was no longer my loving cuddly little boy. As he has grown, we have had many difficulties. He only ever slept for 3 hours following the jab. We expressed our concern at his 18 month check at the clinic and were told, "Yes, he is a little behind, but don't worry he'll probably catch up." He started food fads, where he would only eat crisps, nothing else, for a week. Then it would be peas for a week. Then something else. For a week. The rituals didn't start until he was about 2, by which time a well meaning neigbour had reported us to social services, because our car obssessed son could only see the cars on the road from his bedroom window, where he spent nearly every waking moment. They also reported his screaming (we had taken him away from the window, for food or bath or to go out). We were told at case conference, by our health worker, that it was due to bad parenting our son was behind in his communication, social and learning skills. When my son was 3 we were finally told after exhaustive tests, that he had a lymphocyte deficiency and had "severe learning difficulties with autistic tendancies" to which the same health visitor said, "I knew it was autism". After this, the aggression increased and we were asked to remove him from the nursery he was in because, "He's scaring the other kids"? At every turn we have had difficulties with the medical profession staunchly denying the link between the MMR and autism. Because we have never had proof, or a sympathetic doctor, we have never been able to get the proper help and support we needed. My son was out of nappies age 7, finally no longer messing outside the toilet aged 12. Occasionally he still pees outside the toilet. He learned to read age approx 10, but because of the lack of communication, it took us a while to work out he was reading! Now aged 21 he is non-verbal, he needs prompting to do EVERYTHING, he is often aggressive to staff and other service users at the unit he is in, he has tried to escape. His main obssession now is with electrical/electronic items. He reduces them to their component parts, some of which he throws away, some he stores in his room, some he tries to eat. The food faddiness still remains although there has been a very small improvement in his range of food. On trips out he has to have 2 supervising adults. He steals because he doesn't understand about money or that if something is someone else's he needs to ask them. He pushes people out of wheelchairs or pushchairs. The social services pushed us into saying we couldn't cope with our son. His school offered to help and he stayed there during the week and came home at weekends. They then stated that my son's behaviour was too much and they couldn't cope, so the social services made us sign papers to voluntarily place him into the care of a specialist school some 38 miles from home. All of this because his older sister was fine. All of this because in the UK your child is not allowed to enrol at school unless their jabs are up to date.

Amanda Boots Timmy had 6 different shots in one doctor visit, 3 in each leg. I am not sure which ones they were but I have the list.( i am sure one was mmr and a few hibs and flu maybe) They were administered about a few months after his 6 month shot schedule (they gave him the extra shots cause he was late on his shots). He could say a few words prior to the shots ( like momma dada etc) and we noticed a few months later he stopped talking all together, no more momma no more dada etc and now he is a non verbal moderate/severe autistic boy. I love my little man with all my heart, he is also quite small for his age he will be 4 on next wed may 2nd he can still fit into a lot of his size 2 clothes.

Rebecca Bonaparte I had a typical child he was given MMR & men. C. conjugate while running a temp (doc prescribed antibiotics that day!) and that's the day I lost my son to Autism. Happened in Cornwall, Ontario.

Veronica Bonder My daughter was born Jan 2001 she was not born with autism, I have so many pictures of her from the day she was born. She sat up on time, held her head up on time she smiled in every picture then it all just stopped. No one in this world can tell me it wasn't the vaccine that changed my daughter’s life.

Michelle Bondy I was forced to have a flu shot during my pregnancy. She was different from birth. After each vaccination she just got farther and farther away from us and looked ill.

Gina Booth We held off on shots till age 3 as we thought there would be no danger of autism after that. He was very social, for example running with children on the playground, flirting with waitresses. I will always remember they gave him a little rubber ball to play with after his shots which we played with alot. Within a few weeks heavy pacing started, followed by loads of fits and he no longer made eye contact or played ball with us. At school they started him with a part-time aide which by age7 became a full time aide as he is basically in is own little world now.

Christina Borden Our 4 month old daughter received her DtaP vaccine at a Dyersburg, TN GP/Paediatrics clinic during evening hours. The next morning she began her first of over 400 seizures to date. The ER and doctors following a few more subsequent seizures believed it was reflux or nothing happened at all. We spread out vaccines; but, at 12 month vaccine it was apparent we further fell into our decline of PDD-NOS with ongoing GI problems becoming potty trained at 9 yrs of age and attending a special, EXPENSIVE private school for autism.

Sandy Borders At 9 months Phillip went in ON SCHEDULE for his shots and they said he was now behind gave two shots one in each leg before I had a chance to know they gave him 8 different drugs. Before he was actually walking and talking showing signs of early progress. Then he shut down could no longer respond to anything for years

Jody Borgman In 1985 I received a RhoGam shot mid pregnancy @ 8 months I delivered a stillborn baby boy. My hands started to go numb after my second RhoGam shot upon his delivery. 1990 my second pregnancy I received another RhoGam shot and again I delivered a stillborn baby girl @ 8 months. 1993 I was given the RhoGam and this time a c-section @ 8 months and delivered a live child our son Nathan. At this time, I was now totally in hyper sleep as I was sleeping for days without waking up. 1993 our daughter Hannah born @ 8 months by c-section. After 3 years of toxic antidepressants thinking I was depressed they found I could go into 5th stage of REM sleep within seconds. Narcolepsy /Hypersommolance runs rampant with Mercury poison. My son Nathan ADD /ADHD and I spent the next 18 years in and out of Drs. Office. Between my RhoGam and his Well Baby shots he didn't stand a chance. Long story short I spent the next 20 years trying to figure out what happened and I thought you would want to know. 1922 National Library of Health, basically the only medical book of its time. States using Mercury in drugs was injudious! 1927 Eli Lilly was given a patent for Thimerosal! Hence the name change. They've known the harm for almost 100 years and continue with this lie.

Jennifer Bosley St Joe Missouri 18 months mmr lost verbal skills and regression of milestones now nine still nonverbal

Andrea Eaton Botan My daughter was given 12 mo. old shots on December 3, on December 4th I found her unresponsive in her crib. I am an RN and I cannot believe this happened to us. Our Evelyn got 3 injections an MMR, job and a combo ipv hep b and dTAP. Within 24 hours she had encephalitis and now encephalopathy. Very devastating. She had encephalitis and is now permanently brain damaged. The public needs to know this. San Antonio, Texas US

Emily Boult At 15 months healthy and happy, able to say a few words, then had MMR. Screaming fits for weeks, loss of speech, and loss of eye contact. Now talking at age 17 but acutely anxious and frightened. Hampshire, UK

April Bowen DTaP (for Tetanus) in an otherwise unvaccinated 12-year-old. Developed an autoimmune disease called Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP), where the body attacks it's own platelets, resulting in high risk of hemorrhage. We almost lost her 3 times--once from a brain bleed and twice from anaphylactic shock reactions to treatments she was given. She came close to losing her eyesight after a slight injury caused massive bleeding and swelling to her eye. All of the treatments caused horrible side effects and she missed two thirds of the school year due to that and being in the hospital. It is considered to have no cure, but i was able to get her into remission with a homeopathic remedy. She has been in remission 11 years now, but suffered a relapse when given a common medication. This caused her to have a hemorrhagic stroke. Again, homeopathy was used with success and she is once again in remission, but will always be at risk.

Sarah Jane Bowers Graves disease after vaccine. Wanted to remove thyroid, totally uncontrolled on medication, at 4yrs. Stopped medication, changed diet and takes supplements and vitamins. 10yrs old now has ocd and slightly autistic. Just lost our nephew 22 months old to influenza and pneumonia, relating to Hlh blood disease. Strangely enough he was vaccinated with what he died of. Essex,UK

Clare Bown My son Robbie had his MMR (following pressure due to a fake measles scare) at age 2 years 3 months. In the 6 months following, he had repeated ear and chest infections, and was given several courses of antibiotics. He also got rotavirus 3 t...times in the 6 months, and developed lactose intolerance. At 3 years old it was found his hearing was well below normal levels due to glue ear, which had developed from all the ear infections. He had grommets put in when he was 4, which have since fallen out. Now he is 7 and needs more grommets as his hearing is once again reduced due to glue ear. Robbie also has mild ADHD, although the behaviours associated with this were present before the MMR, however, his behaviour deteriorates when his hearing is impaired. Cumbria, England

Jessie Williams Boyce My son was developing normally until 2 weeks after his 12 month vaccines it was the HIB for meningitis. within 2 weeks he stopped talking started spinning in circles banging head on the floor and 4 pages of other things that continued to pop up as through this time was still getting vaccines through November he stopped regressing and plateaued and was diagnosed severe autistic at age 2 now no vaccines in a year he is 4 years old has been in ot and developmental therapy till 3 then ot currently on waiting list for speech therapy and behavioural but talking 2 words together knows shapes colors and numbers and count to 20 nervous as when he turns 5 36 vaccines by age 2 not all infants and toddlers can filter all the bad stuff out especially numerous LIVE viruses anyway sorry for rambling Terre Haute Indiana

Natalie Boyce How can I know (for myself) what damage vaccines created? I can't... My son was born via C-section and I was over drugged (and very ill as a result); I recognise a lot of things like extreme thirst, bowel problems, crying and he was extremely ill after the BCG (tuberculosis) at 9 months. I as many mothers have a right to know how 'substances' via vaccines or during pregnancy/birth could have affected my child so it can be prevented in the future - this should be enough reason for valid research to continue - my son was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1992

Tamarah Boyd My son was talking and normal up to 12 months got his 4 shots that month and at 14 to 15 months stopped talking stopped waving stopped everything and declined now he is full autistic and has been fully diagnosed he can not speak or communicate he is now almost 3 i have 3 other children healthy and i am so confused how this could happen to him i question his vacs he was diagnosed at 18 months was noticed at 15 months by me and the doctor. Burlington Vermont

Lainna Boyington Kaelyn Grace Boyington (daughter- age 5) MMR, Varicella and DTap all in one visit. Age 15 months. She withdrew immediately. Feverish that night. Quiet the ride home. Sick for a few days (we were told that was normal, give tylenol) She never started talking again, where she had several words and was beginning for form sentences prior. She was loving, attentive, affectionate until that day. After that she stopped "hearing" us. Stood staring out the window watching cars go by, hand flapping all day. No interaction at all. We walked in with a happy, smiling, laughing little girl and left with a different child and almost 4 years later, with gluten and casein free diet- she is verbal, loving and attentive again. She still struggles with speech and has many sensory issues and becomes over stimulated easily. She started pre-k this year. They sent a pamphlet for a different pre-k home with her this week. Bangor Maine

Francesca Montesinos Bracho I am so happy you are doing this work. My son was adversely affected by the MMR.

Sharon Bradbrook-Armit Diagnosed with autism age 3 now 18 - ASD & speech & language disorder / learning disabled. Given in Pinner Middlesex, UK 1993. Passed all milestones and had 10+ words at 10 months. Had MMR at 53 weeks, ran high temperature, lost all meaningful communication within days. (Berkshire)

Ashley Ferrell Bradley Hi! I'm new to the idea of questioning vaccines. I never thought about it until I got married almost 2 years ago. My husband was diagnosed (I think) with depression that started happening a few years before. I started reading a lot about depression, and realized that wasn't what he had. He was told by someone about Asperger’s Syndrome, and looked it up online. We both knew that this is probably what he had. We looked at the causes and saw vaccines. He then told me that his mom took him to get vaccinated when he was little, and later that day he was behaving out of control. She had a feeling to not take him back. He told me that he remembered the first time he felt depressed was when he was 14 and he went to a camp; he had to get vaccinated to go. When he was 19 he went to Mexico on a mission for his church where he was vaccinated more than he had ever been. He was fine for a few months then he felt like he had gone crazy. He's never really been the same since his mission. He is the nicest person I know, and it's sad to hear him say how he misses how he felt before his "mission". Now he's happier that we think we found the source of the problem, but we are not sure what action to take. Well now we know when we have children we don't want them vaccinated!

Barbara Brakowski ‎2008 Philadelphia. My daughter had high fevers, red and sore at injection site. Was cranky and slept a lot. Was given 4 at once. Diagnosed with HF Autism Nov 2010

Carol Brannaka I personally HATE MMR-I remember when my son got incredibly sick....he pays for that shot every day of his life Watkins Glen NY..

Judy Brasher My grandson was a talking, game playing, happy toddler at 12 months, got 9 vacs in one day, and was non-verbal with an official diagnosis of autism at 17 months. He is in kindergarten now making tremendous progress. MS,USA

Felicia Leggio Braud I didn't think that my now-11-year-old son was affected by vaccines because he exhibited his ASD symptoms on the first day of life. Later I learned that my Rhogam shot was chock-full of thimerosal, and he was my 3rd my 3rd shot while pregnant. I'm sure that the vaccines did not help...wish I'd educated myself more. His Asperger's is at a calm stage for now, but that can never be completely trusted to last, I'm afraid. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Christina Braun My daughter, now almost 9, received a flu shot from Kaiser Permanante in Manteca, CA. She was just a year old. Within 12 hours she began to seize, having a total of 5 Seizures within 24 hours time. She was a completely normal baby until that shot. After this she began acting very strangely. I have 6 other normal children who never received a flu shot, ever. She is the only one with Autism. Lathrop, CA

Amy Braun-Gross There is no proof but the day after my youngest got the chicken pox vaccine he wouldn't look at me or speak ... That was at roughly 14 months old Milwaukee WI

Dulce Bregas Hello, my child after taking five vaccines at 4 months (mmr included) began to have diarrhea, poor appetite, constant crying, left to look, almost lost it. The doctors could not even say what it was, they told me that "picked up something in the air. From there she went from doctor to doctor, diagnosis: moderate to severe autism at 3 years. I am from Portugal."

Hannah Brightwell My cousin, MMR now has autism, lost speech, eye contact etc within few weeks of vaccine. That was given in Rugby, Warwickshire 1992. My partner now 28 was perfectly healthy until he had the whooping cough vaccine as a baby, now has epilepsy. That was London, 1983

Tiffany Brissette I can't tell you which shot it was but my twins were so small for the different medications in the shots at a year old. They were talking and walking before a year and about 13 months they declined to were they only knew 3 words. That lasted till they were almost 4 when they were getting help. They still don't talk much. They gibber a lot. I have a 2 year old that has never gotten the shots and is on a 5 year old level. Kansas

Amanda Brewer I have 2 boys with Autism. My 3rd son is 5 months old. No shots! He has Not been sick...No weird fevers, extra trips to the doc ect. With my other 2 I always felt like I lived there. It is weird to only have seen the doc 3 times! For Well Baby Appts! Fort Knox Kentucky

Fort Hood Texas

Jacqui Brewer My son was vaccinated in the womb and on the first day of life. I immediately asked what they had done to my baby. I noticed within a few hrs of birth he had terrible anxiety, he was pinching and scratching. Got worse with every round, 4 months intussusceptions, 9 months he had this pink painful rash from head to toe which he still has, Dr said I didn't dry him well enough after the bath lol. 12 months he was always sick, 15 months saw signs of neurological damage got dx of classic autism. 2 yrs old he was delayed, but speaking words- mama dada outside hungry etc. Went to the Dr I asked about the autism and vaccines- she said he already has autism he can't get more autistic. Then he did. He started having terrible bowel problems, self injurious behaviour, anxiety, destructive behaviours etc. He still has all of these today. He is dx with low functioning autism and severe mental retardation he is almost 7 yrs old and functioning at 9-12 month old level with sensory and motor skills, but physically like a 3 yr old. H just learned how to open drinks and put on a seatbelt also shaking his head yes and no but inconsistently. This was a result of chelation, first with dmsa, then EDTA and now zeolite which is working well but I have to give quite a bit. Powder works as well if not better than the liquid, but the liquid is easier to give.

Nicole Brockelman MMR at age 3. He had a high temp and was extremely ill for 2 weeks. High fever, thrush, vomiting. Seizures began immediately after and are untreatable by medications. Salina, Kansas. Still battleing seizures and mild autism now

Dee Tibbetts Bronk My son by the age 2 lost eye contact head banging wouldn’t play with his toys no more had the high fevers and was dx pdd~Nos adhd add bowl problems..sleep problems

Caroline Brookes Have 9 year old son with autism and have long since wondered if all vaccines have contributed to his difficulties. After the first vaccines at 2 months old he screamed in agony for hours that night. He has had all scheduled vaccines and has suffered severe development delay from about 8 months. He has no language and is still in nappies and is to all intense and purposes still a toddler. He has severe gastro reflux disease for which he was operated on at age 7 years and has suffered with many illnesses and breathing difficulties from 11 weeks old. In November 2010 he had his scheduled flu vaccination and within weeks had changed from a happy contented child into a self-harming aggressive child who had tantrums daily, smacked his head against the floor and would bite and hit anyone who came near. This behaviour went on for 6 months when one night I found him having a tonic chlonic seizure. The next day he woke up smiling and has not had a trantrum or seizure since. All the self-harming and aggression has stopped and he has returned to a happy boy once more. Needless to say we will not be vaccinating him again! Just started Cease Therapy so fingers crossed to a healthier future. Peterborough UK

Kathy Brower My son was not vaccinated except for the first HepB that was given under a blanket waiver I signed when he was born. He was assessed three times prior to age 4 as his brother has autism and I had already wait-listed him. He needed stitches at age 4 and DCF forced me to get a DTaP in the ER. He was violently ill for a week or so and was never the same - his language regressed, his behavior became hideous and he lost all fine motor skills. He developed a panic disorder. He was reassessed at age 5 and diagnosed with autism. I have 3 formal assessments prior to this stating he is neurotypical with no signs of ASD. The ER and pediatrician said I was over-reacting and he's just "acting like a boy". Athol, MA.

Janeen Brown My brother's best friend is 17 now, she received the HPV vaccine and a shot for H1N1 the same day last year in Lamar, CO and got Gillian Barre syndrome. It very nearly killed her. Her body shut down, she was unable to walk for months and her lungs stopped working on three occasions and she was rushed to the hospital not breathing. She had to sleep with oxygen. She has only recently recovered to where she no longer needs a wheelchair/crutches or medication, but they say it could flare up any time and be worse than before.

Katrina Browne My son has vaccine induced autism. Now in state care as it was so difficult. I lost him after his MMR shot and I’ll never get justice...

