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The School with the most boxes donated will win the completion.  We will attempt to get the media to announce the winner.  The boxes will be counted as follows:

1.    Boxes should be the standard flat rate priority boxes.  Each full box counts as one point.

2.   Boxes can be sent by any method (APO is cheap) but they must arrive no later than one day prior to the “Big 12 Championship” game.

3.   Boxes larger than standard flat rate priority boxes will only count as one box.

4.   Boxes smaller than standard flat rate will only count as ½ of a box.  Once the boxes are totaled the # will be rounded up.

5.   Boxes that appear to intentionally not be full (just to raise the box count) will not count.

6.   Boxes donated that do not clearly state who they are from will count for Texas if they are sent from Texas or Oklahoma if they are sent from Oklahoma.  Boxes not clearly stating who they are trying to help from other regions of the country or boxes marked (no vote) after the senders name will not be counted to either side.  But, thank you for your donation to a great cause.

7.   Boxes should be addressed to either Tobin C. Griffeth (Texas) for a UT Box or Katherine Illingworth (Oklahoma) for a OU Box.  For example:  Tobin C. Griffeth (Texas)


APO-AE-09354 (Afghanistan)


Please note any donations are accepted.  However, certain items are needed.  They are: Clothes for boys or men, blankets, shoes, socks, winter clothing, school supplies, basis toys, and children’s school bags.

Items not needed:  American style hygiene materials are dangerous in local Afghan hands. Kids eat soap and drink shampoo, as examples. They simply don't know how to use that stuff and it isn't part of their culture. Even if they are educated on the benefits of toothpaste, deodorant, etc. it doesn't fit their culture. 


Girls clothes do not fit the culture and even if donated will not be accepted by the locals and may even be considered an insult.


No Christian Items.  Your donations alone will have an incredible impact on the Afghans to our ideals, beliefs, and way of life but Christian literature can’t be donated.  It is against current Afghan laws and US Military directives.


So recommendations:

1) It does not matter if items are new or used.

1) Only boys and men's clothes.

2) Think BASICs - shoes are ALWAYS popular. You could never send enough shoes into the local culture. Basic winter clothing - hats, gloves, scarves, simple coats, boots.  

3) BASIC toys - stuffed animals, blocks, etc. and kid's styled blankets. No battery items.  Batteries will soon die and make the toy useless and batteries can also be used as part of a device to make a roadside bomb to kill US troops.