Prosperity PIGGY

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 PROSPERITY        PIGGY        


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     This is the "Prosperity Piggy" that  we shalI be creating together.

     Shown below  are the items which are required  to  make this           cute  piggy :

     1)  10 pcs of red packets (size 8.5cm x 14cm)

     2)   Make 6 pieces of flower with bead glued on its centre

     3)  1 pair of big eyes

     4)  1 pair of fan-like folding eyebrow

     5)  Use ribbon to make a curly tail

     6)  1 nose with flower pasted at its front

     As there are too many images, therefore have to segregate                 the instructions into six stages. 

                                                   Stage  1

                                                   Stage  2

                                                   Stage  3 

                                                   Stage  4 

                                                   Stage  5  

                                                   Stage  6