Hannah Bruesewitz. Hannah was a healthy infant until she received her DTP vaccine at 6 months of age and within hours developed seizures. She's had developmental problems ever since and she will require care for the rest of her life. The vaccine protocol Hannah received injured 65 other children. In 1998, it was removed from the market.

Mandy Brunskill Our son was born healthy and well - he had a milk allergy which was solved putting him onto Wysoy baby milk. He reached all milestones and showed social interaction and eye contact (I have video evidence to this effect, and many of my friends and family were witnesses). Unfortunately, like many others he had his MMR at one year old. We called out an emergency doctor - he was high pitch screaming, had a fever and was inconsolable. He went on during the following weeks to have a rash all over his body and stopped eating. He had severe bouts of diarrhoea for which he had various tests, but they put it down to infantile ISB. He lost skills he had, became unresponsive and withdrawn. He had recurrent ear and chest infections. He was diagnosed at 2 with severe autism.

Shannon Brunson My son Joseph was progressing normally up to age 13 months. He was in the 60th percentile for growth for his age up to his 13 month check up. He developed the second ear infection of his life. After 2 different antibiotics he seemed to be better. We went back for a recheck and while we were there the physician decided to go ahead and give him his 12 month injections. This was in Greenwood SC. He never spoke after that and had severe gastro problems with loose stools that caused severe burns on his bottom. He has since been on the 5th to 10th growth percentile since then. We found a wonderful DAN doctor and have been using the GFCF diet, yeast medicines and supplements for 3 years. He no longer has gastro problems and is just now beginning to use 1 word phrases and is about 1 year behind in developmental milestones.

Christi Dutton Bubba-Slaughter My son was one year old and had two seizure that lasted about 45 mins. After these seizures everything changed about my son. He also received too many shots because they lost his shot record but they kept telling me it was ok it would not hurt him and at the time I did know what i know no; if I did I would of not let them give him any more shots. I also heard the doctors talking about calling dhs on us because they thought we poison our son which made me so upset to think I was being accused of it. Nothing happened with that because they realized we did nothing to our son. We could of sued the hospital and the doctors but because of all the stress we had know energy. They also almost gave him the wrong treatment; the child next to my son in the room had asthma and they came in to give my son this child’s treatments. His name was written on this other boys charts I was so mad and upset. They did every kind of test on my son you could ever think of. They poked him until he was black and blue and one day his father my husband had enough He grab are son and told me to get up we are leaving this hospital they got very angry with us but my husband told them that they can take blood from him once his arms healed up. Sure... I am not 100% sure that is what caused this but I think it is, so does my husband. The health department in Columbus Ga, was where we got his Vaccines. So one day I went because they said he needed another shot not sure which one he needed but when I got to the health department they could not find his shot records showing he received these shots I knew he had already had but they told me it did not matter they can still give it to him again and he would be fine so I said ok; sure. I have been through so much with my son that the dates of things are unclear I can't remember if the seizures happen before the shots or after. We have been through a lot with my son almost lost him two times because He had two seizures that last 45 mins. Another thing my son would do is before the seizures happen was. He would always be thirsty I could not get him to stay away from drinking he would be so thirsty he would want to drink from the toilet water I would not let him but he would try. I told the doctor how thirsty he was and they did not listen to me, they would tell me oh its just real hot outside. and i was like well he is going through a bag of diapers in a day. Well so after he had his 1st seizures the doctors told us that it was due to him drinking so much that he diluted his blood and it went to his brain. There is a name for it; it happens with older people but I can’t spell it. Hypo training. something like that. I was mad so was my husband because We told them that he was drinking to much and they made us believe everything was ok. They did a bunch of stuff in the hospital also.. Because they could not figure anything else out about my son what was going on other they the hypo training they did all these test even an aids test without asking us if it was ok. I found this out by over hearing these doctors talking about my son they did not know I was listening to them. I was at the point I did not trust the doctors.

Nicole Goodwin Budge Unable to pinpoint @ an infant which vaccine, but after diagnosed at age 12 with NLD versus Asperger’s and central auditory processing disorder, we gained ground with FASTFORWORD programs and neurotiming. When she received a Tdap booster and varicella we lost all ground gained. Currently she is psychotic :( Las Vegas NV

Katie Buie I became pregnant with my second son at 27. I think because I was overly worried about doing things right, I ended up having a difficult pregnancy. I ended up taking 2 rounds of antibiotics, plus another round IV for a GBS+ test (All Clindamycin). I had a difficult labor, I was induced for pre-eclampsia and then wasn't progressing and given a C-section. I was asked immediately if I wanted to give my son the Hep B. I asked is "it safe? Do you normally do it at birth?" They said "yes, it is routine." Looking back, I kick myself for not being diligent enough. My son developed severe jaundice and was readmitted at 4 days old, and had to lay under the "bili-lights." At around 2 weeks old, my son started developing a conjunctivitis, and when a striped bruise appeared on his face after he had a crying fit (a crying fit that was "normal" where he would scream and claw at his face) I took him in to be seen. When I inquired about the bruise on face, and whether he could do that to himself, I was immediately given the "accuse-y" look, and after my son's pediatrician consulted with a colleague, was sent with my son to the hospital for tests and observation on suspicion of child abuse. My oldest son was with me, was 10, and understood what was going on. He became very upset, and I was having to comfort him while also having to come to grips with the fact that having been a concerned parent, and bringing this to light with my doctor, *I* was being vilified. Caeden was admitted to the hospital, they ran a blood test on Caeden to rule out a blood disorder, stayed overnight for "observation", and we were discharged as an "accidental" injury, as the black lights revealed the injury as having been done by a small child's fingers. After this, my son's suck reflex began, and continued, to deteriorate. At 4 1/2 months I had to begin formula feeding him full-time, as the bottle sucking was much easier than breastfeeding for him. My son was a slow developer linguistically, but did make baby sounds and coos, and said "mama" (as a babble mostly). After his six month shots he developed a fever that night. I gave him infant acetominophen to help, and he slept heavily the next few days. within a month or two, he lost most baby babble. He didn't make eye contact often, but I took this to be him being "too busy" with whatever he was thinking or doing. By 18 months old, I knew something wasn't quite right. After his six month vaccination I stopped vaccinating all together, as I had a gut instinct that something wasn't right and I had read about reactions of other children. As we are a military family, we were in the middle of a move during the diagnostic process and didn't receive a firm diagnosis until he was 3.25 years old. We had begun "biomed" on our own, one month before my son turned 3, and started getting speech one month after diet changes and adding supplements. It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I realized that jaundice, conjunctivitis, easy bruising, high pitched screaming and grabbing at your face (head pain/encephalopathy) were all symptoms of an adverse reaction to the Hep B vaccine (too late for a vaccine injury claim, however). My son is recovering, but no thanks to conventional medicine. He still has oral motor deficits, but most of his stimming and staring have subsided to be unnoticeable to anyone but me. Meltdowns are much easier to mitigate. But, Oh the irony! They maim my child, and try to lay the blame at my door. Also, these vaccines were administered at Carl R. Darnell Army Hospital at Fort Hood in Killeen, TX for Hep B at birth, and the adjunct pediatric clinic (Bennett building) for the others. Also my son didn't have a formed stool until near his third birthday, and still suffers loose stools more often than not, though we are well on our way to recovery.

Ellie Bunker Shortly after my DD's 12 month shots, she had a febrile seizure and never really recovered....Los Angeles, CA Feb 2009.

Rhonda Burcham My grandson received the Dtp at 4 mths and a few days later taken to ER with signs of encephalitis. An antibiotic (?) helped and he was fine. At 18 mths could say 39 words, hit all milestones, and had MMR. Got sick then over a 4 mths period lost all words, stared into space, etc. today at 10yrs he has autism and only speaks in small phrases. Huntington, WV

Rhonda Nichols Burcham Grandson had MMR at 3 mths went to hospital soon after with signs of encephalitis, was given meds, spinal tap and recovered. MMR again at 18 mths. Had fever for few days then quit talking and slipped into world of autism. Huntington, West Virginia. My daughter had to move her family this year because they wouldn't let him go to school in WV without getting the rest of his vaccines.

Athene Burdge 3 days after my son's MMR he developed a fever, was hospitalised, developed chronic diahorea (sp) lost all his words and regressed. My daughter developed diahorrea after two DPT's, then lost all her words after the other DPT's (she was made to receive 5 DPT's as the third was late due to her illness). Both have ASD today but due to time and money spent are slowly progressing. Richards Bay, South Africa.

Terri Burger In 1983, my first son could no longer walk and cried mournfully and uncharacteristically for three days subsequent to receiving an MMR DPT vaccine on schedule. He went on to suffer a frightening Grand Mal seizure within one month. I discontinued vaccines altogether. From that point on, he suffered many severe physiological, psychological and emotional challenges, including ongoing Petit Mal seizures as a teenager, which continue to plague him 32 years later. He experiences severe pain, allergies, depression, anxiety, and debilitating exhaustion. The difference between before and after vaccination was radical and undeniable. After learning about the risks, I did not vaccinate my other two children, who have no health challenges whatsoever.

Marlene Burkitt. Alex, my "autistic" son was born Sept 1994. I had a gut feeling, not good, about the Hep B shot and also MMR given before age 15 months since my 3 older boys born 1972-1980 had 1/3 as many shots and MMR was added after age 15mo or 24mo. Each round of boosters I noticed worsening of his symptoms with very slow recovery over time and supplements. July 2009 I allowed only DTaP booster as he won't wear shoes except when forced to, shortly after that booster he had a bad spell of behaviours resulting in property damage at school, assaults on students and staff and he was sent to ED school as he was deemed too dangerous for regular high school. He is verbal HFA, grades vary mostly Fs this past year after his DTaP booster. I refused the 3 other recommended shots. He is mostly "recovered". Most were in Roseville California (Kaiser HMO), but he had 4 shots all at once in Citrus Heights California, a government free clinic when I had a short period of no insurance. My niece went into the Air Force certified healthy. After just a month in Kuwait, she developed unexplained pain everywhere, now diagnosed with fibromyalgia and gluten sensitivity. Hard to know which vaccine she got was to blame though, as she also had a lot of amalgam dental work just before deployment as well. She was released from duty on full medical disability discharge when she was only 25 years old. She just turned 29 and she is still suffering.

Leslie Weatherly Burleson Ok, my first child was an amazing happy developing baby until she was 9 months old. She got the recommended shots for 9 month old in 1997. She got very sick, high fever, vomiting, rancid diareah and bloody bum, rash. After that she was a completely different child. Lost language screamed all the time, started biting and hitting nonstop, stopped sleeping. She had her shots in Corpus Christi, Texas. My son was born in 1998, the year the HepB shot at birth came out. He came home sick with a fever, rash, rancid diareah, and bloody bum. He screamed when he ate, and would projectile vomit almost everything he ate...he was breastfed. He had constant bellyaches and gas. He developed pneumonia at two weeks from not recovering from coming home from the hospital sick. He never slept through the night until he was five. When he had his nine month shots he got a fever over 104, was passing out and vomiting bile and the Doctor said he had a blood infection. He had his birth shots in Jacksonville Florida, and the rest of his shots in Brunswick Maine. He got very very sick every time he had his shots

Tegan Burrows Victoria, Australia. I believe from the day he was born there was something wrong. He wouldn't breast feed, he wouldn't eat and now that he is 6 yrs old he does not chew at all.

Hayley Bushaway My son has high functioning autism and he is dyspraxic. I know he was dyspraxic from birth as he had flatness to the back of head as a baby. But I do blame the MMR for his HFA. He was developing normally in every other way until that vaccine. I love him dearly with his HFA, his little quirks and ways, and to suggest otherwise Vanessa is highly ignorant of you. I live in London, England.

Kerry Ann Butler My 7 yr old son was developing typically and on track for his age. Then he had the flu shot, MMR and varcella in one visit at 15 months. His regression was slow but he lost all his words, eye contact, play skills and his eating became very restrictive (he ate anything before that). His development has basically been stalled since he was 2 and we are slowly getting little skills back. He is completely non-verbal. We are in Washington State. Our city was Mill Creek, WA at the time.

Matthew Butler Exceeded all developmental milestones until he suffered an immediate and extreme reaction to the MMR vaccine at 18 months - within 6 hours he suffered meningo-encephalitis that shot his brain to pieces as he lost all senses, his respiratory system failed and with the instant destruction of his gut he became lifeless, his body went into spasm and he fell unconscious only to be given the last rites and left for dead. His self-stimulated resuscitation by convulsion and projectile vomiting brought him back but severely brain damaged and now 21, his survival has been made possible by bio-medical and complementary interventions that continue to this day. Kent – UK

Melody Byers-Skipper My son reached all his milestones on time. When we went for his MMR shot within 24-48 hrs afterwards besides the fever he completely stopped talking throwing himself to the floor, hitting people or objects. Stopped eating. We had all kinds of tests done including an MRI on his brain. They saw no physical damage to his brain and was told he'll eventually grow out of it. Meanwhile at The University of South Florida psychologists gave us a diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorder. My son is 12 yrs old now with the mentality of a matured 5 or 6 yr old. And has come along way, with a lot of help. but his eating habit hasn't improved. He speaks but his words are repetitious. And the list goes on... Back in the 70's & 80's the vaccine schedule didn't have the harm on children as it does today. My first question is why did it ever have to change in the first place? My second question is with all these vaccine injuries why haven't they tried going back to that same schedule instead of continuing to poison children over and over. Or SOMETHING. It obviously isn't getting any better. Tampa, Florida.

Tina Vairo Byrnes MMR. my daughter lost eye contact, cried all day, stopped eating, couldn't be touched, hypersensitive hearing, stopped walking, stopped talking, stopped sleeping. We're from new jersey.

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Frances Scarff Cafolla Vaccine administered on 8th Nov 1997, in Glasgow, where we live, he was 15 months old and 5 days after having tonsillitis, for the first 12 hours he screamed and cried until he was so tired he fell asleep, within 4 days, Marco has stopped talking, stopped eating, he didn't recognise anyone, including myself, my husband and his big sister. 6 years later, he developed bowel problems. I have HV notes describing Marco at his 12 month assessment as a very bright and sociable child.

Janet Cakir Our son was bright, He walked at 10 months, said two words at 12 months, and loved to be around and socialize with other kids. He wasn't talking much, so I took him to a speech therapist and a neurologist out of concern at 24 months. They both said he was OK, but here are a few things to do to facilitate speech. I was working with him and he had the mechanics of speech, could say any word I asked him to and could point. He could also run, he laughed a lot, and loved to eat. The Neurologist wanted to see him back after two months, so I had an appointment scheduled with her. Two weeks before our appointment, I went to the Dr. to report his progress and that he was fine, they vaccinated him with Hib Hep A, and Pneumococcal Conjugate on 7/1/2010. That night he had a fever of 105, and cried a lot. He woke up the next day and I tried to work with him on speech and it was all gone, he couldn't utter a sound and he acted a bit like he was just going through the motions of life. He didn't even seem to understand things I said to him. Two weeks later I took him to the neurologist, I didn't tell her what I was observing becuase I wanted to see if she noticed the change in him. She spend five minutes trying to work with him and then demanded of me "what happened!?!" I told her he was vaccinated and that the pediatrician said it was safe. She got really mad at me and said "no it's not safe", you should never have vaccinated him. Since that day, my son didn't run again until he was over four years old. I didn't have a conversation with him until he was four and he was four and a half before he was potty trained. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina in the U.S. My pediatrician put in paperwork to request an extension of time to complete his vaccination and submitted it to the state. There is nowhere on the form that says regression and loss of skills within 24 hours of vaccinating, so the State is requiring that I vaccinate him again or they won't let him attend school. We've spent close to a hundred thousand dollars getting our son to the point where he can speak and socialize somewhat, though his language is minimal. Any small decline in skills and he won't be able to attend a regular classroom. I am terrified and feel we're caught up in a grinder of too many unknowns, bad media reporting, and scared neurologists afraid to speak out. My son has an underlying mitochondrial condition that the state knows about, but still won't accept as a reason to delay - we're not even asking for an exemption, only a two year delay. Please pray for us.

Linda Woods Calderon When my son at the age of 2 months old we was told he had a linguinial henia and it needed fixing as it was going down to his private area... they told us he needed a growth hormone shot to slow down his hormones due to he had enlarged testicles n if we did not do it - he could get a girl pregnant at the age of 9 years old - that scared me and my husband so we agreed to it - I wish we had never agreed to it - Now he has autism - adhd and has had seizures from age of baby to 7 years old - we found out when he was 7 - he is still taking depakote for seizures every night - 2 500 mg extended release pills - He has NO hair under his arms - on his face... or chest or anywhere but his legs.. I think the shot slowed his hormones waaaaaaaay down... He is going on 14 years old!

Julie McCulloch Cameron Son making a variety of sounds at 14 months, then this ceased. Constipation/gut issues have plagued him ever since. Now aged 15 years. (Hertfordshire).

Joan Campbell Jack was fine before MMR, My son was severely damaged by the MMR his whole demeanour changed from laughing and talking to running away and loss of lots of skills and became a very fussy eater. He suffers from seizures now for the past 6 years and some of the medication turned him into a zombie. I waited 14 years to hear him say “Ma”, and I have thought him how to bless himself at night after we say a wee prayer. He is 18 now and has bowel issues, epilepsy, ocd and sleep problems. Can speak a few words. Glasgow Scotland.

Rebecca Cappellini He had his MMR at 15 months and stopped talking, stopped making eye contact and began doing a lot of repetitive behaviours and completely withdrew socially- all within one week of the vaccine. He had a high fever after the vaccine and a rash and really nasty swelling. He has been diagnosed as having neurological swelling and moderately high levels of mercury, lead, and arsenic. He also has bacteria and yeast in his intestine. He is doing better, but still does not talk normally or socialize with other children. Tallahassee, Florida

Heidi Carabine My son is 15 (born in 95), he had a leaky gut, runny stool, nose, rare zinc deficiency, and on breathing equipment and compresses and decongestants for the first three years of Life! He is one of the first 5,000 kids across America whose cases they are trying to dismiss. He is 15 years old, had his immunizations in Houston - the ones the lawyer needed. I am with FAIR Intl., the start up Foundation to help children and adults and immune disorders. I hope this helps.

