Our Team

Stefan Fuchs 

Stefan converted to blues several years ago and really hasn't looked back. Since then he's been actively helping to develop the Ottawa blues scene. When he's not taking classes or travelling to other events to improve his dancing, he and his team are bringing the dancing awesomeness to O-Town- because one thing Stefan loves more than blues dancing is sharing his love for blues dancing.
  Jody Glanzer 

Jody is our resident little ball of awesome. She was blues dancing before it was a thing and has come out of hiatus to help restore the Ottawa Blues Scene to its former glory. Her knowledge of the blues is so deep and profound that even the greatest bow in respect.
Elena Kourounis

Elena met the blues a few years ago and its had a hold on her ever since. On top of all the yummy dancing it has given her the opportunity to meet awesome people while travelling and then make them feel at home when they come to Ottawa. So, if you are in the area and need anything... pumpkin waffles, comfy couch to crash on or whatever, Elena is the go-to person for you.


DJ Policies
Got a comment for the DJs? Send us a note: redmaplebluesottawa@gmail.com  

New DJs:
Talk to us about a mentor-ship program.
New DJs will sit in with one current DJ through an entire shift. Their first few shifts will be early shifts, as they are usually less crowded and allow the DJ a better opportunity to observe who is dancing at any given time. 

Guest DJs: 
Out-of-town guest DJs shall be given a slot when they are in town upon request (limited by feasibility) if they so request at least a month in advance. For requests less than a month in advance, it will be at the discretion of the DJs who are scheduled that shift. 
Should they choose to give up their shift, they will be given priority in the next month's schedule.