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   Cont'd from Stage 4

                   Join the 2 sets together using scotch tape                     (centre edges must be folded inwards)

 Next, cut 6 rectangular shape pieces from the red packets. The  width must fit well into the respective holes. Roll the pieces up and then glue the flower (with bead) on it. Thereafter insert the 6 pieces into the respective holes (stick it in the holes with double-sided tape) 

Take a 9 cm width red packet, roll it up and stick it with scotch tape. Then cut around 3 cm equally from the top. Thereafter fold the cut portion to cover the top.  

Paste a flower (with bead) on the top at its centre

                         Insert the "nose" into the left side centre.                                        Use double-sided tape to hold it in place.

To be cont'd in Stage 6 .........................