Christine Carey Reaction: 1 week after vaccine, suddenly he had a very high fever that eventually reached 106 degrees. He was not sick and showed no symptoms of any problems - just this incredibly high fever. It came down with alternating Tylenol and Motrin. A week later it happened again, and I was able to bring it down from 106 to a normal temperature again. At age 13 months and 14 days, I put him down for his usual late morning nap. When he woke up 2 hours later, he was holding his head, screaming, beating his head against the wall and the ground. He stopped all babbling and pointing. He began to shriek during all waking hours. He began napping much more than usual - 3 2-hour naps a day, screaming between naps. He totally changed, and he never changed back. MMR-Varicella, age 1 year 0 months, Dallas, TX

Fiona Cargius, had DPT at 8 months, was hospitalised with a rash, temperature, had MMR at 13 months, had rash, temperature, lost all vocalisation, now severely autistic, non-verbal, ulcerative colitis and has history of seizures. (Wrexham)

Keoni Carlisle and he will be 8 in April and has global delays. He is also non verbal as well. In Springfield, OH

Maureen Carroll I have twin boys. Unfortunately, I forget off hand which shots were given when, but I do know this: - after their 8 week shot, reflux started within 3 days and was pretty bad. Both boys got the reflux at the same time. They are not identical so I am always suspicious when they both get symptoms at the same time. -They continued to get more irritable, lots of rashes, etc. -After 18 months, they both got the exact same diarrhea, same day which continued with anything they ate for 2 straight months. (Once again, the fact that they both got symptoms the same day makes me suspicious). It wasn't until I learned about Dr. Wakefield's theories (after 2 straight months of dr. after dr. telling me they had toddler diarrhea and don't worry about it) that I finally pulled gluten and casein. Within a day or two, the diarrhea finally stopped. They still had it occasionally, but clearly by following Dr. Wakefield, I was finally on a better path. -Took my boys to a neurologist. Said wondered about autism since my boys had all the physical symptoms. Neurologist said no, but immediately recommended EI. One son was speaking a few words at that time "star". 6 months later, I went back to the same neurologist, that boy was no longer speaking at all. HELLO. Dr. still denied autism as an issue. -Saw a different dr. later who said first one was very conservative. We finally got ABA services. -Because of SCD and probiotics only, those same boys who were severely delayed at 22 months, are no longer eligible for any special ed services whatsoever (I am still fighting for services though). -Dr. Wakefield's spot on 20/20 August 31, 2009 (not sure of exact date but around that day) saved my kid's lives. -Thank you Dr. Wakefield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Framingham, MA

Tricia Carson After the MMR atop the many other vaccinations, we watched as our son left us from the inside out. His last sentence was "that is a red car" as he pointed to it over my shoulder. It has been very hard. His Dad, sisters and brothers know what we witnessed and have been battling to bring him back ever since. I know that my son is a victim of vaccinations, in my gut! He just began leaving us all of a sudden after his MMR. I believe, in hindsight, it is a combination of all of the many vaccinations. I did report and even entered a contract with Waddell-LaBlanc in New Orleans, LA. Their firm split off and once I checked to see if Baker's name or mine was on the national list, it was not. Something has to be done. We are losing our children to greed by big pharma!

Amy Carter My son Nick was developing normally and then around 18 months or right into his 19th month he had a double ear infection and high fever. Fearing he had the flu, (that the press had pushed so much that young children were dying from that yea...r), I took him to the Dr. He didn't have the flu but since he was there they said do you want to get the flu vaccine so he Doesn't get it...of course I would agree after feeling like he was safe now that he didn't have it. So In my opinion it was the Flu vaccine he received. Also , with having a double ear infection(immune system low) and they put him on antibiotics (Never really good) and then a dose of Thimersol on top and with in a month he was barely responding to his name and would look you in the eye. He went from talking a little to none. Just grunts and crying. Batavia, Ohio. Also You can tell in his pictures of him before the vac and then afterward you could see him slip away. I still have trouble looking at those handful of pictures of him.

Richard Caruana I have a seven year old son, Sean with ASD. If my child's first vaccination was for HEP B at birth. This vaccine is high on my list of suspect vaccines for causing ASD. Australia.

Lena Carville MMR youngest son was developing fine after it he wouldnt talk look at me, hes 14 now still in nappies due to bowel probs, vaccine was injected in County Armagh Northern Ireland, my older son is also autistic but he is nor as severe

Marcie Casaga There are multiple causes and contributing factors to Autism, the exact cause is unknown. We do however know that mercury cause irreversible brain damage and other syndromes. The biggest controversy regarding vaccinations is that they are only supplied in a large "multi dose" vial and not made in individual doses. There is no guarantee as to how much "mercury" the individual shot contains after being drawn out of this "multi dose" vial, so therefore, some children are exposed to mega amounts and others aren't. Also, our children aren't given just one immunization, they are given anywhere from 3 - 12 separate inoculations. It is this factor that is being argued! I have 8 year old twins and 1 has Autism. I also have a 3 year old who is "normal". I watched my ASD child change immediately after receiving this "multi dose" "multiple inoculations". He went from watching my every move and participating in play to never having eye contact again and living in his own world! There is no question about what crossed him over to be Autistic. As a result of this, I have spaced his baby brother's shots out and only gotten 1 inoculation @ a time! No multi shots! And I believe that is why he is normal! I wish I could go back and do the same with his brothers! And as for immunizations, our kids are given a bunch right @ birth in the nursery and we aren't informed or even asked, so who's to say those born "Autistic" weren't actually turned in the nursery! I am not anti-vaccines, I am pro parent awareness and pro single dose shots! God bless! :)

Jennifer Casey I'll look it up. there's was one. it was around 4. so he could go to preschool. they told he needed his shots. complete vocabulary disappeared and started banging his head and slapping.. breaks my heart. I wish I knew. I would of never injected.

Karenza Cassidy Son Eddie passed his 9 month check and then had MMR at 15 months. He experienced a febrile convulsion and was very unwell for three weeks. During this period he became increasingly isolated and lost all acquired speech. He was never the same child again. Diagnosed autistic at age 2.25 years. Tests revealed abnormal titers for measles and rubella. Now 11 years old and severely autistic.

Jenny Catalano My son was 6 months old. Took him in for his 6 months vaccinations. He became so sick that the drs tested him for everything from CP to AIDS, with all the tests coming back negative. He went through a complete personality change. My loving affectionate baby was now stiff, whiny, unable to sooth himself. He couldn’t keep food down and his development was delayed about 4 months. He did not walk until 18 months when all my other children were walking between 10 and 12 months. It took detoxing him on a raw diet to get him well. He is now 26 years old and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Autism , OCD and PDD at 12 yrs old. we never thought it was his vaccinations that caused the Autism. My 23 year old son received his 2 yr vaccinations around October 1992, by December he had full blown ITP – not A typical. The doctors could never determine where it came from as no family history showed it. He was finally in remission as of a year ago and the dr finally released him saying he was done. We only recently read about ITP being one of the side-effects from vaccinations. As we look back we can see a pattern of his coming out of remission every time he had a vaccination. This is as recent as 2 years ago when he had a tetnus shot and came out a remission he had been in for two years. No he refuses to have any shots. And he is now allergic to IV Gama from having so many transfusions of it to bring his platelets up. Here again we had no clue ITP could be a side effect of vaccinations.

Jana Caudle I have a son who is vaccine injured. When he was 5 months old we "caught up" on some vaccines that were missed previously. He had a torso rash, constipation, stopped sleeping soundly and cried nonstop. Today he has apraxia, adhd, allergies, yeast and heavy metal problems. This happened in Grand Junction, Colorado at the Health Center. The vaccines were: Pediarix, Pedvax and PCV7.

Anna Ceberio-Verghese Mom of Adriana (9) ASD My daughter was vaccine injured when she turned 4 months old. She got a cold right before going to her 4 month visit and the pediatrician still gave her the 4 month vaccinations: DTaP, IPV, Hib, and Pneumococcal. It turned out that the cold was RSV and we ended up in the emergency room 24 hours after the vaccines because she couldn't breathe and she couldn't eat. She was at the hospital for 2 days (on IV and oxygen). Then they sent us home. It took her 2 weeks to get healthy again and at that time she had stopped doing all the things she did and from that time on she missed all her milestones. This happened in Arlington Heights, northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Today she is 9 (almost 10) years old, still diagnosed as mild autism with secondary ADHD. Working on recovering her but still on special education class, therapies, special diets, DAN doctors, etc.

Elizabeth Celestin My son was same developing normal hitting all milestones according to books etc. 12 month needle and every thing changed. He still has a beautiful nature and a very cheecky sense of humor, but huge sensory issues which effect most day to d...ay living, verbally limited uses pecs so is a visual leader. We are in australia so not sure if our info is needed.

Mary Hernandez Ceribello MMR, San Diego, Calfornia. High fever (103-105) for 10 days with explosive diarrhea. Lost all language (probably 20 words), became unresponsive, lost eye contact (had been a very social baby), began head banging and repetitively dropping objects. Descended into autism. At 4 years was evaluated at an NJ hospital. They said he had the receptive language of an 18 mo. old. He had essentially no expressive language except echolalia. Was autistic in an autism program until age 9. Now 12. Dramatically improved through classical homeopathy. In regular ed, competitive sports, etc.

Judy Stephenson Chackal The vaccine was the MMR shot adminstered at 15 months in Huntsville, AL. My son seemed to be developing normally until then...meeting all his milestones...walked at 10 months. Then, immediately afterward, lost all eye contact; stopped talking; lost interest in his toys; etc. He is severely affected at 17 years old despite intensive early interventions.

Fran Chamberlain My son had his Meningitis (several strains given together now) jabs on Nov 1st 2018 (Nimenrix W83218). He has been coping in the last year or two with his Chronic Fatigue which started after a pernicious virus in 2014. He was very slowly improving although I would not say that he had fully recovered. Since the jab his Chronic Fatigue has been acute. Over a month later and he is (and we are) struggling with the aftermath of the jabs. Goodness knows how long we may be struggling.... Alongside gross fatigue, I cannot wake him in the morning; he is falling into walls and has some bruising; he is missing some school and he is getting significant memory lapses; and he feels cold to the bone. His skin condition has worsened. I hope the GP has sent a yellow card as requested, as the nurse is insisting it must be something else!!!!!! I have Chronic Fatigue which I believe I had as a young child. I have reacted very badly to all the vaccines I can remember, and could potentially have developed the condition because of vaccines as a child. None of my bad reactions to jabs, anaesthetics or medicines have ever been reported. I may now have passed my condition on to my son. I think my son has reacted badly to all his vaccines as a child, but I tried to separate the ones I was allowed to. He was always ill so until now I couldn’t say with certainty that what he was coping with was vaccine related. This time he was not ill and there was no other apparent trigger........ Why do they add Aluminium to enhance the response, when this may be enhancing harm? Why are they now giving four or five strains of Meningitis at once? Why are the medical profession so gun-ho about multiple vaccines for children, even after reports of the gulf war syndrome? Why do the medical profession not document what you tell them about vaccinations, and suggest it is just an unusual isolated incident, or in your head? I did stop them giving the Dip/Tet/Polio booster at the same time although you could tell they thought I was being odd. I can’t bear to let them give it now.... It is no longer possible to get the MMR separately in this country.... We did try to separate them, but he only ever got one in the end as he was always ill when we dragged him off to Wales, to get them done privately...and then we had no more money left to attempt any more trips. Thank you for all your hard work, and for trying to compile some sort of evidence in the face of national institutional abuse.

Sarita Chander I have a 6year old. At the age of 20months within 2-3 days of being given his MMR, he stopped talking, stopped looking at us, started spinning things and lining up his toys. Screaming, tantrums for 3 hours or more! Vaccine was given in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Allison Chapman Developmental all ahead until 15 month MMR, 48 hours later 105 fever, stopped sleeping, screaming in GI pain, explosive toxic smelling stool, new food intolerances, staring episodes, 3 days later full body rash, physical symptoms persisted development started levelling until 18 month DTP/IA polio next day stopped imitating sister, avoiding father, no eye contact from strangers, speech disappearing, by 2yrs everything was gone, autism diagnosed immediately because of regression.

Miguel Charlton Miguel since birth had been a very content quiet boy, started to walk at almost a year old, happy and play full little boy, he had his first MMR vaccine at 18 months, from then he got every virus under the sun, higher fevers and constant paracetamol, flu jabs and antibiotics. We noticed he did not learn to speak, he used to take us by the hand and point to whatever he wanted and started to have tantrums. Having only one child we did not have anybody else to compare with, and my cousin in America sent me a chart with the normal development of a child, and it was then I started to see something was not ok. Told my Dr. but he said he will grow out of it, boys are always late...But I was not happy. When he was 2 and a half I took him back to Mexico to stay with my family and began speech and language therapy and was diagnosed by a pediatrician ( his speciality was in brain function and autism) as having ASD. We came back to the UK, got him diagnosed and finally into a special school, but when he was 4 and had the 2nd MMR vaccine, 10 days later he developed a swollen neck which the Dr. told me he had mumps. 4 more times he was taken to the doctors until he was feverish, almost unconscious, the antibiotics never worked because his neck lymph node had a schist about to burst. One month in the Hospital, antibiotics pumped into his veins until the schist burst and he finally had surgery. It was the most horrifying situations in my life. He had a panic attack waking up from the surgery, they did not listen to us that he needed us there for reassurance. All that year was in and out of The Pilgrim Hospital in Boston UK. Due to the experience, my son had 2 seizures, they sent him to have a TC Scan and so on and told us that they may have occurred because of epilepsy but thankfully, he does not have it. Now every day he takes a pro biotic drink, multi vitamin supplement and eats very healthy. I keep him out of crowded conditions and and away from sick people as much as possible, he gets all his vaccines as I was in the belief that is good for their protection now I am worried if is the best for him. Lincs UK

N Chaulee I read all the stories they are just the same thing happen to my son, before the 18 months shots ,he had eye contact with us and could say a few words, fed himself and played with his brother. After the shots he shut down no eye contact and become very picky eater.

Michael Paul Chavez Injured the first day of is life by the Hepatitis B vaccination in Milwaukee WI. He was taken and given the shot without my consent and when they brought him back to me his skin was rashed and falling off. His baby pictures shows clear evidence of brain injury and kidney failure. Michael is now 14 years old and through biomedical treatments he is no longer in pain on a daily basis. He has endured and amazingly, he has a great sense of humor.

Nikki Clarke Does it have to be a permenant injury? My 2.5 y/o reacted to her 2/4/6 month shots, which prompted me to actually research them, and ultimately stop vaccinating. She didn't suffer any permenant damage that we know of. She has bowel issues, no diagnosis so we don't know if its vaccine related or not.

Coreysmom J Clark I lost my daughter to Gardasil/Menactra August 2013.

Penny Clark I am convinced my daughter was injured by the HepB vaccine. I, too, did not realize I should have said "no". 24 hrs after my daughter was born, I was TIRED. When the nurse came in with 'consent forms' to give our daughter this v...accine, we DID ask why. Both my husband and I. We were told. "All babies get this vaccine. It's standard." That was almost 17 years ago. What else could we have done. I wish to god I had said "No". It wasn't until later that we realized that Hep B was a sexually transmitted disease. Why on EARTH would an infant or a toddler or anyone besides a sexually active person or drug user need this vaccine??? They wouldn't. This has never and will never make any logical sense. I know for a while they stopped giving this vaccine to children under 6 months old. I've heard since that they have reinstated giving it to newborns. New parents SHOULD ABSOLUTELY FORBID this vaccine being given to their babies!!!!

Amber L Clements My son was 4 months when he reacted to the dtap vaccine. He developed pertussis within days, and then we were quarenteened. He had respitory problems after that and was diagnosed with asthma within months. At 18 months he was vaccinated, then the regression began. After a stay in the hospital just weeks after his 18 months vaccines, where they kept antibiotics pumping through his young body for 3 days he was never the same. Now he is a happy 7 year old boy who still follows a biomedical protocol, with NO signs of asthma, although He still depends on his supplements and a round of hbot annually he is typical in every other sense. He is also following a gfcfsf diet still along with a few other limitations Kaiser in Palmdale California

Amie Clemons My son, Brandon Hunt, has Aspergers Syndrome. He was disgnosed shortly after receiving his kindergarten boosters in Laramie, Wyoming. Within 15 minutes of receiving his vaccines (DTP, OPV, MMR) my son became disoriented, confused and distant. That night he had the biggest, most frightening temper tantrum of his life. He has never been the same. Today, Brandon is a 20 year old young man, living with his girlfriend of 2 years who is also on the spectrum. He graduated high school, but has been unsuccessful at college and can't find employment. I would imagine he and his girlfriend will need some level of support for quite a while longer before they can really manage completely on their own.

Karen Cline Sabra Cline, first DPT shot administered June 17 to normal healthy 7 week old baby. Excessive somnolence (1 hour after shot, first symptom), shock collapse, petit mal seizures, kidney failure, loss of muscle tone, projectile vomiting. Died June 19, 1985. Shot administered by private pediatrician, Tulsa, OK. Autopsy findings of significance: meningio encephalopathy Oklahoma

Norlina Newton Cochran My child received the MMR in Forest City NC at the age of 12 months. She spiked a high fever. The next day it was like one child left me and another one came in my life. She has autism/colitis.

Katie Mae Cogbill MMR... Before my sone got this vaccine he was on a normal level of communication, he would wave "bye-bye", clap his hands during appropriate moments, and even blow kisses to people that he recognized. After the vaccine he no long does any of those things, he doesn't recognize a lot of people. He is 3 now and is completely nonverbal, he has been classified at a 9 month speech developmental level. I do believe that vaccines are not the only cause but I truely believe that they have a big role in the cause.Orange, Texas.

