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...will this course be like?  I'll send you an email each week with some links I'd like you to read, and an article on a photography related subect I'll write. I will also give you an assignment, which you'll have to do some time over the course of the week. Several people who'll be taking the course have jobs, many are sudying in tough programs, and a few have families. I will try to make up assignments that can be done on a flexible schedule, but of course some effort on your part will also be necessary to make time for them.

At the end I'm planning to collect and edit some of the material into a website on how to photograph. I'd like to be able to use the pictures you take for the course as well (so I don't have to shoot a bunch of example shots). Of course you'd get full credit and a link where due (or not, as you prefer).

If you object to this for any reason let me know 


...will we start? Patience, I only had this idea this afternoon. I'm still trying to round up a class. Sometime in the first or second week of April is my bet.


...can join? Anyone can participate. You, your brother, and his friend. The more the merrier! If you don't know anything about photography, so much the better. 

On the other hand some basic computer letiracy would help. If you were able to navigate to this page all by yourself you'll probably do fine. If you needed to ask somebody to do this, send me an email and we'll try to figure something out.


...what camera? Any. A digital will make things way way easier. Otherwise I won't have any way of looking at your pictures. If you don't have a camera, I'll have a page with some reccomendations up soon, but any digital camera you can borrow is fine! If you only have access to film camera, email me and we'll try to work something out. What's that you're saying? 

"But I don't have a good camera"?


All the material will be presented online, we'll be using a bunch of different services I'm going to need you to sign up to (don't worry they're all free). We COULD do this strictly by email, but it would be incredibly labour intensive on my part to have to create galleries with all your pics. Don't worry in the first few lessons I'll teach you how to do all this, in case you don't know.



got you! not one of the five "w"s.


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