The Quarterback Club

Serving South Portland High School Athletics Since 1951

The Quarterback Club has supported the athletic program at South Portland High School for 60 plus years.  The club was founded in 1950 by individuals interested in promoting all athletics at the high school with money earned through concession sales.  Over the years, as new programs have been added, the club has made a concerted effort to donate over time to all teams.  The Quarterback Club’s donations often go toward larger items that benefit a wide range of athletes and target items that may not otherwise be covered by the athletic budget.

The Quarterback Club has built and equipped three concession stands in the past 60 years.  The first, a wooden structure, was built at what is now Mahoney Middle School field when SPHS was located there.  The second, a cinderblock structure, was built at Martin Field in 1965 when athletic events were moved to that site.  The present stand, a $45,000 structure located at Martin Field, was built and equipped in 2002-2003.  The Quarterback Club is operated and run by volunteers.  The club is always looking for volunteers to assist with concessions.  If you’re interested, please contact the athletic office at 767-7705.

The following is only a partial list of the Quarterback Club gifts to South Portland Athletics over the past 60+ years.

Football Headsets (2014)
Indoor Batting Cage for Beal Gym (2013)
Martin Field Sound System (2011)
Rollers, Squeegies, Windscreen - Tennis
2 Annual McAleney Scholarships
Soccer/Lacrosse Backboard - Wainwright
Portable Lacrosse Goals
Lacrosse Goals & Nets
Red Riot Chairs (Beal Gymnasium)
Computer Scoring System - Swimming
Starting Blocks & Touch Pads - Swimming
Video Cameras
Soccer Goals - 2 sets
Weight Room Equipment
Donation Toward Martin Field Lighting
Football Goal Posts
Baseball Fencing
Nets for Lacrosse Goals

Field Hockey Storage Shed (2014)
Volleyball Netting System (2013)
Starting Blocks - Track
Timing & Board System - Swimming
Spirit Award Silver Bowls (24 per year)
Track & Field Resurfacing (2008)
Headset Communication System - Football
Tennis Screens & Grommets
Softball Batting Cage
Weight Room Donation (2007)
Field Hockey Goals
Re-lined Track at Martin Field
2 Whirlpool Baths
Discus Enclosure
P.A. System for Martin Field
Batting Cages
Martin Field Portable Bleachers
2 Softball Pitching Machines

Hurdle Carts (2014)
Softball Batting Cage Net (2012)
5 Man Blocking Sled - Football
Pole Vault Mats - Track
High Jump Mats - Track
Scorers' Table (Beal Gymnasium)
Batting Cage (Wainwright)
Hurdles - Track (2006 & 2009)
Tennis Nets
$5000 - Weight Room Refurbish
Trophy Cases - Beal Gymnasium
Exercise Bikes
Basketball Baskets & Backboards
Press Box - Martin Field
Scoreboard for Martin Field
Storage Buildings
Ball Machine for Soccer