Michelle Cohen My daughter was vaccinated injured. She was perfectly normal and meeting all of her milestones. She started getting ear infections around age 12 months of age and was given many antibiotics. She continued to meet her milestones. I have a son who is 20 and a daughter 19. We called them Irish twins. They are 16 months apart. My daughter had a fever and was very uncomfortable so my husband and I both took her to the doctor and left my son at home with my in-laws. The nurse came in and looked at the chart. She said, "You daughter is late for her shots, do you know how dangerous that is?" We said we are here on a sick visit and were told to hold off on her shots until she is feeling better. She slammed down the chart and said I am getting the doctor "This is ridiculous!" She slammed the door behind her. My husband and I both looked at each other. The doctor came storming in and my daughter started to cry.. I tried to interject before she started on being late about the vaccinations. I said, the reason she is late with her second MMR shot DPT shot and her Hepatitis shots because she has had chronic ear infections. The doctor said, "I am the doctor and it is more harmful for her not to have the shots than worry about giving them to her when she is sick!" My daughter said, Mommy, Daddy and could name her wants and needs that day. I will never forget what happened. They gave her 9 shots all combined. My daughter was sent home with a double ear infection, a fever and an antibiotic that she was allergic too. The nightmare just began. She started screaming, inconsolable sobbing for hours! Arching her back, her little face red and sweaty, feverish and we gave her Motrin to try to subside the crying. She broke out with a rash on her face and arms. The crying didn't end. This was a Thursday. I waited until the next day to call the doctor. They said just keep giving her motrin and switched her antibiotic. She never stopped crying.. We had to take her to the emergency room. They said it was her ears. She lost all of her language and stopped walking and didn't' even crawl. She was sobbing for months. We finally were able to get an appointment with a neurologist who diagnosed her with regressive autism and enchephalopathy. During those months and the on the Monday I called the CDC and the FDA to tell them my daughter had a reaction as I was told to do by the doctor. The FDA and CDC both said, "We don't take calls on adverse reactions to vaccines and autism." Over that weekend I spent every hour on the phone. My in-laws are both pharmacist, my sister is a nurse. On Monday, I spoke with the man at the FDA at length and he told me that if I catalogue other people who are getting the same reaction they could look into the reaction. I did. In 1995 I had documented testimonials from other parents. I called the FDA and the man I spoke with was no longer working in that department. My suspicions were peaked. I spoke to a lawyer in Philadelphia but after saying he would take our case he rescinded and said his firm didn't have the ability to fight the vaccination industry. We were crushed. I have been on this issue for 19 years and I would say without doubt that vaccinations are at fault in my daughter's autism. We have never been compensated for her injury. My daughter now after 19 years of ABA is doing okay.

Nik Cole My Daughter who is now 5 yrs old received the required vaccines, when she got her first shots it was 4 in one visit, I was sceptical and asked to speak to a Head Doc. and He reassured me that it is nonsense that kids get sick from these shots. He also said that if he had kids he will get them all vaccinated. So my husband said just let them do it babe. So they proceeded. The day after she was in bed with a high fever. She remained in bed whining and crying with a high fever on and off for two weeks. Each time I called her clinic they said to give her fluids she will be fine. When the fever subsided she appeared non-responsive, not focused like normal. She was back to no skills almost completely. Soon after going to doctor after doctor she was diagnosed with Autism spectrum Disorder. On the 3rd attempt to get an appointment with the doctor who vaccinated her and told me that I was being paranoid and over thinking the shots, They told me he was no longer at the clinic. She still has autism but is now considered medium functioning ASD.

Stacie Cole My two kids are 15yrs (severe autistic) 11yrs (moderate autistic) both have many health problems, one has received many shots since I didn't know, but the other did not. I am not sure if this was vaccine related either, but the severe child was delayed from birth as with the health problems too and has just gotten worse over the years. the other only received three sets of vaccines in her life and once in toddler stages started to show signs, not sure what that means. They were born in different hospitals in Arizona, different pediatricians when born but Drs have tried to tell me that autism runs in the family even though we have an adult son who is not autistic, and he had all of his shots

Ann Collett I am autism mom to Sean, 18, severe autism, non verbal. He developed normal per his pediatrician records until 15 months old when he had his MMR. Inconsolable crying for months, diarhea. Still had words but reduced from I love you to love you , then you. At 3 yrs old he got the then new chickenpox "because his excema would be bad with chickenpox per the pedicatrician. Regressed into severe autism , no more words,. crying non stop, diahrea, reacting to foods, etc., etc. Vaccines given in cities around Atlanta, Ga.

April Star Russell Collins My son is 10, he is non-verbal, and has Aspergers. He was double vaccinated at 6 mths and 3 mths by mistake. I was reading his shot record at the 6 mth shot for MMR, and asked the nurse why he had been vaccinated with the MMR at 3 mts, when it was not listed as normal. She explained that they had vaccinated him at 3 and 6 because it was an accident he had it at 3 mths, so they gave it again at 6 mths. He was 6 mths at the time. But I still have that vaccination record! It was in Crescent City, California, at the Del Norte County Health Clinic. I just wanted to add: I was told that if I received county benefits, ie.Food Stamps, these vaccines were Mandatory.

Mandy Commons Bryce’s mom . My son was 2 when he received his MMR shot. He was fine, I mean was talking, eating, we had even starting potty training until the day he got the MMR shot. 13 days after his shot we were rushed from an ER in Girard Kansas by ambulance to KC’s Children’s Mercy hospital because he had lost 9 pounds, stopped eating, talking and looked right through us. After spending over a week there and several tests they sent us home and told us he had leaky gut and it would heal and he would be back to normal well he never did, we later were told he had autism. That all started in 1998. Pittsburg, Kansas.

Linda Miller Conine MMR vaccine at 2 yrs. and a full blown seizure later that day, then changes all around. Tyler Tx.

Stephie Frugal McDougall Conn I have twins, Griffin & Sophia. On July 3, 1997, my son Griffin was given two DPT shots by accident (second one was meant for his sister). We saw an immediate change in him. The initial reaction was horrific to witness so I can't imagine... what it was like for him to experience. The nurse's name was Staker and she denies it happening now, but knew what happened at the time and gasped and was very upset saying it was being reported to the state. I was 22 at the time & didn't have a clue. It happened at the Scioto County "Health" Dept in Portsmouth, Ohio. The vaccine was manufactured by Lederle and was recommended to be taken off the market the year prior. He is 14 now. His twin sister is perfectly healthy, but Griffy has autism and we are working so hard to help him feel better.

Sarah Connelly My son was hitting all his milestones, even walking and climbing out of his cot at 10 months old. After his MMR jab at a year old, he started to regress in his speech and his 'normal' toddler behaviour worsened. At the age of 4, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyspraxia and at the age of 8 he was finally diagnosed with PDD-NOS when we moved to Ireland form London. So far only getting help for his ADHD in the form of medication - no behaviour therapy available.

Jill Conner 2002: Healthy 9 lb full term boy. Met all milestones early. Full sentences before age one. I did not allow the Hep B at birth and I delayed and spaced all of my son’s vaccines. We split the MMR and started it at around 3 years old. He had mild reactions but nothing really serious until he received the rubella portion of the MMR at age 4. Within two hours of the shot he began hard blinking and confusion. Within a few hours he was running up and down hallways, pounding his head, would not respond to us except by echolalia. We rushed him back to the pediatrician on call who said he was acting like a normal 4 year old, but we knew this was not normal for our son. Within the next few weeks he stopped laughing, lost his confidence, his ability to write and draw (would scribble), his coordination, he became fearful of movies, birthday parties, sports. He was detached and depressed. His blinking turned into a transient tic disorder. I was mad with anger and grief. We stopped all vaccines and went to numerous homeopathic and specialists and began full blown regimen of supplements and nutrition. Found out that he had received a vaccine that was a “hot lot” and had complaints all over the country of neurological damages to adults and children over the course of a year. It had not been pulled from the shelf and since Merck splits up the lots and sends them around the country, it is hard to track down. We found a pediatrician who requested and received a medical delay for any more vaccines until his neurological system improved. He is now almost 13 and has made a miraculous improvement. He is an honor roll student and takes no regular medication except a round of Topamax if the tics flare up. He is funny, athletic, kind. So glad that the world didn’t lose such a nice young man, and I grieve for the others whose children did not improve. I think aside from the number of shots given at once, too young, I think many vaccines are contaminated and they are never pulled from the shelves. We hear of recalls all the time from everything except vaccines. How is it that their process seems to be flawless? I have continued to allow vaccines but I look up every single lot beforehand. No nurse is allowed to walk in with the syringe already prepared. Charlotte, NC.

Raquel Conner I don't think a specific vaccination causes autism. I think it's all the crap in vaccinations, like all the heavy metals that are loaded into it as they are very toxic. Children have gotten other vaccinations besides MMR and "changed" literally over night. Just as I've read & spoke with moms that had their child w/ autism regress after receiving the flu shot. My son did not have any "changes" Houston, Texas

Team Connor My son was always rushed to the e.r after his shots he was lethargic, it was scary.

Teresa Conrick Megan Teresa Conrick was born in 1993 and all of her vaccines were given in suburban Chicago. She was a beautiful and joyful baby but cried for hours after each vaccine appointment. She was happy and interactive with us but it began to fade after each vaccination, especially her MMR vaccine - she stopped smiling and having normal bowel movements. She developed a full body rash within days which our Ped told us was "normal" and she would be fine. She was never fine after that with chronic ear infections, GI issues, loss of receptive and expressive language, crying, intense nosebleeds (first called "genetic" via Von willebrands factor then recently re-tested and no longer "genetic" as the abnormal bleeding markers are gone...) then repetitive behaviors, tantrums, and isolation. Megan's vision (binocular/peripheral) is affected and her eye color has dramatically changed from blue to dark green over the years - her hearing is hyper sensitive. She wore construction headphones for years to block out noises that made her anxious and fearful. She is 18 now and has begun to have seizures this past year. They are of a catemenial nature and are regulated by bizarre and excess estrogen levels. There has been a history of self-injurious behavior on her hands and wrists that appear related to pain and inflammation. She used to bang her head but this has stopped due to special diet and biomedical treatments. She is a wounded canary like many others here.

Cheri Contes My daughter had developmentally delayed from the very beginning. She stayed jaundice for almost a month. I belive it was the Hep B and/or Flut shot I got while pregnant. She progressed very slowly from that day forward and eventually was diagnosed with ASD when 4 yrs old. She got the vaccine in Charlotte, NC. She is now recovered thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Mumper and years of dedication. daughter born 4/18/2002

Judy Converse My story includes testifying before federal and state committees who were reviewing vaccine safety. I also published a personal memoir about it, with some investigative reporting into the hepatitis B vaccination program for infants, which I learned evolved as a bail out for vaccine manufacturers who had invented recombinant technology for this virus, but had no market. My testimony before a Congressional Subcommittee, which is from 1999, can be viewed here (I've never watched this) You might notice Mike Belkin next to me in that clip, who had lost his daughter to hepatitis B vaccination. My book about this vaccine, my son's adverse event, and how this program came to be is here: That was self published in 2002. I still regularly hear from parents about how this vaccine devastated their newborn sons and daughters, and how they wish they'd found this book sooner. Boulder, CO

Cathy Cook My son ashton at the age of two received his mmr shot and now he is autistic and he is almost 6 now. Kalamazoo. Michigan

Nora Daniel Cooke 14 YRS OLD.. SPIKED A VERY HIGH FEVER, AND HER EYES TURNED from CRYSTAL BLUE TO GREEN OVERNIGHT, AFTER THE SHOT... I feel it shocked her whole system, and my pediatrician even said, Her eyes changed much later than they should have.?? SCRE...AMED IN PAIN... FOR HOURS AFTER THE SHOT.(no matter what we did, we could NOT COMFORT HER AND HER TEMP WAS 105.. We lived across the STREET FROM A NURSE and she came over immediately in the middle of the night.. received her shot in Bellmore , she will be 15 in 2 weeks. and she struggles with no friends, being alienated , she knows something is wrong, (she is high functioning, because I believe every child has a different I.Q., and that is the reason for different levels of Autism, from Severe to HIGH FUNCTIONING.). SHE is in Special Education/ Collaborative Support Classes. AGAIN, no one wants to be her friend and SHE IS ALWAYS DEPRESSED.

Courtney Cooper I was vaccinated for hep b in high school in 2007, within twenty minutes my blood pressure plummeted. I was in and out of consciousness, and to top it off the nurses who administered it said "we aren't trained to handle this kind of thing" excuse me? Why are you giving these shots then? Within six weeks I had developed an allergy to sunlight. My son received the dtap shot in 2010 and within one week had developed a milk protein intolerance he never had before. Our doctor confirmed it was from the shot.

Elishia Cooper I'm not sure what caused my daughters autism she was above average until she got her shots after a year old then lost all language and eye contact its shattering she became so agressive and lost all communication. she has been homeshooled since then and now is in regular school and making little improvement Faribault, Minnesota

Vickie Cornett My son didn't get any of his shots until 13 months, all3 dpt shots caused 105 temps and hives,, I stopped all vaccines per the dr, at 6 the idiot school had him get ONE MMR shot, after the shot he was hospitalized for a week. His PCP, Dr Megson, changed his medical records to VACCINE INDUCED AUTISM, so don't tell me vaccines don't induced Autism. Thank God for doctors and parents that say DC lies!. I've posted this before my son's medical records since he was dxed at 2 have ALWAYS said vaccine induced autism! I have tapes from birth to the first shot that show a perfectly normal child.after the first shot we went straight from the dr... to the er. I will never believe anything but vaccines caused this especially now with the lead researcher for Congress on the connection being indicted for fraud. thank God even at 21 my son has not had a contaminated vaccine since 5 when the school demanded an mmr and he stopped talking again until he was 7. Autism is a spectrum right? It also may have more than one cause. I know medically that is his diagnoses and no one except God himself will change my mind that instead of having a fully functioning 21, I have a son that will be dependent on his family the rest of his life. He'll never get married,have children or live independently. Oh and one more thing he'll never do is live in a group home! Richmond Virginia

Rain Corr My daughter almost died at 4 mos from the pertusis vaccine. No one would believe me that something was wrong and said I was making things up for sympathy. I brought her in three times to the ER, when finally I had to have her taken to another hospital 45 minutes away. It took them over a week and several docs to tell me she was allergic to the vaccine.

Maria S Corral My daughter Virginia given the MMR stop saying words would not stand or walk. Rash all over her body, fever for 4 days, constant diarrhea, ear infections. My son John the DTAP stop looking at us stop trying to say words terrible skin rash, stopped eating only breast feed and when he was given food diarrhea, 6 ear infection. Gavin only given Whopping cough no other vaccines developed autism 4 weeks later at 14 months will doing autism study at KKI all documented he had no signs of autism at all met all his milestones until the vaccine.

Shirley Corson My son suffered regression with every dose. Now had his last, just turned 2 and stopped talking following last booster dose. No words, less response to his name or interacting with him. I’m devastated. Reading PA.

Geraldine Costello Hi my daughter Karen , now 42 yrs of age was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just over 9 yrs ago, 3 other school friends out of her class of 12, also have same diagnosis. She is convinced it was caused by a vaccination they got in 1985. We live in County Kerry, Ireland.

Brian Countryman My son Kevin 12 year old non verbal autistic boy. He seemed to be developing normal, but it was around 1 1/2 when he started slipping into never never land. He received his vaccines in Carol Stream, Illinois by Dr. Imelda Carlos. What ensued was years of agony. He screamed constantly, broke windows, threw things, etc for several years. I knew he must have been in great pain because of the way he screamed. It was only in the last year or two that his behavior has calmed down. He is still way behind in his development. He still does not use the bathroom among other things.

Julie Cowley Hi - Im in England. My son had the DTP (Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio) at 3 months. He cried from the moment he had it SOLID for a week. He was completely uncontrollable for a good week. Very unlike his normal nature. Positive it contributed. Today his autism is about medium and he attends a special needs school

Stacey Crain My nephew has been diagnosed Autism he started to regress around 16-18 months he had become very ill and was hospitlized they were not able to find the cuase of the illness but he spent a week in hsp. he was never the same again therapy is slowly bringing him back and next month i will become his ABA therapist not sure about vaccines being the cause but i child goes into the hosp and is never the same again. Something happened to him in those few months

Adrienne Crampton Daniel Campton age 6mths had DPT & OPV in 1975, Auckland, NZ & became floppy/lethargic & made truly pathetic noises of pain, like a wounded animal for 16 days. On the 16th day his temp soared & the amount of energy was remarkable – he screamed for the next 4 days. I could not put him down (how fast can you sew up a makeshift sling out of Mothercare nappy squares?) He seized on the 20th day, turned blue, back arching, survived though. Post vaccinal encephalitis. Non verbal. head banging, night terrors, swung from excruciating constipation to as long as 18mths diarrhoea. Very poor prognosis (death), yet he can now talk, walk, & has full bowel/bladder function. Most injured cranial nerves have shown improvement over time. Chewing, swallowing, speech/hearing impaired but improved. Vagus, optic nerves recovered. Bowel symptoms gone. Still has minor seizures if he eats sugar, msg, preservatives etc. Needs no meds! Drug free since about 1984. Joan I do not know how many parents have said to me over the years, that their child was never the same after vaccination. I move in circles where many children have been injured or rendered ill from many, it is the vaccines that most parents mention – they are often relieved to find they are not the only ones, as we are all told that ridiculous fake statistic about our baby being 1 in a million.

Thomas Crean Met all infant milestones, had MMR, parents then noticed development was arrested, later diagnosed with autism, “pot” belly (bloating), bowel problems, epilepsy. (Humberside)

Trudy Crone-De Vos My son Liam was diagnosed with developmental delays & in the Autism spectrum at nearly 3 he was greatly affected by the MMR immunisation at 2. He completely stopped communicating with anyone stopped talking had no eye contact with anyone & started to have major meltdowns. He is 9 now & in a great school comunication is a bit better but he is still not verbal. we are in Rockingham Perth Western Australia.

Sharron and Lee Crook Josh was a normal baby until he had the mmr injection ,it stopped him talking ,he started to flap his arms then behavioual problems started,with many other problems it caused [problems with his bowels,cannot drink cows milk ,he has had many gastric problems]he is now 7 years old he is incontenant bothways,walks on his tip toes ,does not eat much,he has got sensory problems also,he has some verbal but not much,he does not like crowds,and he is in an austic school with 4 other children,[monday to friday 9.30am to 3.15pm]I dont care what anyone says he was normal until he had that injection, he has got major problems now ,I belivie its to do with that mmr injection . The UK South Wales.

