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Angels do still exist

Angels Do Still Exist

                Little did Major Tobin C. Griffeth know that donations would flood into his office, boxes full of supplies to aid the Afghan people.  He was even more pleasantly surprised when he realized these boxes were sent by postal workers in Schertz, Texas.  Rita Peña, a postal worker in Schertz, was working at the post office when Major Griffeth’s wife came in to mail a package to her husband to donate goods to the Afghan people who are poor and needy.  When Mrs. Griffeth gave the package to Rita, she asked her the cheapest way to mail items to Afghanistan, because more family members and friends wanted to send items for the Afghan people. 

Weeks later, Major Griffeth was shocked and humbled by the donations that flooded in without solicitation because of the efforts of Rita and the other postal workers.  “Bombs and bullets can kill evil men but only actions like Rita’s and the postal workers will change the hearts and minds of the Afghan people about us.  Who said angels don’t exist?” said Major Griffeth.

                The poor unreachable regions of Afghanistan are where the Taliban and terrorists get many of their recruits.  The rural Afghan regions have little.  Their poverty and lack of education is taken advantage of as they are wrongfully indoctrinated by terror cells and Taliban members about western beliefs and ideals.   “The aid of most humanitarian organizations can’t reach the remote and dangerous regions of Afghanistan.  But, items sent to chaplains via military distribution can” smiled Griffeth.  According to Griffeth, only by our caring for, love, assistance, and helping to educate the Afghan people can we change the misunderstandings, differences, and feelings they have about us.  We can help win this war by showing them the truth and winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people one child or one family at a time.”

                Items needed are clothes for boys or men, blankets, shoes, socks, winter clothing, school supplies, basis toys (no batteries), stuffed animals and children’s school bags.  According to Griffeth, any boxes received must be checked, since Afghans sometimes eat the hygiene items and girls’ clothes and religious items can be considered an insult.  Donations can be sent to Tobin C. Griffeth, CJTF-82-OSJA, APO-AE- 09354 (Afghanistan).