Domestic Partner Coverage

Your district offers opposite and same-sex domestic partner coverage if your domestic partner meets the definition according to OAR 111-010-0015, section 15. You may enroll your domestic partner in all benefit coverage available to a spouse either within 30 days of a Qualified Status Change or during the open enrollment period.  A domestic partner's children are also eligible for enrollment.
NOTE:  An employee who has a same sex registered certificate of domestic partnership is not required to submit an affidavit of domestic partnership, however the OEBB Mid Year Change form must be submitted to the district within 30 days of meeting the qualifications.  Otherwise, the domestic partner may be added during the open enrollment period.  

An employee who establishes the partnership through an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership must submit the affidavit to the district with the OEBB Mid Year Change form to the district within 30 days of meeting the qualifications or during the enrollment period.

In order to add coverage for your domestic partner, you must both read and sign the "Affidavit of Domestic Partnership" form and submit it to your Benefits Department.
In order to terminate coverage for your domestic partner, you must read and sign this "Termination of Domestic Partnership" form.  Please be sure to include a forwarding mailing address for partner so a COBRA offer may be mailed. Please send this form to your Benefits Department
Changes to coverage may not be made mid-term unless employees experience a "Qualified Status Change"   A Qualified Status Change is a change in work or family status that allows limited mid-year changes to benefit plans that effect eligibility for coverage. These changes are allowed outside of the annual open enrollment period. All changes must be reported to the educational entity within 31 days.

*For plans with composite rates, there is no additional insurance premium or cost to cover the partner and/or partner's children.
*For plans with tiered rates, the employee must choose a tier including partner and/or partner's children and pay the additional cost to insure them.

*Employees will pay tax on the imputed value according to the Imputed Value worksheet provided by OEBB (see link below).   In the example below, the employee is paying only TAX on the value of the insurance.  This is calculated by adding in the value, taxing the value, and then removing the value back out of the check before it's issued.  

2020-21 Imputed Value Worksheet

This is a simplified tax calculation. Your actual tax will vary depending on your tax bracket, your wages, the imputed value of your plans, and other deductions. 

                                                                    Without Partner    With Partner
Employee's Monthly Gross wage:                    $3,000                    $3,000   
Imputed Value of Domestic Partner's Plans:           $0                       $700
Adjusted Gross Wage before taxes                  $3,000                    $3,700

Income Tax based on 25% bracket                    -$750                      -$925 
Imputed Value subtracted back out of check           $0                      -$700
Net Monthly Check                                            $2,250                    $2,075

Tax liability in the example above would be $175.00 per month to cover a domestic partner.