Parker Crosby This is his story... My husband was active army, we were stationed at Fort Knox, KY where my husband was receiving treatment for a traumatic brain injury and a spinal cord injury (9 surgeries)... Parker Anthony Crosby was born May 26, 2009. He was perfectly healthy, weighing 7 lbs, 15 oz. He is our FOURTH child, the completion to our family On Sept 3, 2009, Parker had a head to toe Well Baby exam at the Pediatric Clinic at Ireland Community Hospital (Fort Knox, KY) and was perfectly healthy. Immediately after his WellBaby exam, we took him to the Immunization Clinic just a few doors down inside the same hospital. He received the standard vaccines given at 2 months old. About 45 minutes later, when we were home, I noticed Parker's legs jerking, as if he were having muscle spasms. I was good friends with his pediatrician and I immediately called her. I took Parker in right away like she advised. She then told me he was having a seizure and he was airlifted to Kosair Childrens Hospital in Louisville, KY where he was put on life support. No seizure medication would help. He was having multiple seizures every day, and there was nothing that could be done. They put him in a medically induced coma twice hoping to "reset" his brain and stop the seizures. Nothing helped. I was unable to hold him while he was on life support which was awful. They tried to get him to breathe without the tubes but he couldn't. The doctors came to my husband and I to discuss the options we had. With every seizure, Parker's brain activity was decreasing. We eventually made the decision to take him off life support because it seemed selfish to keep him in that condition just for us. Family and friends came to say goodbye the Sunday we took him off. After all the tubes were gone, I was able to finally hold him close again which made things seem a little better. He stayed with us for one week (breathing on his own!!) before he passed away, rocking in my arms, looking just like he was sleeping. His funeral and burial were here in Loogootee.

Linda Madero Cuffe My son was given MMR as a baby and shortly after had a high fever and a seizure!, lost babbling saying mama and dadda And also stopped waving bye bye. He is now 4 and is still non verbal ! We live in NJ the state that has the Highest number of autism cases!!!

Rachael Culligan My Daughter received her mmr, her men C vac and the five in one on the same day in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Within a week or two she developed a really high temperature that lasted eighteen days. She was floppy and lethargic throughout this time. When her fever broke she seemed to be a different child. She was no longer very responsive to us, she didn't notice us in a room. She appeared to be floppy and her development in the line of walking and talking seemed to just freeze. She was thirteen months old when she received her vaccinations. She was diagnosed with autism at age four. She is now almost eight.

Miki Cumming At 4 months my son had a Hep B vaccine and that is when his health problems began: chronic constipation followed by explosive diaorrhea, ear infection after ear infection, pain, sleepless nights, sensory disfunction, gross motor problems an...d the list goes on and on. I hesitated with the MMR but was bullied by the medical profession and not having done the research I have done since I went ahead and shortly after lost him to autism. Eye contact gone, hand flapping, spinning, hyper, gut pain, severe allergic reactions etc etc ...luckily I read a book by Jenny McCarthey and have never looked back. I have been researching for 2 years on the ways of restoring his health and through diet, supplements, homeopathy, son rise, reiki, LIFT, rythmic movement therapy and many other interventions we are slowly but surely making progress. He is now much happier, healthier, great eye contact, very much reduced stimming, playing with his sister, cheeky sense of humour and so on! I know he is getting better and if I had not researched and implemented these interventions I hate to think how sick and lost in his own world he would still be. I went for a check up with a pediatrician yesterday who knew very little about autism but tried to bully me into getting his MMR booster. She looked at me gravely and asked me how I would feel if his health suffered because of a measles outbreak. I said I would take my chances and that I personally believe his health had suffered enough and vaccines were at least partly to blame. He has been recently diagnosed with an auto immune disorder so the last thing I will do is vaccinate and do more potential damage. I don't think it was just the vaccines that caused his autism but I certainly think that it is one of the triggers and it is important that research is done to prevent other children from suffering the way Finley has. My aunt in US who has never met Finley said I should stop looking at the causes and move forward. Well I think it is very important to look at the potential causes because then you can work out the best path to recovery. Good luck everyone on your recovery pathX

Sabina Curlis I believe the 12 month old immunisation caused my daughters autism the mumps measels and rubella shot the one with all three perfectly normal child before she had that vaccination

Carol Cusson My son Zackery was born in 2001 - 1 month premature but his Apgar scores were perfect. He was small, but grew very quickly and reached every childhood milestone above schedule. He smiled, laughed, babbled and quickly started sitting, crawling, walking and talking. Then he was given 3 shots in one day at the age of 18 months: Hep A/B, chicken pox vaccine and flu vaccine in January 2002 (we were going to take him to Jamaica for a winter holiday so I wanted to 'protect' him). My mother's intuition kicked in (alarm bells actually) when I saw the tray full of needles and I asked the doctor about the recent news on vaccinations and autism. He ripped a strip off of me for questioning it and I listened to him instead of myself. Later that day I was talking to my son in our kitchen when he spaced out and stopped moving, like his whole body & brain just shut off for a few moments. I thought it was odd but being a first time mom I didn't think of any relation to his shots that morning, at the time. He started regressing mildly in every way shortly after and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. We went through every therapy available except ABA as he was higher functioning and nothing seemed to be helping him that much until I finally resorted to meds when he was eight and his behaviours became violent. He received funding for a para-educator in his school and still became woefully behind in all subjects. He also had Dyspraxia, Tourette's, ADHD, and OCD. I learned everything I could about Autism to try to help my son, attending conferences, starting a support group for parents in my area and joining other groups; mainly learning hands-on with other parents who were also trying to help their children. I visited the Generation Rescue website and contacted a local 'Angel' who told me about a group of Naturopathic Dr's who could assist. It's been 2 years since we started ridding his body of the mercury in his system and supplementing to assist his healing. He is now 11 years old, attends Middle School without assistance, has a wicked slapshot, plays catch and usually wins at Nerf Gun Wars. He has friends, sleepovers, birthday parties, is doing well in school, is in Drama plays (!!), starting to get interested in girls and his own appearance, and has a wonderful personality with a great sense of humour. He is down to one medication from three (for ADHD), and no longer displays ANY Tourette's. He still has some OCD issues, but they have lessened and he is getting more agile and athletic. In my own experience it was the Mercury in the shots that caused all of the heartache and problems for my son and my family. Genetically the ADHD is there, but there is no one on either side of the family with Autism in any variation. Winnipeg, Canada

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Anne Dachel (Age of Autism) When my daughter Catherine (22) was 10, she had the HepB series. This vaccine contained high levels of mercury. One night, within a week of the last injection, she started having convulsions. She stopped breathing several times and she was still seizing when the ambulance got to the hospital. No one could tell me why a perfectly healthy young girl suddenly develops epilepsy. We went to specialists. We had an MRI and a sleep-deprived brain scan. No one had any answers. Kate had seizures periodically for the next three years. I asked my daughter's pediatric neurologist how many kids she saw with epilepsy. She told me that it was her whole practice. I was stunned. I asked her why so many kids now had seizure disorders. She had no answer. Chippewa Falls, WI. USA

Karen Dachs Long before I put the two together my Daughter (born in 1973) received her MMR vaccine and became delayed While she had once been bright and active. The doctors said it was because she spent so much time in the hospital. She was born with kidney disease and lived for thirty years but only functioned as a 5 year old.

Sue Daiza From Troy, MI Greetings - My daughter, Katy, is now 29 years old. She was born in 1982, the year all the vaccine controversy started hitting the fan. She had a reaction to the DPT and screamed uncontrollably the day of it. Very unusual for a normally good-natured baby. She was 4 months old at the time of her brain injury, was born perfectly healthy and was developing normally till that day. Royal Oak , MI was the city of the vaccination. Today, Katy is happy, healthy and enjoys life as she knows it. She lives with her parents and can never be left alone. She attends a very good day program where she is out in the community daily which she loves. She has one sister which is "normal", and is a special education teacher.

Dena M Dall-Pickett My daughter received her first round of shots in her leg at eight weeks after birth. She had a reaction to something in or from the shots. She was a babbling baby and stopped babbling for several weeks after the shots. Developed a high feve...r for over three days. Cried at a high pitch for hours. Developed a rash that covered her whole body. Resembled a heat rash, would recede and return for a year. Developed eczema in abdominal area. Our doctor told me he did not know what to tell me, he had never seen this. I suspect it was Prevnar. As I sat in the doctors office I heard a call come in from another parent complaining of the same issues. I used homeopathy immediately and have no problems today. She even recovered from the eczema. We have not vaccinated since, and vaccinated none of our children. San Francisco California. I reported it when it happened. It was 2000. I believe that was the first year prevnar was introduced in the US.

Kate Daly Son, received MMR booster at four and a half, stopped breathing twice, nearly died, had otitis media, went almost deaf, in and out of hospital for 18 months, developed autism, epilepsy, learning difficulties, dyspraxia. Never recovered. (Sussex)

Erin Ford D'Amico My son Luca was born in 2000.. He had some kind of a reaction to all his vaccines.. But the Day he received his MMR he had a very high fever, screamed for hours I could not comfort him.. The next morning he was limp in his crib lost all speech and made zero eye contact. My son was gone. He was diagnosed PDD\NOS.. He is in school with a BT one on one making tremendous strides in an ABA program since age 3.. Waterbury Connecticut. no vaccines since MMR

Missy Danner My son was born in 1996. He hit all milestones on time. During his 1 year checkup he had a low grade fever and they admistered his MMR In Anaheim Ca. Within that first week he got his first ear infection and also lost all language. His hair was tested at the age of 3 1/2 and loaded with heavy metals including mercury. He currently is in 8th grade in all reg Ed classes. We have been waiting to hear if we get to go before the national vaccine inquiry board. We've been part oft that lawsuit for 8 years!

Laydee Darion My daughter Keira born 2006, normal birth, healthy baby. Repeated her sister who constantly said "I love you" for 20 mins, of course in baby mumble at 5 months, but enough you could tell she was saying it back. I take this as "smart" and progressing as well a bit above the norm. . Very well behaved. Held back on shots as, I had for all my children. Upon receiving her vaccinations, she would become feverish for a week. Also very sickly. Couldn't walk for days. Her voice which was soft as an angel's became raspy, and her illnesses seemed to come on stronger, and last for long periods. Second MMR shots, she became severely ill, feverish, vomiting (Docs pushed it as the flu) Her voice went even more raspy again, deeper. She either slept or cried for a week. She began throwing tantrums, which she never had before. She cries a lot about everything now, and at age 7, she cannot concentrate in school enough with a large group of people around to keep her work up to par. I have since stopped the vaccinations, and Refuse to do it again. The school says she is behind, with some type of learning disability, and needs to be diagnosed with what ailment it is. She is not as bad as some kids, but I will not vaccinate again and take the chance of her getting worse. They directly affected her mental capabilities and health as far as I am concerned. (I also have a grown child that has ALWAYS thrown fits and depressed, and moody, extremely sickly in her adult years now, and I had her vaccinated completely and never put two and two together as I was doing what doctors say is safe)

Linda Darwin My son's vaccine damage was in California(Ventura county area) he was given a routine catch up schedule- and it. Was the MMR, flu shot and DTap that hurt my baby! And where I live in my city they have the highest rates of autism in county..

Nicole DaSilva I haven't added my son to your list and I think I should. He received most of his recommended vax including hep b at birth. (we later learned of course that he had been reacting to every vax he got - jaundice and not wanting to / problems eating after heb b and horrible skin rashes all over body after each subsequent set) He regressed the day after his set of 6mths shots - diphtheria,tetanus, pertussis,polio,hib, pneumo conjugate- administered in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He was on a steroid cream (that was way over the recommended strength for his age) while shots were given and I received a Rhogam shot during pregnancy - I think it plays a role with my son because he seems to have reacted earlier than most the parents I talk to, who knows. :)Thanks again for taking the time to do this.

Shannan Davant My son received an MMR vaccine at 16 months old. Within ten minutes of receiving the vaccination that, my doctor not only recommended but told me was completely safe, he spiked a fever of 106 degrees. I rushed him to the Emergency Room, and the doctor on call stated that my son had, “meningitis”. The doctors proceeded to inject and remove spinal fluid from my toddlers back to see if he had meningitis. I kept repeating over and over again that my son was just vaccinated, but they wouldn’t listen to me. The ER doctors kept saying vaccinations didn’t cause his fever. I started to look for other Emergency Room hospitals nearby hoping that they would listen and give my son proper medical treatment. The fever went down within an hour, but I could see it in his eyes and when he cried that something was wrong. The doctor sent my son home with Tylenol. I held him all night completely broken not knowing what I needed to do since I knew my son had a reaction to this vaccine. The next morning, I noticed that he couldn’t walk and wasn’t eating much. I could tell he had some sort of brain damage due to his lack of motor skill abilities, which he never a problem with prior to the vaccine. Years later, my son was diagnosed with autism. He has fought and struggled with basic tasks that most people take for granted. However, I am pleased to say that with intensive ABA therapy, vitamins, GFCF diet, speech therapy, music, and many other therapies, my son is healing and doing much better. My son is fully verbal, can read almost on his grade level, has gained all of his motor skills back, and is very happy and social. This healing was an 11-year process and didn’t happen overnight. I have dedicated my entire life to helping him recover and heal from what this vaccine did to him. He still has problems holding a conversation, but it doesn’t seem to bother him or others around him. I just want parents who have experienced the same thing I have to know that there is hope in treatments and to not give up. I’m so glad I never gave up. Fairmont, West Virginia. is a great website full of information on how treatments, diets and books to assist you in your healing journey.

Becky Davidson Thank you so much! We thought we were crazy. My 4 month old grandson had his MMR, dTaP, polio and all the others and within hours he had fever and was fussy (normal and expected). He didn't want to eat (again, we thought normal). That night he woke with a high-pitched scream, his whole body tensed, fist clenched, and wouldn't hold onto us or look us in the eyes. That was Monday. By Wednesday he still was doing all of it so I called the doctor. I asked if it was from the shot and was told,"No, it couldn't be. It's been too long since the shot." I asked if it. I asked if it could be a bad batch (my cousins 2 month old was doing the same thing cities away) and was told no. 6 weeks later he's sleeping through the night again, he has some delays and we're doing therapy 3 days a week, and he mostly eats like he used to (except for a couple days a week). We've been to every ER, children's hospitals, had all the tests and everything is 'perfect' with him. No one could explain it. This happened in Texas.

Meadow Davidson My son was born at a teaching hospital when I was 18 years old. They had a crowd of students observing pretty much everything. As soon as he was born, they had barely cut the cord before laying him on my chest and telling me to nurse. (This was for dramatic affect for the students.) "See, how miraculous it is that he knows right from the womb exactly what to do?" He had latched on and I had no problems feeding him the entire hospital stay and even refused to let the nurses take him for feedings so I could sleep. Less than 24 hours after recieving the HepB, he would not nurse. He couldn't latch on, and I would bleed and cry. I tried all different holds and positioning, but my baby could not eat. Trying formula proved equally as challenging, as he only ate 1 or 2 ounces and threw everything up he ate. He was admitted into the hospital at two weeks old with a fever and discharged without ever an explanation of what was wrong. That was the beginning of it all. Temple, TX Scott and White Hospital

Morag Davidson My husband has an ASD diagnosis, he regressed after the measles vaccine at age 13. We have 6 children, the eldest 2 had the MMR (they had high temperatures, fitting and an ear piercing scream the day of the vaccine and appeared to develop measles at day 14) and both have an ASD diagnosis. The other 4 children did not have the MMR and they do not have an ASD diagnosis.My eldest daughter also reacted badly to the DTP vaccine (very high temperature, stopped growing for 6 months and was covered in thrush) and has problems with hypoglycaemia. My third daughter had only the DTP vaccine and has Ketotic Hypoglycemia.The children were all vaccinated in Edinburgh.We stopped vaccinating after our third child reacted to the DTP. Until then we were assured that there was no connection to the vaccine.

Anne Davis Seventeen years ago, my youngest son received the two, four, and six month DPT booster shots that also included Polio and Meningitis. After my son had his six month booster shot, the initial crying from the injection started up again but tapered off somewhat, however he was acting differently for the rest of the day. He was in some sort of distress and I dared not put him down. He had a fretful night, and I had given him Tylenol after I had brought him home from the health clinic. It had done little for his distress; he didn’t have any fever yet either. He woke up early the next morning with a high fever and was making grunting sounds. His little body was stiff and I could tell he was feeling very badly. I picked him up and tried to soothe him and gave him Tylenol; he gagged and threw it up. I went to pick him up again; he was crying quite fiercely now and his body was extremely rigid. He refused or couldn’t bend his body; I didn’t know which and he was jerking his head from side to side. This was a reaction that I had never encountered before with any of our children. I tried again to administer oral Tylenol but he just threw it back up. I drove my baby to the hospital, but not before struggling with getting his small rigid body into the car seat which proved to be a real trial. On the way to the hospital, his head was jerking from side to side as he sat in his car seat in the passenger seat next to me. At the hospital emergency ward, the staff took control of the situation and administeredTylenol suppositories to bring down my son’s fever. He was given a blood test and monitored for six hours. A pediatrician eventually came down to the emergency ward to examine my baby. She eventually spoke to me and reassured me that my son was fine now and that his vital signs appeared normal or as normal as could be. I didn’t take my son in for anymore vaccinations after that. Today my son is fine but has hay fever, asthma, and eczema. Throughout his childhood years, he was also overly hyperactive and hard to manage. Today he is doing much better and is an active participant in life. The vaccination was administered in Richmond, BC . Our two oldest sons, 39 and 37, also have Crohns Disease. The second boy also has Ulcerative Colitis. The oldest has had Crohns since 1990; the second boy since 1996. There is no Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis on my husband’s side of the family or mine. Of our eight children, six have allergies too. Two out of five children on my side of the family have allergies; two out of seven children on my husband’s side have allergies.

Jennifer Davis My daughter regressed after her MMR but only with small changes eye contact was here and there..biting on things and then 3 months later before I put two and two together she got her DPT and after that she wouldn't look at us..didn't stay in the same room..bowels changed...her Rubella titer is 385.3 and we are working with a dan doctor..we live in a sub of chicago Illinois Charis Wheless Im not allowed to say too much due to a pending case. but Brandon my son was sick for almost a year, lost what speech he had and lost facial expressions eye contact and just withdrew into his own world. Florida

Kelli Ann Davis "High temperature, high pitched scream and then silence." ...and my now 18-year-old son telling me, "I was dying" when recounting that experience shortly after he received his MMR shot at approximately 18 months of age.

