How to Join

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Two things to get us started.

First thing: send me an email with "Joining Photocourse" in the header at andreamatranga [at] gmail [dot] com . I'll add you to the mailing list, and send you an invite for flickr, the web service we'll be using to see each other's pics.

The other thing is that we'll be using picasa to sort and do some corrections on our photos, so if you don't already have it installed you should get a copy. You can either get it by itself or as part of the googlepack. The pack includes Google Earth as well, which as you may know is supercool (not only it lets you see satellite pictures of the Earth, you can make your pictures appear as icons above the places you took them!). There's also a few other good programs in it as well, such as the latest versions of adobe reader, and firefox.

If you have a mac, I'm sure iPhoto does most of what picasa does. if you run into trouble, email me.

When you get your invite, accept and go to the flickr group page to check out the first assignment!

If you're thinking of buying a new camera, think twice, and read "But I don't have a good camera!".