Redfax' Photo Course 

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

 Hello! Thanks for checking this out. I'm about to start a free photo course for some family and friends, and you're welcome to jump in.

I'm planning on starting off in a couple of weeks.

The course will be wholly web-based. I'll post a short article on a photography related topic each week, and give you an assignment. 

After doing it, you should post your pictures online , and then we'll all comment on each other's work, and I'll  think of some stuff you could try next time to get the look you want. I'm planning on collecting the material in a website.

I'll only introduce such theory as will be necessary to correct problems in pictures. Of course I expect that by the end we'll have covered most of the photogeekdom but I hope it will be in a more natural approach to how the tech stuff is usually presented. 

If you want more in-depth information on a topic, just post a question or send me an email, and I'll snoop around to see if I can find the answer.

If this ends up like I think it will, there'll be people joining in from all sorts of places. This should also be a great chance to get to see other places from the eyes of the people who live there!

I hope you can find the time, I promise I'll try to make this as fun as possible. 

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