INSANE. All of it!Lara Davis Luke Davis - Nassau, Bahamas. Before the MMR at 18 months he was making all the developmental markers, after MMR he became very ill, fever, vomiting, hugely swollen glands on the side of his neck, pale, dark circles under his eyes and he slipped away into classic autism (with bowel disease) - He's coming back to us with Dr. Amy Yasko's protocol.

Teresa Orsack Davis My son is 15 now with Aspbergers Syndrome. I was pregnant and the Dr put me on procardia a blood pressure medication to keep me from early delivery. I knew it was going to effect my unborn child. It did even though Dr said it wouldnt.

Nathan Dawson, age two and a half was chatty and playful, had MMR, began slow regression, then had DTP booster at three and a half, became wordless, screaming, head-banging (Sunbury-on-Thames)

Jackie Deakin My son Jordan recieved MMR aged 14 months in Lancashire England. Adverse reaction was immediate.

Melissa Harmon Dean My son recieved the series of vaccines at 15mths. MMR was one of the vaccines. He went from eating everything, talking and promptly aswering to babbling, being very picky about what he ate(still is) and would be in his own world, not responding when we called his name. I had made the comment that he seemed to change after the injections. It was later that I found that this was happening everywhere and more parents felt the same. is where he got his vaccines. he is 13 now. Has trouble socializing and trouble with reading comprehension(history and reading are his hardest subjestd). His food choices are still extremely limited(maybe 10 things he will eat). He has ticks that come and go. His school has trouble teaching him because he is to high functioning for the autistic class but can not keep up with the other kids in his colab classes. Really frustrating for him. He gets picked on and bullied and really dislikes school now. Roanoke, Va

Kim DeAnda B.'s trouble started as an infant. I was concerned about the Hep B shot at his FIRST EVER dr.'s visit. He started crying for at least 2 hours a night. Every vaccine left him with a swollen hot lump that lasted MONTHS. I questioned his Dr. He told me I was endangering our population and was a bad parent for questioning him. I continued to vaccinate per his Physician. B.'s speech started to deteriorate, then when he got his MMR he got a fever of 104 and stopped talking completely. After 2.5 years we are still fighting, SUCCESSFULLY, to get our boy back.

Sandra Degiorgio My son who is 15 now received all his vaccines up to date up till the age of 5. The very first that I believe did the most damage was the Hep B given minutes after he was born. Matthew was born normal and when he was handed to me after a normal birth he looked straight into my eyes I will never forget looking at how perfect he was. The following day in hospital I couldn't get his singlet over his head his head had swelled up. He continued with all scheduled vaccines and noticed Severe Allergies from 2 month vaccines where we took him to hospital as he broke out in red spots all over his face and chest, temperature and unsettled. Matthew's speech stopped progressing from 12 months onward after his MMR vaccine he developed egg allergies, all nuts, dust mites and struggled to breathe through his nose. He also developed Asthma which he has outgrown and also outgrown egg allergy. He is 15 and still uses 3 word sentences to answer. He has clear speech but little communication he speaks when he is promoted and is in his own world cannot socialise. I believe all the vaccines he had contributed to his Autism. His Immune System never had a chance being vaccinated as an infant. He has always had Gastric problems struggled to go to the toilet since he was a baby. Melbourne Australia

Haven DeLay Our son Ethan was damaged on March 7, 2001. at the age of fifteen months. I was emphatic that he not get vaccines containing thimerosal, but the doctor lied about the ingredients and gave them anyway. He received the DTaP, Hib, Polio, and Hep B. All but the polio vaccine contained thimerosal. He immediately started screaming and was hard to console. He had met all his milestones early. He walked at ten months, ran at twelve months, and was talking at twelve months. His favorite word was "shoes." He had talked that morning before the shots. Immediately following the shots he stopped talking. The following morning he did not wake me, and I found him sitting awkwardly in his crib, staring blankly into space. I picked him up and he went limp like a rag doll. As time wen ton, he stopped sleeping, he had horrendous gut pain, walked on his toes, would spin, developed OCD and light and sound sensitivity, he had a stringent need for sameness, he could not take crowds or going in to public, he had meltdowns at every change. He was hard to get to sleep and then would wake about every two hours and cry for an hour or more. He started projectile vomiting whenever he would get upset. He would spin until he got so dizzy he would fall down. He would run and trow himself up again the door at the end of the hall so hard he would fall down. He would try to hit, kick and bite me. In public he would throw himself on the ground and kick and scream. Ethan was diagnosed with "Heavy Metal Intoxication" by a neurologist at Child's Medical Center in Dallas, but it was all very hush-hush. We were told not to implicate vaccines because "That idea is not well accepted here." The head neurologist told he was sorry and said, "Gee, I thought they took that stuff out of vaccines." Then he said, "You've just got to understand, by mass vaccinating, we are saving so many, but there are going to be losses, and your son is one of them, and you just need to go home and accept it." Then he wanted to admit our son to the hospital and chelate but he admitted he did not know much about it and he said we would have to do it "quietly" because the vaccine connection wouldn't be acceptable. We wanted the hospital to work with a toxicologist, but that fell through and we weren't going to let this hospital experiment on our son, so we parted ways. After regression, our son started getting sick ALL the time. He would develop an infection with fever every two weeks like clockwork. Sometimes he might go three weeks, but not often. He could also not regulate copper and Wilson's had to be ruled out. He was also diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. His frequent infections/illnesses also broke us. We had to go to the emergency room many times. Then about four years ago he started being unable to fight the bacteria that gets introduced when an insect bites him. He will develop radiating staph from each and every bite site. Along with his tendency toward strep and staph, the antibiotic to cover both is not covered by insurance and runs between 500-600 dollars a bottle. He would have staring spells resembling catatonia and was hard to get response from. He had chronic lung problems and has had pneumonia eight times since the age of 2.3. He had countless bouts of bronchitis and was diagnosed with asthma. We continue with dietary intervention and are doing AC chelation. We looked at the lung issues as possibly being a sign of adrenal fatigue, and with adrenal support, for the first time in nine years, he has not been sick and has only needed asthma meds twice in over five weeks. Ethan regained receptive speech first and then expressive. Meaningful speech of any kind did not return for about three years post regression. He is now eleven.

Jeanette Dellabosca My son was diagnosed Autistic when he was three years old - After researching my sons vaccine history it was found that my son was treated for thrush through his system at 1 month old. At 2 months old my sons head circumference at the time ...was 39 cm when he received his 2 months old first vaccination. At 3 months old my sons head circumference was 43.5 cm. We believe that 4.5 cm head growth in a short period of 5 weeks was the beginning of our sons problems. At the age of 3.6 year old we started an intensive program to reprogramme our sons brain - The Australian Institute for the Development of Human Potential. Before the program our son had very little speech with severe behavioual problems - after 3 to 4 years of intense therapy our son has speaking, reading and attending main stream school. If our son was born with brain damage/Austism then how could he improve from this program

Evelyn Oblivious Delgado ‎ I deleted last post because it was too long: Here goes: Reactions: Crying, Head expanded, he lost visual gaze, lost little language he had, energy was low, white blood count very low, Vaccine was chickpox vaccine. Today he is stable, talking, very smart, still has issues with gaze, low muscle tone, OT issues, aggressive at times.. We live in Woodbridge, NJ.

Janice DeLong My two year old received her MMR shot and one week later lost all language, stopped responding to her name and making eye contact with family members. She was later diagnosed with ASD. I believe she was symptomatic before the shot, but the MMR seemed to push her off the cliff. My youngest daughter Moira received her shot and developed a swollen thigh which is fairly typical. After that went away, a HUGE rash developed on her thigh at least 10 inches long and 8 inches wide. No more of this for us right now, need to do more research before I take my kids through this again.

Deborah Delp JR was born on September 3rd 1997 after an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. His APGAR scores were 9 at 1 minute and 10 at 5 minutes. He was a normal developing child thru the first 15 months (or so we thought) Received all vaccines according to the schedule. At his 15 month "well child" visit he received his first MMR, boosters for Hip-B, DTaP, and Hep-B. Eight doses in 4 shots. He was in serious pain the rest of that day and for two days following. Holding him he would go rigid, arch his back and scream. Things began to slip within a month. His language began to disappear, we couldn't get his attention as easily. But the shot that really pushed him off the cliff was the polio injection. All his previous polio shots were oral and the switch to injection was made with the 1999 schedule. Within two weeks of this vaccine he woke up one morning and couldn't speak anymore. He was 20 months old. He is now 14 and his functional language never returned. He can say a few things, "I want, I love you, yes and no." he tries like hell to mimic what he hears but now he uses an iPad2 with the Proloque2Go app. Luckily, with the use of supplements and the proper educational placement (in the number 3 ranked school in the nation for autism) he has moved from severe to low side of mild. I thank God for all those who have helped on this journey and I am especially proud of him and his older sister who lost her childhood too when autism came to live with us. Living With Autism in Central PA

Marlena DeMartino My son, Joseph, now 4 had his MMR at 12 months, 5 days old. He was on a 10 day bout of amoxicillin for a sinusitis infection,which didn't work and then day 4 of augmentin when he got his MMR. Dr. assured us it was ok as long as he had no ...fever, to receive shot even on antibiotics. Six hours later he developed 105.9 degree fever, was hospitalized with a white blood cell count of 32,000 and welts all over his body-specifically the bottom of his right foot, which later turned black. He was in the hospital for 3 days, never given a true explanation of what happened to him. Regressed-stopped making eye contact, answering to his name and waving goodbye and lost all his words. He is still non=expressive verbally, although he can repeat. He has severe eczema and intestinal problems. He is GFCF and takes many supplements, MB12 injections, probiotics, digestive enzymes, antifungals and antivirals. Eye contact has improved and he is very affectionate now. Shot administered in Brick, NJ

Conrad DeMasi Born 7/29/99 was given the Hep B at birth and was consequently unable to nurse. (This was researched by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who gave primates Hep B at birth and found that they couldn't do basic tasks like feed themselves!). He had all of his 5-year shots at the same time: MMR, DPT and chickenpox. After that time, his immune system didn't work and for a year he had chronic respiratory illnesses (re-current pneumonia, chronic sinus infections, bronchitis, he was unable to cure a common cough, it lasted for weeks and migrated deeper into his lungs). Because he didn't have an immediate reaction to his vaccines, rather had a weakened immune system within a month or 2 afterward, I knew there was no point in reporting it as an adverse reaction given their arbitrary 2-week deadline. None of the medical specialists including his pediatrician believed me that vaccines caused the problem--in fact, they wanted to give him MORE vaccines! I am the world's expert in Conrad DeMasi, I know. He was cured via homeopathy alternative medicine and since that we mostly use this as our primary system of medicine. No more vaccines for this family, no thank you.

Miles Dempsey Katy, TX MMR, Varicella at 12mo/12 days and began regressing from there. He lost interest in people and animals, stopped pointing, stopped responding to his name, and stopped saying the few words he knew. He also developed a constant runny nose and consistently mushy, yellow stool. After 3.5 years of Bio-Med and GFCFSF diet, he is finally having formed, but still yellow stool. He still stims and preseverates. is almost 7 years old and still very affected. He speaks for wants and needs and for self enjoyment. He is loving and cuddly, and is interested in his older brother, but rarely has interactions with him. He is included in regular ed classroom for 4 hrs a week, but spends most of his time in Special Ed.

Alena Denchik City: Federal Way/Tacoma State: Washington (we changed doctors so he got Vaccines two diffrent cities)My little angel everytime he got vaccinated I notice a change in him he would become lathargic (he was vaccinated by schedule including the Hep B at the hospital). The first time was at 2 months and he was lathargic for 2 days,wasnt breastfeeding well. I was told its normal. At four months he was lathargic for a week, again reassured its normal, and then it happened at six months a week went by, then another week, I lost my happy smiley angel. He would whine and my comforting him didnt help just lay there and cryed screaming. tryed getting pictures of him and he just would whine and not look at me, no longer cood, stopped tummy time and the attempt to even sit with support was not happening he just would go sideways. He appeared to start to recover a bit as I got him into physical therapy to help with this unexplainable muscle tone issue that appeared out of no where, the eye contact was starting to come back..when he was evaluated for speech at 17months they were sure he would make wonderful progress for he started babbling well/exploring his environment and then it happened he received his 18 month vaccines all of them, spiked a fever of 104.9, and my baby that was slowly recovering was lost beyond my explanation. Digestive problems were out of control diarrea or constipation never did he have a normal bowel movement. When he started speech , the therapist asked , "what happened?"... what I was reassured about vaccines after that last round, knew that my instinct was right all along (my baby was affected beyond what was typical) and we were heading onto a new path of recovery til today my baby will be 5 this March 2001. Since 18 months I did no vaccines and have not vaccinated my second child.

Hope Fritz Denes My son was around 15 months and I was so excited because he had just really started babbling and it was mothers day and I was thrilled to hear him saying mama and baba and dada.He got the MMR shot a few days later never to hear those words again.He is 9 and still nonverbal. chippewa/beaver falls area of Pa.Its in Beaver County

Debbie Denn My son Alex (17 now) had his MMR at 18 mos & even tho I gave him Tylenol b4 in anticipation of the shots (advised by MD to do that), he developed a fever immediately & had 1 for a week-had to get Motrin prescribed (not OTC at that time) & give round the clock. He stopped speaking altogether,no pointing, NO eye contact-sometimes he would turn his back to you when spoken to,become very selective in his eating, started playing with toys in unusual ways, & generally stopped responding to the outside world. His sleep was majorly disrupted-sometimes he wouldn't sleep for 3 days ! Then came all the sensory issues-used to love his bath, but then would scream the whole time, screamed when his hair was combed, wouldn't wear clothes, as I said,stopped eating alot of foods he used to. I used to say someone snuck into my house & switched babies on me.

Jeanne Dennis My daughter Katie, was born on 6/7/1994 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. She received the chicken pox vaccine (her dad insisted it--I disagreed) as a newborn. It was just newly approved a few months before and many doctors in our area were pretty aggressive to have parents consent to this brand new (and unfamiliar) vaccine. "Why would a decent parent ever want their child to get the chicken pox if they really don't have to anymore", they would say publicly. My daughter also received most of the other usual vaccines and she would always get a fever, pain and tenderness at the site, and get extremely colicky. Our pediatrician would always say it was normal and not to worry at all when we called or brought her in. The doctor would always say that vaccines have nothing at all to do with autism and the "usual" side effects were temporary and harmless. She said to not believe all the lies out there that say the opposite. We finally ditched that pediatrician when she spoke down to me in a very condescending way in front of my daughter when I refused to allow her give the cervical cancer vaccine to my children--we left her office and never came back! My daughter developed eczema as a baby (still has it, too) and even though she reached her usual milestones within some normal parameters, she did not like to be held much and was extremely OCD even as a toddler. She would always play alone by herself and it always consisted of lining things up systematically in every way imaginable, and also grouping and categorizing her little toy figurines. Her area of complete obsession has always been canines: dogs and wolves. She eats, breathes and sleeps anything to do with animals, but especially the wolves and dogs. She has Aspergers with heavy traits of OCD, and has severe anxiety/moderate depression with very angry, aggressive outbursts at times. She chooses to retreat into the comfort of her own favorite world (her room) when stressed or not able to cope with the outside world. As a teenager this is much of the time! This includes missing large amounts of school and many family and social settings. She is a wonderful, beautiful daughter with the funnest and silliest personality who loves to try and make people laugh. She has confided to me, in some very rare moments when she is OK with being vulnerable, that she desperately wants to feel better about herself and wants to understand herself more--high school has been very, very difficult for her. I have taken her to many different doctors and therapists to hopefully find the right combinations of help, comfort, and knowledge for her. I will not ever stop helping her--and will always be there for her--this is the journey we are on and we will not give in or give up!

Jodie Derriman Both my sister and I have children with vaccine reactions. Me - Jodie Derriman - daughter reacted to Dtp 6 months old seizures within 12hrs of immunisations up to twenty a day. Stopped being able to sit on her own triggered metabolic disorder causing physical impairment, intellectual Impairment global developmental delay, uncontrolled epilepsy. Sister - Sonia Condon twin boys 12 months old Autism spectrum disorder, verbal dyspraxia, intellectual impairment. Brisbane Australia

Sara Desorgher Received vaccinations at age 22 months, grand mal seizure, turned blue, had to have emergency resuscitation. London,UK.

Desmond Devlin My Brother was born in Mid Ulster Hospital in Magherafelt in 1989. He was given the MMR Vaccine as it was heavily advertised on TV, I'm not 100% sure which Town it was administered in but it might have been Cookstown Health Centre (My Mum died of Parkinson's Disease 3 1/2 Years ago). The effects on him was similar to Ryan 'LulzSec' Cleary (Obsession with YouTube and Video Games, lack of Scoial Contact, Violent reactions towards our Grandmother when he was younger). He went to New York with people he talked to on Skype 2 Years ago (he and Gran were at loggerheads for so long over it and it turned nasty until the Mother of one of his Friends rang our House and pacified Gran). We live in Ardboe (a village on the Western Shores of Lough Neagh).

Kristen Begtrup DeVries Our Zachary hit his milestones from birth to 15 months. At the 15 month check up he received his MMR and was never the same. Immediately he had spike a 104 fever, a rash and the shot location swelled to the size of a baseball. The dr explai...ned this was a normal reaction. After a week, physically he went back to normal but we lost our smiling, bubbly little boy was gone. I would say he was almost in a walking coma. No eye contact, no sounds at 18 months the dr saw nothing wrong with him even though he had regressed. He's a boy, give him time. This was in 2001. He was diagnosed PDD-NOS at 22 months. Today at almost 11 yrs old the new description they use is he is "globally delayed". He is now dx with autism and some have used "severely" and although he is non-verbal he says a lot. Loves hugs and is very sweet but I still miss his voice. Wayne, NJ.

