Rank One is an online athletic management program used by the South Portland athletic department.  To sign up for schedule alerts, click on the team practice schedule listed below.  In the upper left hand corner of the schedule click on the "sign up for schedule alerts link" and follow the directions.  You can also sync the schedule to your calendar by clicking on the "sync all events to calendar" link found in the upper left hand corner of the schedule.  Click here to download the Rank One mobile app

To view practice schedules, click on the sport and level below:

Fall Practice Schedules

Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls
Field Hockey, Varsity
Field Hockey, Junior Varsity
Field Hockey, 1st Team
Football, Varsity/Junior Varsity
Football, Freshman
Soccer, Boys Varsity
Soccer, Boys Junior Varsity
Soccer, Boys 1st Team
Soccer, Girls Varsity
Soccer, Girls Junior Varsity
Soccer, Girls 1st Team
Volleyball, Varsity
Volleyball, Junior Varsity

Spring Practice Schedules

Baseball, Varsity
Baseball, Junior Varsity
Baseball, 1st Team
Lacrosse, Boys Varsity
Lacrosse, Boys Junior Varsity
Lacrosse, Girls Varsity
Lacrosse, Girls Junior Varsity
Softball, Varsity
Softball, Junior Varsity
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track & Field, Boys
Track & Field, Girls