Recordings by the Band formerly known as Red Mountain White Trash* and now known as the Red Mountain Yellowhammers

(*It was a joke, referring to the fact that the band was founded when we all lived near each other on Red Mountain which Wikipedia describes as "one of Birmingham's most prominent upscale neighborhoods. It is home to the majority of the multi-million dollar residences and estates that are located within the city proper. "


Our Newest CD, Throw The Old Cow Over the Fence (Whoop it Up Records #104), released in June, 2009.  You will find extended liner notes here.  We have a beautiful cover designed by Birmingham artist Bethanne Hill.  You can find more of her work here and reviews here.

Throw the Old Cow Over the Fence, California Blues, Come Over and See Me Some Time, Hamilton’s Special Breakdown, Last of the Mexican/Laughing Marj, I Walked and Walked, Prettiest Little Girl in the County, B Flat Rag, Sweet Bird, Cat Tracks/Lady of the Lake, Old Man and Woman Quarreling, Serves ’em Fine, Leake County Two Step/Texas Fair, The Big-Footed Man in the Sandy Lot, Barnyard Dance, Johnson Gal, Georgia Waltz, Bloody War, Who’s Been Giving You Corn/Tupelo Blues, Acorn Stomp/Combination Rag, Back to Birmingham.

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The Red Mountain Yellowhammers' first CD, Fire in the Dumpster (Whoop it Up Records #101), was released in 1995.  Read the liner notes here.

Indian Ate a Woodchuck/Chuck-a-luck,  Dixie Hoedown, . Muddy Creek/Dead Slave, Sequatchie Valley, Green Valley Waltz, Coon Dog/Wes Muir’s Tune, Highlander’s Farewell/Haning’s Farewell, Rose of Alabama, Sam Hill/Turkey Foot, Coon on a Rail/Devil on the Stump,  Meg Gray/Cattle in the Cane, Flower from the Fields of Alabama, Back to Chattanooga/Cincinnati Rag, Roaring River, Elzic’s Farewell/Monroe’s Farewell to Long Hollow/Jeff Davis, Wild Bill Jones, Hollow Poplar/Pamela’s Hornpipe, Hi De Ho, Baby Mine, Fire in the Dumpster

County Sales, August 2012, listed this as one of their best sellers.

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Their second CD, Chickens Don’t Roost Too High (Whoop it Up Records #102), was rated the best old-time string band recording of 1999 by County Sales.  Read the liner notes here.

Step around, Johnny;  Monday Morning Blues, Gideon/Echoes of the Ozarks, Dixie Darling, Natchez Under the Hill, Don’t You Remember the Time?, Bluegrass Meadows/Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom, The Little Princess Footsteps/Sarah Armstrong, Singing My Troubles Away, Doughboy Rag/Lonesome Blues, New Born Blues, Messenger, Chickens Don’t Roost Too High; Adieu, False Heart; Jump in the Well Pretty Little Miss/Greasy Coat, Bruce’s Return, Brown’s Ferry Blues, 28th of January/Lonesome John, Adeline Waltz, Farewell Trion, David Loved Bathsheba,  Spootiskerry Reel/Dusty Miller

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Sweet Bama (Whoop it Up Records #103) was rated #2 old-time recording for 2002 by County Sales. (#1 was Doc Watson's "Legacy.")  Read the liner notes here.

Coal Valley, Stove Pipe Blues, Girls Don’t Worry My Mind, Old Stage Coach:/Yearlings in the Canebrake, Boat’s Up the River, Grub Springs, Keno, The Rent Man, Ora Lee/Garfield March, Sweet Bama, Mourning Blues, Lost Child, Walk Right in Belmont, Shoo! Fly, Bamalong Blues (3:44), Everis Campbell’s Tune, You’ve Got to Righten That Wrong, Skippin’ Cat/Fat Meat and Dumplings, Mean Old Birmingham Blues, Baby Ben, Oh Death, Flower’s Mill/Jimmy in the Swamp, Missouri Waltz 

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Read a review of our oldest three CDs at All Music Guide.

To order by mail:  Send $15 for one or $25 for two CDs or $40 for three, check payable to Joyce Cauthen, 2169 Shadybrook Lane, Birmingham, AL 35226.  We'll pay the postage.  Or you can buy them on-line from