Debra DeWitt I have 2 children that have autism, Erica Horn & James Horn. My daughter is now 16 years old. My son is 15 tomorrow. The doctor that gave them the MMR shots retired after my son was hospitalized at age 18 months. She told me it was because she just didn't like the ways things were going. She thought that the shots caused a problem with my children but didn't want me to tell the hospital or others as children would die because parents would panic. At that point, I didn't think it was the shot because although both children had fevers my daughter had orbital cellulitous & my son had digestive issues. We lived in Howell Township, NJ. It is one town over from Brick Township, NJ. The shot was given in Spring Lake, NJ by a Dr. Cannon

Wona Dewona My son was a perfect wonderfully funny 15 month old before the MMR on that fateful day in January 2006. I realize now that each vaccine in turn did have a detrimental effect on his little immune system but, all in all he lasted it out until the MMR tipped him directly over the edge. He slipped away little by little over about a month after the shot, he had the worst bright yellow watery diahrea for approx 3 months constantly. All his words disappeared , it was so much of a regression, the poor little man didn’t even recognize his own name and he stopped eating ( which lasted 2 years) until I had healed his gut again from the damage that had been done. The eye contact was gone, the smiles gone, the laughter gone, the colour in his cheeks gone, everything was replaced with a shadow of my little boy. Our world fell apart my son was trapped inside a very painful and scary world. I have no doubt that his peanut and egg allergy are from the vaccine injury and ingredients but we could have lived with that. The MMR was just one shot too many. My sons tests reveal a high level of Aluminum, there is mercury and lead there too, amongst others. What do you do when you look back and know in your heart that your intuition was trying to tell you something? trying to tell you that this felt wrong, every shot!, every vaccine appointment ! a really bad feeling. The only way you live with that is to try and recover that baby back every day, every minute for the next however many years it takes. Some people cannot do that, some people have lost their child forever. I hope parents wake up to the lies soon, & start listening to the parents who have nothing to gain from anything but telling the truth.

Simon Dewsberry My son was a healthy developing child until his second birthday just after MMR - he developed flu like symptoms and became very withdrawn, he had a few absences. He spent the best part of a year lying on the floor rolling a car back and forth in front of his eyes, he acknowledged no-one and was spoon fed. He ceased speaking until he was nearly 5 and then just a few words, also developed gut problems and is still in nappies at 9 yrs of age. He was diagnosed with classic regressive autism the day before his 3rd birthday. He can now answer simple yes/no questions and label most objects - but Q's like "where did we go today?" are lost on him. It is ridiculous to have 1 in 50 kids developing autism (mainly by 3 yrs of age) and to continue suggesting that numerous vaccinations do not play any part in this - utterly ridiculous

Karen Diaz Vaccines at 5 months everything went down hill .No eye contact,no more baby noises etc.At 6 months diagnosed with severe autism and epilepsy.My son is now 6yrs old not potty trained non-verbal really aggressive.Seizures are controlled now with meds.Shot was given in Round Rock Tx.

Gloria Dignazio Sara first born...after her 18 month DPT OPV HIB had terrible screaming episode and later diagnosed with autism...later...pediatric neurologist at Mayo Clinic confirmed Sara has post vaccinal encephalitis anddemyelinatin..the REAL name of autism...sara now 23...non verbal...a real fighter..gorgeous...Winnipeg, Mb Canada

Lorene Giddings Dillard Travis (DPT @ 4 months) in San Antonio, Tx. Spiked very high fever (104) for days. Screamed non stop for 3-4 days. Doctor was very perplexed at response, had no explanation. Diagnosed at age 2 with ASD.

Kari Dillon When my son was a few weeks old I received a flu shot in Edson, alberta. I was nursing him and noticed a difference right away. He started to only have a BM every few weeks. he would scream and be miserable for 3-4 days and then have a huge BM. He wasnt constipated just wouldnt go. He would calm down a bit after the BM. He became very "colicky" and would scream for hours at a time. When I took him to the emergency they told me I was just "blessed with a difficult baby" He would sleep for an hr at a time at night and wake up screaming. this behavior continued until about 3 years old when I put him on a GFCF diet. In July of 2010 he was diagnosed with autism in Nanaimo, B.C. His allergies and sensetivities are milk,soy, eggs, gluten, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, citrus, nitrates, artificial colring and flavors and any preservatives. He had leaky gut and severe yeast overgrowth. He was almost at the diagnosis of failure to thrive until I did the diet changes. the year before I did the diet changes he gained a couple oz over a year. This last year since he has gained 5-6 pds.

Dawn M DiMarco Normally developing until flu shot + scheduled vaccines at 18months. fever, regression, lost speech and eye contact. early intervention by 2 years old and diagnosed with autism by 3

Maura Dingman We are lucky, Luke falls more under the Aspergers umbrella, however, he was effected. He had some seizures as a baby, now gone, life threatening fevers until age 8, leaky gut syndrome and he handflaps, something he's done since he was an i...nfant, so who knows, but if I was a betting woman, I'd say that Hepatitus B shot, cause you know, babies are always doin street drugs and having gay sex. Sorry...we didn't know there was anything wrong with vaccines when our son was little. I didn't get informed until I saw Robert Kennedy Jr. on a nightly news show in 2005. Topeka, KS.

Candy Fremen Dinicola Gavin - 19 yrs old now - at 18 mo MMR - ran 105 fever four hrs after receiving the shot - was hospitalized for 10 days for unexplained infection - came home a completely different child - stopped doing EVERY developmental milestone he had o...nce reached - never talked again - still non-verbal, in diapers, needs assistance in & out of tub, bed & van.. Uses wheelchair for long trips; doesn't chew so diet is GFCF & soft - needs to be spoonfed - doesn't understand anything & cant follow even simple commands.. Doesn't communicate his wants or needs in any way - is extremely aggressive when can't convey what he wants. Shot was given in new Orleans in 1992

Carol Dodson I am the mother of a two and a half and four and a half year old boys. my question is if there's a correlation between speech delay and the DTaP vaccine? At my son's one year well baby check-up he was given two doses of the DTaP vaccine instead of one, in error by the nurse. Now it's he approaches his third birthday in July, he has significant speech delay. My question and concern lies in if this is a result of double DTaP vaccine injection or just a spontaneous occurrence. Rosemont MD

Karen Dola Vaccine injured at 2 months from DPT (Pertussis) - he has bright neon sticker on his chart: no more Pertussis then AGAIN AT 12 Months - MMR (plus 5 other shots)now has autism he is 9 now, diagnosed at 2.10 - high functioning, although behavior problems, PANDAS - our family has yet to fully recover. vaccinations given: West Hills, CA

Leanne Dole My son Blake born 11 August 1997 got the the MMR vaccination in 1998 prior to the vaccination he was achieving all his goals including language from birth on then around 17 months old we started noticing he was losing his language, going down the steps backwards, lining his Thomas trains up and wouldn't give eye contact and constant head banging with explosive faeces with sweating. Blake would also break windows with his head was tested through blood, Urine, Hair, Nasal, stool samples and Urine and tests had shown that Blake had high levels of lead and arsenic. Blake also had inflammation of the Bowel Colon and Oesophagus while he was under general anaesthetic for a Enoscopy/Colonoscopy at the Randwick Children's Hospital NSW, Australia. Blake had to be put on mineral supplements and Anti Psychotic medications and still struggles with his Autism, although Blake has made many improvements due to supplements Blake is still on an Anti Psychotic for aggression, though his therapy has allowed Blake to be in school we still have no sense of normal life. Blake's MMR was given in 1998 in Sydney, Australia.

Christina Dolengo My son was given his MMR , shortly after eh regreesed completly. I can get you exact lot #'s if you need me to. It was administered in Syracuse NY.

Robert Donnan Andrew was a healthy happy baby, he developed as he should have all the way through the early months. He walked on time, talked on time and did everything he should have, he was actually early in reaching a lot of the millstones. His development was perfect and we were truly happy. He was late in getting his vaccines as at the time Dr Andrew Wakefield was being hung out to dry and stupidly we believed the propaganda against him. Anyway he got the triple vaccine MMR and 2 others one day and within days he began getting sick. Weeks later he began to regress and he suddenly started to loose words and communication skills, he stopped giving eye contact and began developing severe abdominal pains. Not one health professional gave any kind of explanation as to why he suddenly regressed instead he got the label Autism and we were told there is NOTHING we could do for him so don't even try. Even when he was literally screaming in agony with his tummy we were turned away and told to discipline him as he was acting like that because he was autistic!. No one listened, no one cared our child was in such horrific pain, if that was a child not diagnosed with autism they would have been admitted to hospital immediately but because the label autism was there we got sent home. Andrew eventually got officially diagnosed with Severe Autism, , Global Development Delay and showed signs of ADHD, Picca + Trajectory schemas well. We prefer the term VACCINE AND TOXIN DAMAGED. Eventually Andrew got much, much worse and stopped sleeping barring an hour or so a night. He got violent and destructive and he would destroy everything he would get his hands on. At that point me and Laurie became full time carers for Andrew as he was almost completely unmanageable. Andrew is now 8 and is non-verbal and still in nappies, we have managed to get him very healthy and happy and try our best to manage his conditions. The vaccinations changed our lives forever!

Danielle Donnelly MMR at 14 months, screaming started, stopped saying dada, now my son is 3,still screams, says two recognisable words regularly, and does not play with toys, although will line them up. Kent, England.

X Donnelly Son was bright happy child but had egg, peanut and wheat allergies at 15 months. Had MMR and began to withdraw “into his own world”, watery yellow diarrhoea, stopped eating foods one after another, lost language skills gradually over 3-4 months following MMR, lost social skills, eye contact, understanding. Lost weight, doctors diagnosed developmental delay/autism. (Macclesfield)

Haeden Donner Shortly after my son had his 18 months shot he regressed. He stopped talking and this is very scary to me and my family. We are even questioning whether or not he has autism. He was a very smart and happy child and was talking.

Elizabeth Donoghue Son lost all skills including talking within one week of MMR, never regained these skills. Is eight now but “like a baby”. (Woking)

Jennifer Dooley Two daughters (both vaccinated in hampstead practice near the royal free hospital) both healthy with normal development until: 1st one had brain cry and very high fever (106F) for three days after dpt and polio (6 months old, london, 1987),... then went into disconnect and lay on her back staring at the ceiling for 2 weeks. reported to gp, was told she was 'resting' and would be fine. continued to have high fevers and pnuemonia throughout infancy. has suffered from dyspraxia and borderline aspergers. although high functioning, is registered disabled now at 24 years old. 2nd one - dpt and polio (6 months old, london, 1991) perfectly healthy child until dpt. then severe hyperactivity and asthma. stopped sleeping, difficulty feeding, severe stomach pains with doubling up and screaming lasting two years - doctor said it was just colic, went from 90th centile to 10th within 6 months. now at 19, is dyslexic with OCD. high functioning after many years of cranial osteopathy and homeopathy. can still suffer from stomach and sleep problems.

Meryl Dorey My son Matthew had 5-6 hours of high-pitched screaming, a high fever and developed obstructive sleep apnoea within 12 hours of his first DPT vaccine. His growth and eating were also affected. We left the pertussis (P portion of the DPT) out of the next two vaccines and he had no immediate reactions but at 15 months old, he got the MMR vaccine and was hospitalised 10 days later with the symptoms of encephalitis. After that, his hand-eye coordination suffered, he developed some features of autistic behaviour (walking on his toes, lining up toys, flapping hands, etc.) and his immune system was so poor that even simple colds would last for weeks. He had constant ear infections and gastro problems. We treated him with natural therapies and it took almost 5 years, but aside from growth problems and a weakness in his immune system, today, he is strong and healthy and very much committed to helping others who have been injured by vaccines. Bangalow, Australia

Joanne Dowds Hi I am from Scotland. My son was 11-13 months when he received the MMR vaccine up to that point he was saying words (mum, dad, papa, nana, hi etc) He did have a fever that didn't really come to much, but noticed a change in moods and appetite, sleeping, very repetitive, angry to list a few. My son is severely autistic and was non verbal until very recently and can say about 7 words now :) It always in the back of my mind that the MMR vaccine was the reason for his autism but i have always been made to feel silly when i questioned any professionals i have spoken too.

Peta Dowle In 1988 I got the Rubella shot. Four weeks later I conceived my daughter. I know now that heavy metals would have crossed the placenta and bathed her in mercury when she was the size of a bean. She got more mercury with her Vit K, then mercury with her 6 week jab. Her 5 month jab sent her into a 40 hour nightmare reaction. She awoke a different baby having lost all of her developmental stages. Today she has Aspergers Syndrome and Intergrated Sensory Dysfunction. She has gut health problems and is always battling candida and fungal infections. She has black rings under her eyes and has the mental age of a 12 year old. One day I will be dead, and I will hunt down those in hell who destroyed my daughter and make them wish that Satan had never let me in. Otago, New Zealand.

Amy Downs My oldest daughter had unexplained severe asthma attacks about every 2 months. She would run fevers without doctors knowing the cause. I had no reason to suspect her vaccines were causing these asthma symptoms until my middle daughter had much more pronounced reactions and I began researching vaccine side effects. My middle daughter completely stopped eating after her 12-month vaccinations. She would scream for hours while arching her back and began hitting her head on things. She would bite herself and I so hard that she would leave bruises. If I tried to put her in a shopping buggy or car seat, she would get so upset that she would vomit or have diarrhea. She became super sensitive to noises, textures, smells, lights, things touching her, etc. The doctor wanted me to put her on ADHD medicine. I refused and began therapy with her. She slowly began improving in every area except eating. Fast forward to her 4-year-old vaccinations. She suddenly had HUGE regression after her shots and began having meltdowns that lasted hours with screaming/banging/biting. She was also no longer potty trained and had to be put back in diapers. She would have night terrors every night and cried all the time. We had no idea why she had suddenly regressed and then it hit me that all of her regressions correlated with her vaccine schedule. I went to my pediatrician crying and he callously told me that the trauma of vaccines might have caused problems but it wasn’t the vaccines themselves. He wanted me to start her on psychiatric medication and I refused again. The doctor refused to admit that my daughter’s problems were known and listed side effects from the vaccines they had received. Both my girls shots were given MO and LA. My middle daughter is now doing a little better at 2 years post any vaccines. We focus on nutrition, detoxing and therapy to aid in her recovery. The only thing that hasn’t improved is her eating. I fear the eating will be a life-long disability.

Fiona Doyle Son met all milestones then had MMR at 12 months, screaming, temperature, seizure, regression, lost all skills including speech, multiple food allergies, now 13 and severely autistic, self-harming, aggressive. (Manchester)

Laurie Drago Mom to Mic born with downsyndrome, less then 1 month after MMR lost all words, eye contact, stopped eating food had feeding tube inserted, lost any interest in people, toys, being touched asd and started stimming c Latham NY. Thru ABA got back e onstantly, dxed asd 1 yr later By Dr Anthony Malone Developemental Peditrician ye contact and loves people, 10 yrs old still no speech and survives on pediasure and stims constantly unless rerouted. Thank you

Diane Draper Pls I noticed some people said their children have macrocephly my son has "microcephly" n autism just wondering how many children have this combination of either macrocephley or microcephley n autism. this is developed in the womb

Shelly Drewsen Bonners Ferry, Idaho 1992, I believe it was the MMR, have to look it up. Our son had an amazing screaming fit for a week and a horrible constipation that still affects him. We believe that it caused a personality change. We always suspected autism, but never got a diagnosis. When he was 10, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder, though neither is present today. He is becoming proficient in the construction industry as a laborer/carpenter.

Diane Abarno DuFour I agree with Vicky I think the shots were too much for my son to handle, obviously there are many children who can handle them, but not all, and in addition, when my older son (very low-functioning autism) was due for a 2nd MMR, I said no and did the titer blood test, 100% ammunity, yet they wanted to jab him with another MMR shot, totally uncessary. I wish I had known to separate them with my first son also, there was not way I was taking that chance with my younger son.

Darren Duke On the night of my son's MMR injection (14 months old) I noticed that he would not look at me or communicate, I took him to our Doctors surgery the next day and was told by the Doctor that any harm from the vaccine would not show until at least 12 days after. Ever since then, my boy has regressed and recently been diagnosed with autism at age 3.

Sophia Duke You are right about the DPT vaccine. My little boy had the vaccine at the tender age of 3 months and, almost overnight, he developed severe eczema. I felt it was due to the vaccine and started to research on the side effects. He didn't have... any more vaccines afterwards until he was 4 when he had the single measles and had no reaction to it. Amazingly enough, and against my doctor's advice, he had Chinese herbal medicine and the eczema cleared within a month. I think the eczema was triggered by the vaccine. in London

Paula Dulihanty My son developed normally until he had his MMR vacination at 15 months. After the vacination he developed a fever and was unwell for several days- we didn't think anything of it. But looking back it is from this point on that his regression into Autism began. I believe that his immunity was already compromised as he had been a "failure to thrive baby" and had a difficult start to life - the MMR vacination was the final insult to his already compromised immune system. He went from being a happy smiley toddler who was starting to say a few words and was interacting positively, to a withdrawn silent child. He is now 9 years old and despite intensive ABA therapy, diet and biomedics continues to be nonverbal and extremely autistic. He is however the light of my life but this being said I wonder what our lives would have been like if he had not had the MMR vacination. I have a younger son who was not vacinated and he is a healthy boy who is developing normally. Auckland, New Zealand

Felice Dumpleton My son was delayed from birth, being my 3rd child I realised he wasn’t reaching milestones as fast as the elder 2. Don’t think it was vaccine related, I am thinking it may have had to do with the fact I had the chicken pox during pregnancy although this has never been confirmed.

Anna Duncan Received MMR at age 18 months, died 10 days later (Scotland)

Kelly Dunham Seth received in February 2003 a double dose of MMR and Varicella vaccines. He ran the *expected* fever and cried for about three days. In May of that same year, he recieved the DTaP, IPV and a third HIB vaccines. With these three, he ran a very high fever, and cried for four days following. He began to have serious bowel issues, recurrent strep throat and ear infections and began to lose eye contact, and became *lost socially*. His behaviors spiraled, and although losing some speech, he also developed echolalia. He had a constant thrush around his mouth and on his cheeks to the point of bleeding. (These vaccines were given in Decatur, Illinois.) Seth has overcome much of what I call the *classic autism* (hand flapping, toe walking, etc) He is still fighting significant sensory issues, auditory processing issues, aggression, anxiety, behavior issues, gastrointestinal distress, oxidative stress, has severe meltdowns and has palilalia (echoing of one's self.) He has a very compromised immune system and is subject to frequent infections.

