COST COMPARISON 2010-2011  The composite rate applies for all full time and part time Administrators, Supervisors and Confidential employees.   
Disability Insurance  (Long term and Short Term - Voluntary Participation at employee expense)
Health Savings Account   (Members of the Administrator/Supervisor/Confidential group may purchase ODS plan 9 and qualify for enrollment in a Health Savings Account)
Life Insurance   Employees who are eligible for benefits receive $50,000 life insurance automatically provided by the district.  Additional Life coverage may be purchased at employee expense. 
Long Term Care Insurance  **NEW 2010, employees can choose voluntary coverage at employee expense
Weight Watchers  Eligible employees have access to up to four 13-week Weight Watchers sessions per plan year, telephone coaching sessions, annual assessment, screenings, and educational resources to keep you on track. 
Detailed Plan Summaries below:
ODS Medical Plan 3 Detailed Summary                       ODS Pharmacy B Detailed Summary
                                                                                (included with all ODS Medical Plans)
ODS Dental Plan 1 Detailed Summary                         ODS Ortho Plan 1 Detailed Summary
                                                                                (included with all ODS Dental Plans)
ODS Dental Plan 4 Detailed Summary                         ODS Vision Plan 3 Detailed Summary
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