Redmond School District Insurance

THE OREGON EDUCATORS BENEFIT BOARD (OEBB) administers insurance plans for most educational entities in the State of Oregon. The coverage term for our plan begins each year October 1st and ends September 30th. Open Enrollment begins August 15th and closes September 10th each year for existing and new employees to review and modify their coverage. The OEBB Member website contains very useful information, however the rates paid by district employees are not available on the OEBB website because each district has their own unique district contribution and calculation formulas for their employee groups. You will find the rates and plans available to our employees at one of the links below! Employee premiums are deducted from the payroll check in the month before coverage is effective, -i.e. your September paycheck will pay for October coverage.

NEW EMPLOYEES:   If you are newly hired prior to the beginning of the school year, you should receive the Open Enrollment Instructions email to all staff in August prior to the beginning of Open Enrollment on August 15th.  If you are newly hired after that time, you will receive an email from the Benefits department indicating you have been added as an RSD employee in the OEBB system, then you are free to select your plans and enroll. Follow the directions in that email and thoroughly review this website to learn the benefits available to you.   After determining what plans you want, visit the myOEBB website to enroll.  Also take a moment to review the OEBB New Hire Resources brochure and the New Hire Enrollment page on the OEBB website. 
Changes to coverage may not be made mid-term unless employee's experience a "Qualified Status Change"   A Qualified Status Change is a change in work or family status that allows limited mid-year changes to benefit plans that effect eligibility for coverage. These changes are allowed outside of the annual open enrollment period. All changes must be reported to the educational entity within 31 days.  Please complete the Mid-Year change form and submit to the Benefits Department via e-mail or fax (541-923-8903).  
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)