Vivien Dunne-Murphy I am a 41yr old mother of 3. A son 18yrs, a daughter 15yrs and a little girl just over 2yrs. Eldest High temperatures unwell and lethargic for 1-3 weeks after, high pitched distress crying, erratic behaviour. MMR very high temperatures for days looking vacantly, dazed and lethargic, memory loss appeared to recover after around 3-4weeks but became more and more hyperactive and impulsive in the following months. Unfortunately I did not record vaccination dates, at that time I completely trusted the medical profession and its system, and vaccines were supposed to be recorded by our GP and forwarded to and recorded by the Vaccinations registrar of the Health Board. I have requested and received my children’s records which are completely inaccurate there are only 3 vaccinations recorded for my eldest son who received everything recommended! His BCG given in the hospital at birth 1993, then nothing recorded until his MMR 1996, Meningo C recorded as received 2001 he did not get this vaccine till between 2006-2008 Meningitis aged 13-14yrs approx 10/15min after administration of vaccine he began to feel very sick/nauseous, I stopped the car to let him have some air he was weak and couldn’t see (he said, ”everything is black, my heart going horrible”) I ran around and caught him as he became rigid and unconscious. I could see the artery in his neck it appeared bulged and pumping frighteningly rapid. I dragged him around the car to get the phone he remained completely rigid, my arm was around his chest I could feel his heart pounding at an alarming rate against my arm, his eyes were wide open and dilated so huge there was no colour to be seen he remained this way for 3-5min, I rang our doctor she was the closest to us, he regained consciousness 1st , still rigid he reported blackness I told him he just had a reaction to the vaccine and it was almost passed that everything would be ok. His heart rate began to slow down and he gradually came back to he went to hospital for observation. I was told by the doctors and nurses at the hospital it was only a coincidence he had had a vaccination, but the vaccination had nothing to do with this unexplainable seizure that he would most probably have had the seizure anyway??? There was no explanation or theory given other than the absolute certainty this seizure was not caused by the vaccine received minutes before it’s onset?!? I asked how he came up with this theory stating that this was a healthy boy who never had a seizure before and if they were so sure the vaccine was in no way responsible then what was the cause?? He was sent for an EGG to check for epilepsy which was ruled out. He has received no further vaccines or booster except for tetanus because he works with horses. He has experience a similar but milder reaction to dental anaesthetic with adrenalin and so have I. Our dentist now uses adrenalin free anaesthetic without any problem. My daughter now 15yrs same as my son after all vaccination she had high temperatures unwell and lethargic for 1-3 weeks after, with high pitched distress crying. For my daughter the MMR was particularly hard she had very high temperatures for days remaining unwell out of sorts for weeks. She lay in my arms or on the sofa for around 3-4 weeks , constantly having a vacant look, dazed and lethargic, memory loss, she went from a lively interactive inquisitive little girl to a withdrawn lethargic distant little girl. She stopped having eye contact and still struggles socially. Both of them have dyslexia and both have had social difficulties of extreme opposites Harley extravert (when he was younger would have been seen as forward) hyperactive and impulsive and finds it difficult to understand facial expression or body language. He often explains interactions with people to me to ask what they meant. My daughter was in primary school almost 6 years before her voice was heard either by staff or other children although she did speak it was quiet and only with me or her brother. She is now in secondary school where the comments frequently heard describing her are; she isolates herself, doesn’t interact with the other students, does not respond to teachers and appears to stare into space, appears to be in a world of her own. She interacts well at home and often asks me why she is so shy. She came home from school so proud of herself about a month ago and told me how she had put up her hand to answer a question in school, this was her 1st time ever to be brave enough to do that! She wasn’t picked to answer and hasn’t been brave enough since to try again. My family constantly throughout their lives have criticised me saying how my children are spoiled and wilful. I don’t know if they have any form of autism or aspergers or if they are just odd but theycertainly do have traits and I constantly wonder if I should have them professionally assessed but don’t have

Whitney Wilson Durham Around 18months .about 6 shots all together. He stopped saying what words he had and went downhill. @ age4 he just started to immitate again. Of course @age 3 he was diagnosed w autism! Corbin KY. We took him to his 2 yr check up and I got a referral to speech and to be "evaluated “ all in the same day and although we took him to the Dr 3 times after he lost his speech we were told everything was ok and they would worry more about things @age 2 btw it took from age 2 until 3 for them to give the official diagnosis. This is such a coincidence because we're going to see his developmental pediatrician in the morning.

Christina Dutting Linda, your childs Autism may not have been caused by vaccines but mine was... I don't place the blame anywhere but on myself for being ignorant enough to vaccinate my child based only on the doctors say so, I know better than that now. But..., my 7yr old developed normally until age 16 months. After her MMR vaccine given to her in Worcester, MA she slowly lost all of her speech, lost interest in people and started extreme self stimulatory behaviors among other things..she functions at an 18 month old level... We found she has an underlying Mitochondrial disorder and coupled with the vaccine caused her Autism and Epilepsy....

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Sheila Ealey My soon to be 13 year old son was damaged at 13 months by a double dose of the MMR along with the Dtap and Hib all on the same day. Naval Base Infirmary, Indian Head, MD

Caz Earle Developed normally had MMR @ 16 months 1 week 1 day, Carshalton, Sutton (london) dirroeah high temperature seizures mal petite high pitched scream couldnt comfort regression speech eye contact diagnosed autistic @ 2 years old. ‎3.5 years pre-school DPT, Mengitis and MMR booster - lost balance falling over, loss toilet train, loss speech and screaming - constipation - started to speak again @ 6 years - diagnosed autistic @ 9 years old. Carshalton, Surrey London

Margaret Earls My son received MMR shot and @ 18 months he stopped saying mom dad pointing didn't responded to his name and as a Mother you know something is not right so we started with hearing test that lead to EEG Fragile X DNA . He received his shot at Middlesboro Kentucky health Dept.

Trudy Large Earnest Hannibal Missouri After the MMR SHOT my son regressed lost words /hummed /fever /aggitation/ bad temper/ unhappy for no reason / gassy/became picky eater overnite & bowels wouldnt work properly he was almost 3 yrs old. His little belly bloated out & he has problems like this to this day! He is now 6 years old.

Denise Easthon You'd think I would have learned that delaying them doesn't make any difference I did, but too late for my own children. My 13mon granddaughter is NOT vaxed and none of my children will vax their own...pharmaceutical companies cannot be trusted...I'll never treat any illness with pharmaceuticals, only herbs/homeopathics. DD#1 JRA, Hashimoto's thyroidits 12 yrs old after MMR (she's 27 now and after we've treated her JRA w/meds she is now being tested for lymphoma (which they did NOT tell me was a side-effect of the meds), DD#2 Hashitmotos thyroiditis, allerg...ies, multiple ear infections, general all around poor health, DS#1, 2nd DPT Raging fever, screaming, led into ear infections/pneumonia life-long allergies, life-threatening wasp allergy, (he's 21 now) DS #2 at 4yrs old asmtha (after delaying vax until that time it was his 2nd in the DT series) DD # 4 Hashimoto's thyroidits @ 12yrs after delayed vax.

Jessica Eastman My son cried for hours after his 9 month shots, took a really long nap on my chest, and when he woke he didn't say "mama" anymore. Silverdale, WA

Ameenah Eason Hep b and flu shot they were given in NJ and the affects was weight loss, head stop growing ,seizures and brain damage(loss white and gray matter in his brain) , stop talking. Right now my son still doesn't talk or go to the bathroom currently takes three meds to control seizure and he still has them. He gave come along way, but still have a long way to go delran nj

Leslie Gurley Eaton 3yr old son, diagnosed with Autism at 2yrs, regressed after his 1yr MMR vaccine - Vaccine Reaction: severe hives, high fever, trip to ER, have pictures - Following Vaccine Reaction: stopped eating, stopped talking, stopped communication, ...severe chronic GI issues, diagnosed with Ileal Lymphoid Nodular Hyperplasia. Currently: still does not eat but 2 things, oatmeal, fries - still has the Chronic GI issues, diarrhea 5-6 times a day - finally starting to talk a little again and communicate through many hours of therapy. Vaccine was given in Fort Worth, Texas.

Diana Eden Son had MMR at 12 months, went from a happy sociable baby babbling constantly to a withdrawn frightened and confused child, no longer answered to name, running away from family/friends, diarrhoea, very unhappy, now age 15 years and severely autistic. (Hertfordshire)

Sherri Watters Edington For the conference: After my grandson received the MMR at 15 months. He regressed considerably. Eye contact, fine motor skills such as holding eating utensils, & responding to his name were gone. Ohio.

Jonathon Edwards Onset of severe autism followed MMR. Now age 13, no speech or understanding, cannot feed/dress himself, doubly incontinent. (Telford)

Josh Edwards Had MMR, suffered bowel damage, has an ileostomy bag and permanent drip-feed directly into stomach, is unable to speak or eat, severely underweight and “fading away”, at 18 years.

Karen Marie Edwards Kimberley was born 13 years ago i never heard of autism but when Kim was six weeks old she smile at me and she looked norma. l have a video of her when she was 7 months old. She had a fever convulsion and was rushed to hospital. From then, they said she was a floppy baby. My brother told me when Kim was 18 months, that Kim had autism. I didn't believe him as I didn't know of autism. She was late in walking and Kim was diagnosed when she was 3 years old. She has complex special needs. Birkenhead, Merseyside

Sacia Edwards My youngest son was developing normally until 13 mths. when he got the MMR vaccine, along with some others. He, then, quit eating, showed no interest in people or toys, tip toe walked, flapped, head banged, slapped everything, didn't use words, and screamed uncontrollably. Genetics loaded the gun and environment pulled the trigger.

Karla Buff Ehlis My daughter was given the varicella at age 2 and stopped sleeping and started screaming all the time. This was in Frisco Texas. Today she is 13 and doing well since we started biomedical at age 4. If we continue growing and developing as we have she stands the chance to live independently." also, after the shot she started head banging and language stopped developing."

Donna Eliassen My daughter had 2 of the 3 Gardasil vaccines when she had just turned 12. At the time she was a super fit, super healthy girl who was State Champion (swimming) 3 years in a row. That all came to an end thanks to Gardasil. She collapsed after the second vaccine when I still didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know the serious side effects or what to look for because our health department who vaccinated thru the school did not deem it important enough to tell me. Had I known, I would never have let her have the vaccine. Two years later she is still unwell and unable to return to swimming. Her side effects were high fever and flu like symptoms to start with on the first day of the vaccine, followed by extreme pain in joints/muscles, lethargy tiredness, headaches, nausea, dizziness – she collapsed and was unable to stand unaided or walk and had to be taken to our city’s leading children hospital – she had heart murmurs and also zero reflexes. Oh, and a really nasty rash that spread over the top part of her body and has left her face severely scarred because she scratched it. None of the tests could find a cause – except we kept getting asked if she’d had a vaccine recently!!! Funnily enough, bringing that up with our own Dr to follow up met with silence (because his clinic promotes and gives out Gardasil.) I’ve had a Specialist Sports Dr and an Immunologist verbally say they suspect it was the vaccine but there was no way of proving it – no test that could be given to prove it and no drug company would allow such a test to exist, although she has just about all the symptoms on Merck’s Drug awareness sheet for GArdasil! I reported it to our TGA – the government body we report vaccine injuries etc to. My early contact there told me that she suspected there were hundreds if not thousands more who had not reported it because the average person doesn’t know to do it if their own doctor doesn’t suggest it and most doctor’s wouldn’t. Australia

Beth Eisenberger Ellis My son was behind on his vaccine schedule and received MMR, varicella, prevnar, Dtap, and HBV at a little over two years of age. My son only had one MMR and at 14 years of age measles titters are off the charts. His gut issues have been horrible. He has chronic constipation, acid reflux, food allergies, etc. He also has experienced self-injurious actions and aggression due to horrible pain. He has also experienced migraines which are much better now but was taking meds for a couple of years for them. He still has GI issues. Vaccine was administered in Bloomington Illinois.

Gini Ellis Daughter almost died at 2 months after getting MMR vaccine. Spend 1 wk in hospital - NEVER gave her another one! San Jose, CA, USA - 1985. Started with continuous crying for 3 days, petite mall siezures, low body temp, turning purple whenever she cried (like not getting enough oxygen), threw up nursed milk for several weeks, red rash and huge lump at injection site. Has ALWAYS had GI problems her entire life (she's now 26) but they never found anything wrong (doctors said it was nerves) - she is now a cognitive behavior therapist working with children on the autism spectrum!

Frank Emkey Our son, Chad Emkey, was injured in Baltimore, Maryland and Bunnell, Florida as we moved to Florida when Chad was 10 months old (mindlessly submitting to the "recommended schedule"). At age 4, we became aware and immediately eliminated the vaccine assault. Following tests (urinary porphyrin, IGg delayed food allergy testing) confirmed the injuries. His progressive decline up to that point is what made me begin to look outside the brainwashed box that most of society lives in. Since then, our dietary interventions, and multifaceted detox treatments have brought improvements. Today, Chad is fairly verbal, stable bowel function, and very loving. His major challenge is social interaction on all levels. We continue to fight the good fight and inform as many others as possible despite the enormous resistance that stands in the way.

Dana Emmitt-Hall I have two vaccine injured children. I will need to look up the specific vaccines that were given. My daughter had a reaction and was nearly dead within hours of having her 16 month shots (I'm sure prevnar was a factor). She was hospitalized for 3-4 days. She now has OCD and ADD. My son had a reaction at the same age and was dx with full "classic" autism. Immediate regression after vaccines. Initial reaction wasn't as severe as my daughters but he was still running a very high fever and high pitch scream with vomiting and diarrhea and extreme constipation. Body rashes etc. Many Blessings in return, My children were vaccinated at Barren County Health Dept in Glasgow KY USA. Kelsey is 8 years old now and Cameron is 6

Ragna Erlendsdottir HB,DTP,meningites c,whooping cough, in UK ,east sussex, adverse: she became fever high, Immune problems, autoimmune, neurological and paralized and on a ventilator 24 hr with only movement of her eyes

Elizabeth Escalera My child had been developing normally with vocabulary of about 5-10 words, received 7 shots (mar, 8, 2006). One of them, the MMR at about 18 months of age. Afterward she cried in a very strange way for about 10 minutes and then suddenly stopped and sat with a blank face. Immediately following along with a fever, very unusual behaviors began; she could no longer stand carpeted surfaces and sought out cool hard linoleum flooring, Began a fascination with crouching on the cool floors while rubbing lent or clothing fiber between her fingers (for hours if I would allow it) and Also seemed to have lost all hearing. MY child would no longer respond to her name and was in a world of her own. Lost all eye contact and all skill acquired before that date! Today my daughter is still struggling with the side effects. She needs a full time 1 on 1 aid in school at all times to help her throughout her day. She is also still struggling to understand the social world around her and how to express herself verbally. Bakersfield, California

Nohilyn Espinoza My son Aaron, he is almost 8, I believe he got it from the MMR vaccine. He is nonverbal, has gut issues, he is a beautiful child, but has a lot of sensory problems, horrible eating habits. I wonder if I will ever hear him say... Mom I love!

We are from Orlando, Florida and he was vaccinated in a town called Clermont, that's where his ex pediatrician office is located.

Candyce Estave Santa Maria, Ca. Child reacted after every vaccine, at 2 months after MMR and DTP and several other vaccines, screamed inconsolable for three days. Dr. said colic. After vaccines at 17 months and sleeping for 3 days, woke up withdrawn, appeared to be depressed, no affect, gone.

Andrea Evans My daughter Amanda at 17 months died 3 days after the MMR vaccination in 2002. She went to bed and never woke up on day 3, her symptoms were runny nose. 6 months later the coroners office contacted through a SIDS volunteer, came back with sepsis. They had no idea for 3-5 months then a sepsis report. totally devastating. I wish I never decided to give her mmr. South Australia

Nikki Evans I have 4 children, 2 of my sons whom both have been affected by their childhood vaccinations, my oldest is 16 and youngest is 3 , my oldest was in a terrible way fully autistic state which got worse after each jab, regressed, couldn’t walk or talk, no eye contact until I discovered Dr Wakefield’s articles which led me to other things including diet gluten casein sugar free etc , vitamins / supplements , dan doctor , cheletion , bath salts , homeopath these are many of what has helped to mend my oldest son . My youngest had separate jabs but is still showing autistic signs, not as severe as my oldest was but enough to be very worried and he's not talking , diet starting today and c.e.a.s.e therapy starting wens with a homeopath ( to detox the heavy metal poisoning from him ) both boys have had classic signs blue round and under the eyes, bowel problems, learning delays plus many more from the vaccination . No help from NHS at all, all private which has all worked wonders.

Stefanie Evans In 1987 my so, diagnosed Asperger's + ADHD, had reaction to the triple antigen which included MMR, high fever, high pitched screaming for several days. Inflammation of the leg. Second triple antigen hooping cough vaccine was taken out same ...reaction, high fever for days with high pitched screaming. Third triple antigen was not given and we did not complete vaccination program. immediately after vaccination my son had night sweats, we had to change sheets twice during the night, his speech was incoherent, constipation and severe urination five times in an hour. Since then he has had further deterioration in health, with severe colds and at 3.5 years he had 8 antibiotics in one year to clear the colds. Nothing helped. He could not sit still, could not concentrate, he ran everywhere screaming as if he was in pain all the time. Started to walk on tip toes, which he did not do beforehand. Doctor always maintained fever and screaming was normal reaction to the vaccines. After many years of alternative medicine interventions he ended up with Coeliac Disease. He is now 8'6" tall and his speech impediment is still there. There is no evidence in both our families of autism, but his second cousins (boy and girl) have now been diagnosed with AS in 1999 both children where vaccinated had reaction now diagnosed with Asperger's. Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Liz Eynon My son had the mmr shot and had an allergic reaction to the dose.We took him to the doctors with a huge lump on his leg and soon after noticed regression and loss of speech.We figured he had a vocab of about 50 word which dwindled to nothing. Vancouver,BC Canada

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