Program 1:
A collage of dance pieces woven together with the
theme of memories choreographed by many known
artists in the community & emerging talents.

“Know Your Worth/Value”
Choreographed by: Wendy Baity
Danced by: Sydney Campbell, Lisa Flory, Ali Nest, Diamonique,
Maxine Galindo & Michell Guerrero

“You're Beautiful to Me
Choreographed & Danced by: Kimberly Castillo & Jason Castillo

Swei Seelen wohnen, ach, in Meiner Brust”
Choreographed & Danced by: Nancy Evans Doede
Music by: Zwei Seelen

Choreographed by: Amanda Hart
Danced by: Lindsay Marquino & Rob Westin

Choreographed & Danced by: Noelle Andressen
Music Score by: Kris Kale

“Haunted by My Love” (Emerging Choreographer)
Choreographed by: Kirby Harrell
Danced by: Kim Castillo, Kirby Harrell, Heather Smith

“Inside the Vault”
Choreographed & Danced by: Beth Megill
Text: Excerpts from Jill Bolte Taylor's book, My Stroke of Insight, additional
text by Beth Megill. 
A movement and sound reflection on memory and
emotions. Solo work set to text about the science of memory with additional personal reflections woven in.  Dance theater.

“The Paths We Choose“ (Emerging Choreographer)
Choreographed by: Heather Smith
Danced by: Dominic Hartlove, Kim Castillo, Kirby Harrell, Danica Morrison,
Rebecca Santini, Heather Smith

"Patchwork Chameleon (2013)”
film by Stephen Kelly
Choreographed by: Misa Kelly with significant creative contributions
Danced by: Misa Kelly
Music by: a collaboration between Phillip A. Mergetroide & Isa Topete

Program Note: Isa has chromosome deletion 1Q.
“She does not have words but responds
to certain questions with her own signs for yes and no.  She plays music,
sings and matches tones around her, whether they are musical or mechanical,
all of her waking hours”


Program 2:
Red Ribbons
Travel along one woman's journey of her inner soul as she struggles
to overcome her replaying nightmare. Experience how
she triumphs over her heart's trauma and finds the light of HOPE in
her darkened life. Based on "the dance" that started Rubans Rouges Dance Company (French for Red Ribbons), presented as intended in its completed
and uncensored form. 

Please use discretion as the subject matter may
not be suitable for children under 13 unattended by adults.
Entirely Choreographed By
Noelle Andressen

Original Score By
Kristopher Kale

All Films produced by ENCOPA Productions, ltd.
Cinematography: Kristopher Kale
Dancers: Noelle Andressen, Kim Castillo, Kirby Harrell,
Rebecca Santini, Heather Smith
Special Guest Performers: Carol Butler & Orlando Solis

Innocence - Interlude #1


Red Ribbons (STORM tag)

The Coming Storm - Film #1


Awaken - Film #2

Lost - Interlude #2

Couer de Verre

I Remember


A Means to an eNd

Shattered - Interlude #3


The Dream - Film #3


But A Whisper

Shattered Innocence - Red Ribbons

Lighting Design: Nick Van Houten
Photography: Victor Vic Photography
Videography: Chris Pappas
Documetation Videographer: Christian Dahl
Web Design: Jay Kale