Welcome to Red Mushroom Brewing Company! 

Our mission is to create and provide the most deliciously decadent, local, small-batch, kombucha tea available anywhere.

Nikki Hopkins and Belinda Rafferty embarked on their partnership in mid-August 2016.  Since acquiring the former location of Kombuchick in Norfolk, VA we have been brewing up a storm!  Our micro-brewery is located in what was once an abandoned, dilapidated, bread factory which was salvaged, and has been brilliantly transformed into an eclectic collection of creative spaces and artists studios.  It is here we spend our days perfecting our fabulous, home-brew style blends of kombucha tea for your good health and enjoyment! 

2019 Price Increase
We are announcing a price increase for 2019. We tried to keep this to a minimum.  The items being increased are new purchases of growlers ($19) and howlers (14) and refills of growlers ($12) and refills of howlers (6.50). The Wholesale price of 5 gallon refills is being increased to $60 for new customers only. 

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