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Being a parent is not a job that you find in the ads and apply for it.  

It is a blessing.  

With such blessing, you have to harness every strength  and every wit  you have to be the best mom and dad of all.




What's the secret?  Much Love and a lot of prayers.


As i said to my wife,  behold thy beautiful children for we love each other.



 Nobody's perfect but you can always learn from others.  Every parent wants to be the Best Mom or Dad and the most suitable judge on your performance are your children.  

Being  an eldest son, I surely can say I have the best Mom and Dad in the whole world.  Realizing where I am right now and what I have, I owe a great deal to my parents.  

To my Mom and Dad, I am forever grateful for all the sacrifices you made and all patience you bestowed upon me.  I hope I could be able to raise my children the way you raised us.